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Viscom Energy, LLC.

Country United States
State Delaware
City Lewes
Address 16192 Coastal Highway
Phone (877) 375-1917

Viscom Energy, LLC. Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2015

PLEASE Whatever you do, anyone reading....DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT Work for Viscom LLC at home as an Appointment Setter. After working for this company for more than a week. I decided to leave and this company never paid me my wages. They advertised work from home as an Appointment Setter and get paid every week via paypal. However this never happened. Infact, the very first day that you train with this company...They give you some bogus hocus pocus about how you have to wait an 'Extra week" in order to get paid. Though this is Never what they advertised. When you work from home as an independent contractor..there is NO OVERHEAD so why would anyone have to wait an extra week in order to get paid? That was my first red flag about this company. The second was. They advertised on indeed with numerous pay scales for the same job. So you never really know which pay scale you are going to get. That was the second red flag. As a person who has worked from home as an Appointment Setter and independent contractor. Paid weekly means just that. If I start on a a monday. Friday or the following monday I am to be my hour plus bonus for any appointments set. I previously worked for an at home company as an independenct contrator who also got paid weekly via paypal. And although I work for them briefly I got paid what I was owed for my time and appointments. It is ILLEGAL for any company to put a clause in any bogus contract that says that you withhold your rights to your wages if you quit. This is unconstitional and darn right shows that this company has it set out to RIP OFF there workers and steal your wages. I don't care if you worked one day and decided to quit the next. you Are ENTITLED TO YOUR WAGES!!! That is exactly what this company did. After waiting more than a week to get paid....I was told that I would get paid on the 27th. By the 27th I did not like the way management ran and decided the job was not for me. Well, if you guessed it. By the time Monday roled around after waiting for more than a week to get paid. When I email Nancy Davenport for my wages. This woman had the nerve to tell me to "look over my contract". As if, some phony illegal, unlawful and malice contract will willfully put a clause that states, if you quit, you will never get paid?! THIS IS ILLEGAL FOLKS!!!!! WHether you work one day and quit the next YOU ARE ENTITLED TO what you worked for period!! NO company, or employer has a right to without your salary simply because you quit the job!! And i hope that this company gets investigated because of this. THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!! YOU ARE OWED YOUR SALARY!! The same way you have a RIGHT TO QUIT ANY JOB WITH BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!!! This company is a SCam!! tHEY SCAM PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM...THE SAME WAY way the way they try to recruit "solar energy" installers is shady!! Don't, I repeat Please do not work for VISCOM LLC SOLAR!!! YOu have a right to receive your salary whether you quit or not. This is not some illegal sweat shop where anything goes. This is AMERICA! YOu work for your RECEIVE your wages.....whether you worked one day, one week, two day or whenever. You have the right to your money. Beware of any company in this climate, with people struggling to pay bills, that would advertise on indeed so much like they do...and simply to pull this despicable, illegal and scam behavior. May god have mercy on Nancy Davenport and Viscom LLC altogether for doing this.

  • Sep 8, 2015

Please beware of viscom llc or viscom solar energy llc. This company that actively puts jobs on different job websites seeking at home appointment setters. This company viscom energy llc a solar energy company scams at home workers to set up appointments for them and then turns around and does not pay them their salary.

I recently worked for this company and upon noticing how unorganized, unorthodox and too many bad business practices that this company has. It made me uneasy to continue working for them. Bare in mind, they advertised working as a 1099 employee that gets paid per week via paypal. Which with paypal…this eliminates overhead cost…so why would there be a delay in having to “wait” to get paid when you’re supposed to anyway?!! First reg flag!!!

From the very first day of their phone training…we were given some phony excuse and told that…payment is made every “other week”. Which is not what they advertised on indeed.

Then, they advertise different pay rates for the same job. I answered a job for this same company that stated that pay started at $15 per hour for night shift. However when i actually got hired. I received a pay sheet that stated that in order to even make $8 i had to set up 2 appointments per week. And when finally hired. I was hired at $10 as an at home appointment setter.. Which i never ever even received.

I worked for this company for three weeks. When i finally asked, when was i going to get paid for both my hours and the appointments i made. They told me they will pay me. At first they only pay me $80 for the first 2 days i have worked with them. After 1 week, after working for a total 22 hours with them plus a commission for my appointment, they only paid me for a total of $217. Which is not enough. I supposed to receive a total of $255 because the commission is $35. The general manager, nancy davenport said they are not paying my overtime because that is not included in my contract. After 1 week. That i was supposed to receive more than $220 because of my 22 worked hours. They paid me only $175, and lastly they told us that i will not received any pay from them anymore but i still do have a total of 14 hours which they owe from me. Joshua the owner told my supervisor that they will not pay us anymore and they blocked us on their site and we don't have access anymore to our system. It is not only me who have disputes and a victim of this company, my supervisor and colleagues are not paid too. This is illegal for any company to withhold what is rightfully owed to an employee for whatever reason. Bottom line?! I worked for my wages..regardless of whether i quit or not…i am entitled to my wages. I am informing the entire is your right to get paid for your work!!! No company has the right to withhold you your proper dues, salary or compensation.

Any company that you see that would put some kind of illegal clause that states, if you quit a job before such and such time, or are terminated..or whatever bogus reason… renig on your rights to be paid your owed wages??? Is a company operating illegally!!!!!!!! Whether you worked today and quit tomorrow…whether it’s 1099 or w2… worked for you money??? You are owed your money period!!! This is illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal, let me stress illegal for any company to simply refuse to pay you what you are owed!!! Under any circumstances.

Nancy davenport and joshua williams at viscom llc which is a solar energy company….you are committing a crime lawful to have this entire operation up for investigation!!!!! Which i pray and hope to god that the right hand of the law comes down on this scam company for even doing something like so detestable to me or other would be employee!!! I am assuming if they managed to get away with doing this to me…i fear for the countless others that simply chucked up the illegal fact that is company stole their money which they worked for as well. They got what they wanted from the employee…which is an honest person who worked for them…..but in return…the worker, who is the victim….gets scammed out of giving viscom llc their time, energy to produce appointments…and compensation for hours worked!!!! And fly by nite type of despicable companies like this exist in america????

As mentioned, work for this company at your own risk!!!!!! No matter whether you worked one day, ten days or three weeks as a 1099 employee or not! You are entitled your compensation that the company stated they are supposed to give you. This is period!!!! There is no legal contract on earth that is going to try to tell you…that if you quit a job at such and such time….you give up your rights to your salary!!!! This is baloney and immoral and shows this viscom llc solar deliberate attempts to cheat, steal and scam anyone who works from them out of there hard earned money! Otherwise, what company would even put such a clause their? No legitimate company does that!!!! None whatsoever!!!!!

Do not let viscom solar energy llc get away with this!!! What they did is illegal, wrong and i am taking legal actions towards this company as well. Do not let this scam company continue to do this to poor people like me or you who are simply looking to work and put food on our table….just to have what “i rightfully worked for” be robbed from me by a conniving, sinister, evil, wicked and theft scam company like viscom llc or solar energy.

Their website

Rep: nancy davenport

Email: [email protected]/ skype: nancymd122457

Joshua s. Williams

Chief executive officer

Viscom energy, llc.

Office 877-375-1917 ext 4

Direct 209-417-0531

[email protected] skype: josh.vnd

Beware of this company!! Do not work for any employer that would do this to anyone!! Because if they’re doing this to their workers…you can only imagine how they are ripping off their customers as well!!!

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