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Visible Wireless

Country United States
State Colorado
City Lone Tree
Address 10000 Park Meadows Drive Suite 200,

Visible Wireless Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2021

Visible wireless cut me off after paying my bill 2 and a half hours late. After I paid they never reconnected my service forcing me to switch providers. They are refusing to provide me with a refund for the month of service they never provided. Stole $50 from me. I now have to call my bank. What a bunch of scum bags.

  • Sep 13, 2021

Visible refused to allow me to port my phone number out to Verizon. The customer service is non-existant and will leave you in a bad position at some point as a result of their really shotty service.

  • Sep 9, 2021

The only reason you should choose Visible wireless over other carriers is if you are seriously poor. They are hands down the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and that says a lot. Over the last few days my cell phone service has not even been working and they are still charging me for the service. This is a pre-paid service mind you, that will cut you off at midnight when your month is over.

The only customer service that exists are either one of the two:

1. A chat bot.

2. A really really dumb person with no logical thinging capabilities or rational thought process.

They will purposefully not answer any of your questions directly. They will make you wait. For a very long time. They will send you through useless tasks to troubleshoot your errors, only to disconnect the chat, make you wait in que to reconnect, and then begin the conversation as if they have never spoken to you before. I had a customer service representative on 9/9/2021, who cancelled my troubleshooting ticket and did not inform me. Leaving me with a non-working service, on my brand new iphone.

Now, mind you this iphone only has a 2 week return policy. And no working service, no legit customer service, and when I ask how to return the phone???? Well, they just don't answer my question, hoping to frustrate me. Is this a company you want to spend ANY of your time dealing with? They will outright screw you.

Now, let's go ahead and put the cherry on top. They won't let me port my number out. That's right. Think about all the places you use 2-factor authentication with. Imagine being without that for "up to 72 hours while we diagnose the problem." Total, freakin, BS. THEY WILL SCREW YOU AT SOME POINT IN TIME. Just pay the extra money and go with a real cell phone company.

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