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Virtue Luxury Watches

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 1-844-418-1733

Virtue Luxury Watches Reviews

  • Feb 4, 2017

I purchased a watch for supposedly $5.99. I did not know this was making me a member liable for a $98.00 charge later. I researched the company online and discovered it was a scam designed to bilking people out of money. I am reporting this to my bank in the hopes of averting the $98.00 charge. I will gladly return the watch as it is worth the $5.99 already paid for it. I will also call the company and try to cancel any membership they have entered me into. If I had not researched it online as soon as the watch arrived I would not have known any better till the $98.00 charge was on my bank statement.

  • Dec 19, 2016

I ordered a pocket book and a necklace that was supposed to be free and you only pay $5.99 shipping . I was not aware it was not in the pst that this was a membership and it would be taken from my charge card monthly. I was also charged $98.00 twice the products were junk and not even worth $5.99 i tried to call the customer service number 1-844-1733 which is out of service. now i paid $207.98 for junk . I had to cancel my charge card to stop the monthly payments this is a scam and something should be done

  • Dec 19, 2016

I found this complaint already listed on this site. I had the same experience. A "luxury watch" was advertised for $5.99. Trial or membership was not mentioned in the ad. I received the watch, which was maybe worth $10, very plain and ordinary. Didn't think much about it; only paid $5.99 for it. However, in a few weeks, there was a $98 charge on my credit card. Had a hard time tracking down what it was for, but eventually called the phone number listed on my statement. After a long wait, I talked to an Asian speaking man, whom I could barely understand.

He told me I didn't cancel my order within 14 days, so the $98 charge was not refundable. He did agree to cancel my account, after I told him several times that I was not interested in any alternative program or remedies. He still stood his ground that the $98 charge could not be refunded.

After I told this person, repeatedly, that I was reporting them to the BBB - he didn't seem to care. After several more minutes of going around and around, because I was not aware I was signing up for a trial period, he agreed to cancel my account immediately and refund 50% of the $98 charge. He also said he would send me a confirmation email within 24 hrs. along with sending me some coupons, I think he said for restaurant discounts. This remains to be seen.

I have a cheap watch that works, and have learned a tough lesson. Please don't fall for these scams. Even though the offer says nothing about a trial period, it can happen to you.

  • Dec 15, 2016

A "luxury watch" was advertised for $5.99. Trial or membership was not mentioned in the ad. Credit card was asked for and given. I thought the watch wasn't worth more than $5-$10 anyway and it look pretty good so I bit on the offer. I could uses a cheap watch anyway. When I noticed $98.00 on my monthly CC statement with nothing more than a telephone number, I called to see what/who it was. I still didn't tumble to it but then I decided to Google "luxury watch" and found the same telephone number - which you cannot find out about on Intellius or other because it is a toll free number. If you Google this number you will find other reports here and other scam sites.

The trick is, as you will find out later, is that the $5.99 is a "trial" to a "membership" - membership of what/to what I don't know, probably you get to pay $98.00 per month for nothing until you check your CC or bank statement.

Your order number has all your information with them. They do answer the phone after a long wait. If you do not wait and hang up, the next time you call from your same phone number they will disconnect you. Use a different phone and wait.

When they finally answer you will get a fast talking Asian accent male or female but understandable. They will NOT refund your $98.00 because you didn't call with in the 14 day trial period - a trial period you didn't know about because it was not stated as such in the ad you responded to in the first place - a complete mis-representation. And the $98.00 wa not stated in the original ad you respond to either.

It is nearly impossible to get untangled from them. They will offer a replacemt if you didn't like the watch you received and offer to let you keep the first one. There after, if you fall for that, a new 14 day trial period starts on the second watch.

Well I had enough of the game talking on the phone - the person was quite adept in keeping the scam alive. I finally said "you should know that I am recording this conversation and I will bring down the full weight of the law and sue if you do not remove my name from your list and end my "membership" That finally settled that. She said she would send me an email confirming by membership was cancelled - which they did NOT do. I ate the $98.00 and the $5.99 for the watch. The watch works but that's the only semi-good thing I can say.

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