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Viral Media Boost

Country United States
State Alabama

Viral Media Boost Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2021

This is one of many reviews I’ll be leaving across the Internet to help ACCURATELY guide artist, instead of giving them a high rating like many other artist have done because they offer some sort of compensation or discount in exchange.

I released 3 singles this year and intentionally decided to try out different companies who offer services and compare and contrast the results with what I’m able to do for myself. Unfortunately, like many other companies Viral Media Boost is a f*cking scam.

When hired for playlist placements, Spotify removed THOUSANDS of plays I had accumulated from their playlist because they were from bots, which was red flag number two really. The first sign was that they offered guaranteed playlist placement for money and no real pitching involved, BUT I lived and I learned.

With their YouTube services I pretty much experienced the same thing. This company is selling OVERPRICED Google ad services that you can setup for YouTube yourself and see better results. Which again, I lived and I learned.

I started with their smallest YouTube views package, 10,000 views and TWO MONTHS later I have seen NO RESULTS.

  • Sep 14, 2020

I purchased what they claim to be a "guaranteed service" of creating a Vevo Channel for you and it should take 2-4 weeks. It has now been 3 months and after 15 or so emails, social media messages, everything...they refuse to acknowledge it, refund it, or even RESPOND! How unprofessional is that? I have had 2 responses and both say "I will look in to this" followed by nothing and no response at all with my follow ups. They just dont care. I finally had to writnethe Attorney General, file a report with the FTC, and get an attorney I neither could afford time or finances for but now Im coming as hard as I can with as much as I can. Its absolutely horrible business practice.

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