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Country United States
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City Washington
Address 2005 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Phone 1-800-345-6541

VisaHQ Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2017

VisaHQ Knowingly Uses Hurricane Harvey to Steal Money. Immoral and Unreliable

VisaHQ submitted my Brazilian visa application long after my flight departure date. Initially they advised it would take roughly 14 business days to process my application However, once they received my application they called me two days later. 48 hours after they received my application they advised that they could not process it in their Los Angeles offices and if I wanted the visa I had to pay an additional 30+ dollars to send it to Houston. The woman in the call center advised that Houston had a faster processing time that Los Angeles which was odd, but what do I know about Visa Applications.

Days later Hurricane Harvey struck Houston. On August 29, 2017 I called the offices to confirm that they would not be able to process the visa in time. A very young woman answered the phone seemingly unaware of my specific details.

She advised “VisaHQ would be closed until the Friday Sept 1st, and the Brazilian consulate was not advising a reopening date at all. At this time my passport had not been submitted to Brazil. Seeing as it was only 2 working business days till my flight left for Brazil and it was and estimated 10 business days for processing, I asked for a refund and my passport back knowing it was impossible to get the visa in time far more for getting the passport back to board the flight.

On Monday September 11th, I called to ask about my refund status and passport. My account manager Jasmine Galloway advised my application was not submitted and I needed to speak to a manager because “only managers can process refunds”. I was told I would receive a call in 30 mins but that call never came. The next morning, I received and email advising that my Visa application was submitted. I called in and a young man reluctantly gave me to a manager. Tenaz Sunavela, said she had no record of me asking for a refund on the 29th. (despite the obvious improbability of me getting a visa at the time of that call.) She advised she had no record of me asking for a refund on the Sept 11th. (despite the flight having already left America and actually due to return home on this the 12th, the date we were speaking on and the date they submitted the application to Brazil.) Further she advised that because they had no control over the Hurricane Harvey and the Brazilian consulate closing, they can’t give me a refund.

They submitted my application after the Brazilian trip was over. They knew long before they submitted the application that it was unlikely I would get a visa. And they made no record of my request for a refund. I also am providing documents that they knew the processing times in Houston were longer than they advised. Don’t give them your money. They have 0 accountability.

  • Jun 29, 2016

We filled out a short pre qualifying application that was auto declined then they kept the money.

Very shocked by how this service is so detached with its clients and offers a very rude person on the phone to answer questions.

I called my credit card company to chargeback the fee so thats in the works which I may not of even done had they not been so rude on the phone.

Anyway watchout when doing business with the company below. I strongley recomend anyone to go elsewere. at Embassy Row

2005 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20036-1030

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