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Virtual Instruments Corporation

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 2331 Zanker Road
Phone 1.408.579-4000

Virtual Instruments Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 2, 2019

I worked at Virtual Instruments. Many employees has been victims of the director of QE Pompee chakraborty who solicited to employees to have intimate sexual favors in the parking lot, conference rooms, and hotels, in exchange of career advancement or otherwise the employee was a victim of black mail. Contact us if you been a victim of sexually harrasment by any woman or men of this organization. We are filling a class A lawsuit.

  • Dec 18, 2018

This company has a cancer within senior leadership " Director of QE Pompee chakraborty" is a disease of abuse, mistreatment and apathy towards employees which rolls from the top down.

Management is rife with abjectly terrible "leaders" with either no people skills or Napoleon complexes who verbally abuse, berate, and disrespect staff during their pointless and never ending "team meeting and 1on 1" more of a waist of time.

Normally, a regular employee wouldn't even meet their "director on a regular basis" but they do just to spread their abuse, harrasment, and threats which is heaped on them from their own "directors of QE and developers" "managers".

This climate leads to total apathy and abuse all employees on a regular basis. All of which might be tolerable to some people, indeed for their BH1 Visa to be renew wasn't disgustingly and immorally low.

The company continually hammers employees to meet high metrics for "Quality" and when those metrics are met and even exceeded, despite long odds, there's absolutely zero recognition of employee's hard work only to the abusive director and dedication in the face of the dwindling.

Advice to Management We are currently seeking for people who has been abused by this company mangers to come and join us file a class A lawsuit against virtual instruments.

If you want to succeed, reevaluate your senior leadership, dismissing the egotistical and abusive elements from leadership roles suck as chakraborty. With your abjectly, abusive and out-of-touch you've created a nasty and miserable trickle-down environment for your employees, which is even felt by employees who are, by far, exceeding goals, metrics, and expectations.

Only those in favoritism will be allow to keep their visas.

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