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Virgin America

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone (877.359.8474)

Virgin America Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2018

Following a one day snow fall, Virgin America randomly cancelled flights leaving travelers stranded. The seats they have left on the flights are now outlandishly expensive. I was supposed to fly on on 1/4 on Virgin America, a flight that I booked more than three months ago. Due to the snow I was transferred to a flight that was to leave today, 1/5 12 hours after the last flake fell. However that flight was also randomly cancelled as were a few others giving the airlines an excuse to refund fares and force travelers into paying huge last minute prices to get home. Instead of just rebooking me, Virgin merely refunded the early discounted fare leaving me unable to book a new flight.

I contacted my Airlines, Virgin yesterday. Despite assurances that someone would "reach out fo me,” there has been no reciprocal contact on their end. I was supposed to fly from NYC to LAX in main cabin select on 1/4. Understandably that flight was cancelled due to snow conditions. However, after the snow had stopped and the streets had been cleared, virgin elected to randomly cancel my rebooked flight and "compensated” me by returning the fare. This left me completely stranded in NY as the few remaining seats and last minute fares are horrendously expensive How disgustingly opportunistic.

It is clear that the airlines are trying to suck out as much money as they can from their clients before the merger with Alaska. I am also guessing that any competent employees have already left virgin due to the pending merger. Refunding my fare and leaving me stranded for days is not "compensation.” Raising the fares on the few seats left is disgusting and opportunistic. My only choice was booking two first class tickets for $1200 each. If I were to have purchased these tickets when i initially booked my flight they would have cost less than $600. My original tickets were $300 each for main cabin select.

I have since been able to find a connecting flight using all my saved miles (which I was hoping to use for a vacation instead of emergency measures to get home after a 12 hour snow storm) with an $800 coach seat for my companion. The attitude of customer service is what really added the salt to the wounds. Using a one day snow storm as an excuse to scam loyal customers out of their miles and money is horrendous and just shameful. It would be really nice to receive some actual compensation to cover the difference in fare and replenishment of some of the miles used. That doesn’t even cover the five days of hotel fees and expenses.

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