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Virgin Hair Fantasy

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 718-755-5759

Virgin Hair Fantasy Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2017

I purchased a wig from Virgin Hair Fantasy. I paid $1475 via Paypal. Their website clearly says they accept Paypal and they never made any complaints. I waited 3 weeks for my wig to be done. They then contacted me right before they were ready to finish it and said they didn't take Paypal anymore and they needed me to send the money via Western Union. I was skeptical as Western Union offers no consumer protection. It took a week to get my Paypal refund. I don't use Western Union but signed up for an account anyway. I found out It was going to cost $170 in fees to send the money so I asked them if they could deduct that from the price and they said no. So we originally agreed to $1475 and they expected me to pay an additional $170 out of my own pocket for frees. They said until I paid they wouldn't dye the wig or do anything else and that they were going to sell it to someone else.

Then when I said I didn't have all that money they cancelled my order and said it was "unreasonable demands". They uploaded a photo of MY wig on their instagram and said it was $995!! so they totally cheated me on the price. My friend got a wig at Virgin Hair Fantasy too and she said she paid $2000 and the hair was terrible quality. these girls purchase these wigs in China for $100 and then re-sell for $1500-3500 just for adding baby hair. It's a total ripoff. Beware of this fraudulent company. Nevermind their "instagram modeling " is super bootleg I should have known better. NEVER AGAIN

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