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Virtual Properties Realty

Country United States
State Georgia
City Duluth
Address 2750 Premiere Pkwy Suite 200
Phone 770-495-5050

Virtual Properties Realty Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2024

Daniel Seo with Virtual Property Realty and his family are engaged in deed fraud in the state of Georgia. Daniel and his co-conspirators stalked me, filed a forged deed about a fake sale of my property, claiming the property was sold for over $500,000 cash and used a fake address for his shell company and a fake address for the fake buyer, his family member.

Another family is also experienceing the same activity by Daniel Seo and his family. They pay other real estate agents to stalk and threaten you to make you believe that you owe them money. When you refuse to pay, they file fake documents in the land records and then lie to the judge that you owe rent.

None of the shell companies Susan Property Management, Star Homes Enterprises or Galilee Church or Virtual Properties Real Estate has a photo of Daniel Seo as he and his co-conspirators work in secrecy and pays others to do his dirty work.

  • May 23, 2019

On a macro level, while recollecting, I can see that I was being scammed from Day 1. Lies, Deceit, False Promises, all led up to the Fraud, Larceny, and Theft that June Powell and Virtual Property Realty .net .com or whatever the alias of the week is…

Again, so briefly, She is a Scammer Agent, she showed the house, but was VERY persistent, very pushy, and very stern about a larger than normal Earnest Money Deposit. All seemed well as she assured me the property was mine, and I was getting all sorts of kickbacks, that’s why the deposit was larger than average.

Well after remitting the deposit to June Powell at Virtual Properties Realty in Duluth, that was the beginning of the end. Communication and assistance halted-and as for closing on the house- Being a Single Parent, I had been saving up this money for the house for my kids and I for the past 10 years- So I made a cash offer, slightly higher than most nearby comps, higher than any other house had recently sold for in the neighborhood- And once submitted, that was it! No rebuttal, no counter offer, just THEFT.

The house has been for sale for YEARS and the suppose “motivated sellers” didn’t respond to an enticing, CASH OFFER that was only a couple % points under the asking price? Then no viable communication, but ignoring of emails/texts/calls… That’s Beyond Fishy… That’s FRAUD.

Unified as a collective of SCAM ARTISTS each individual perp plays their role to pull the FRAUD off seamlessly, from the homeowner, TIMOTHY RHODES, to the broker, VIRTUAL PROPERTIES REALTY, to the crooked agent, JUNE POWELL and all their cronies, this is to ensure that this well oiled, and FRAUDULENT Real Estate SCAM continues to wreak havoc on the community and the unwitting Georgia home buyer. I hope that this does not happen to you. Beware of Crooked Agents named June Powell From VIrtual Properties Realty in Duluth.

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