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Visible Service, LLC.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 1200 17th Street

Visible Service, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 23, 2021

Purchase 2 motorola edge 5G phones after a week or so started having issues with the earpiece dropping the connection and not switch to incoming calls thought it was the earpiece and order another at which point my wife wanted one also, when they arrived we found that neither device would connect and while trying other devices only a speaker would connect and that too would lose it connection and would only reconnect if you update the phone mulitple times on a daily basis I tried contacting visible via chat and most case I was not able to hold on a half hour or more so I continue to try when I was finally able to chat with someone I was told the 14 days had passed to return the phone it which point this person never reply again so I ended the chat and tried again the next day which took me 45 minutes to service that person was also rude and pretty much let me know that because it was 20 days I was out of luck and had just lost my $1200 that I spent on the phone and stated that should have gotten insurance which I was actually billed for which she verified, and sent me a link at which case I am suppose to pay an additonal $199 X 2 to file a claim on brand new phones that are not damage but has a hardware issue and they I would receive the exact phones back with the same issue that does not make sense to me and feel that they should have offered me a refund or a diffent model of phone at a compatible price.

  • Jan 2, 2020

The area I live in has bad cell phone service so I joined visible because they claim their service works well in the area that I'm residing? This is false. I set up an account and put auto payment on my credit card which they lost all my personal information, so now I have to worry about somebody stealing my credit card number and my personal information.

You cannot contact anybody on visible because they don't have a 1-800 number they only do everything online and they also lost my sign in name and my sign in password to make payments and to fix any problems. So I'm a nobody.

I have a phone but I can't make a payment on it and visible is threatening to turn off my phone because of non-payment that should have been Auto paid when I set up the account but because they lost my information the payment has not been made and I can't get my password from visible they have no way to retrieve your sign-in information.

  • Dec 10, 2019

Activated my Visible service and ported number over. My phone said Visible at the top but I was unable to make or recieve calls or text messages. Contacted live chat who had fast reponse times and after troubleshooting and not fixing the issue, they told me a specialist would contact me in 3-5 days.

They put a $5 credit for the problem with activation. I have an iPhone, most of my text messages are through iMessage and most of my friends use iMessage as well. I didn't realize I wasn't recieving a number of texts through regular SMS. When I finally realized this, I contacted Visible immediately.

I noticed at this time that they had very long chat queues for support. Made me wonder if other people were having the same issue I was having. After factory resetting my phone, I was unable to connect to Visible. Visible uses Verizon Wireless towers.

I went out and bought a Verizon plan yesterday and it works perfectly fine. I chatted in with support at least 4 more times with very long hold times. Live chat went through various tech support steps to try and fix this. With no attempt to send me a new sim card, they just told me to wait another 3-5 days for a specialist.

Meanwhile I have no cell phone service and they call themsleves the "future of wireless". Lets really hope they aren't the future of wireless. They sent out a general email this morning (I believe to all Visible customers) about an SMS issue being fixed. This didn't resolve my issue with having no cell phone service.

I chatted in just to make sure that they were still working on my case. The representative mentioned that they would work on putting credits on my account. I recieved an email reply back from Visible saying that they couldn't put anymore credit on since I already recieved a $5 credit.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend Visible to anyone going forward. It's a huge headache and you can get a Verizon prepaid plan for $30 a month that comes with 1GB data or $40 for 2GB data and not have to go through all this hassle with 3-5 business day response times.

  • Feb 9, 2017

In May 2013 ,They initially contacted for charge for these online marketing and/or website development services is of current website I had, Then stated this website will not work had be redone and new produced had to be marketed. They could not revise

took several months to get revised. Suppose to provide supplier and drop shipper information. When ever , I called or emailed , they stated will have to get back to you.

Over $20,000 sent with site development and monthly maintenance fee , ect.

I have contacted my bank for fraud investigation got nowhere, due to money was on a MasterCard. I contacted company, they refused to refund an amount . They stated they

would build new website , which I am not interested in. Website was never up and operational. Do not use this company - They talk good and that is about all.

If anyone has any ideas how to recover the money sent please let me know , Does any know if a Class action lawsuit was ever filed ?

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