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VIP Petcare

Country United States
State California
City Windsor
Address 5813 Skylane Blvd 95492
Phone 800-427-7973

VIP Petcare Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2017

This group claims to give 3 year Rabies shots - but refused to give them to my dogs!

They also mis lead on thier prices!

Stay AWAY!

  • Mar 7, 2017

If you really love and care for your pet, I advisde to avoid "vip.petcare", based in Widnsor, CA. They do mobile pet clinics at pet stores. You will save money but you will more than pay for it in aggravation and worry about your pet. When my dog received shots and a blood draw from the veterinarian working for " care", he insisted that his assistant put his hands on my dog. I had complete control of my dog as I was kneeling and had his nind quarters between my legs as he sat. My arms were around his chest He was immoblized by someone he loves and trusts. He was shaking from the new experience with people he did not know. For the vet to insist that his assistant put his hands on my dog was unnecessary and scared myt dog even more. No other vet in my 45 years of going to vets has insited on this intrusive behavior.

"vip. petcare" does not tell you at the time of service, nor is it stated on any writen material they give you, buyt if you do not purchase your Hearworm medication from them, a prescription that was included in the $80.00 fee I was charged and was told would be available to me, they will make your life a living hell. I tried to order my Hearworm medication through "PetMeds", who FAXed their request to "vip.petcare", on Monday, 2/27/17. They got no reply. PetMeds again FAXed them the next day and again, no reply. "PetMes" then alerted me via e mail of the problem they were having with getting a response form "vip.petcare". I called 'vip.petcare" to see what the problem was. I was spoken to very curtly to by a woman who seemdd put out that I had called. She told me that 'vip.petcare" would not respond to the FAX from "PetMeds" because the request was for the generic of "Heartgard", "Tri-Heart". I was incredulous. When I get an Rx from my Dr. I am free to go to wahtever pharmacy I choose and opt for a generic, if I so choose. Wht did "vip.petcare" ask for my phone number when I first contacted themn if they won't call me when theri is a problem? Instead, they just ignore and act bothered if you call them about it.

In all, it took me 72 hours to get "vip.petcare" to honor my reqiuest and to have access to the prescirptiuon I paid them for, for mty dog's Heaertworm meciation. I was promised numerous times that they would take care of it and every time they failed to do what they said they would do , and instead kept sending me e mails that had the subject line, "Henry's Prescription is Ready...", but rather than having access to the prescripton I paid for, when I clicked on the e mail I was taken to their store to purchase the mediation. Only when I got a name, Andrea, and told her I had been trying to contact the CEO, Will Santan, and was about to contact the Veteinary Medical Board if they did not give me what I paid for, was my prescription FAXed to "PetMeds". "PetMeds" went out of their way to help me and put my order on nexty fay delivery, at no cost to me, so that my dog was only two days late in getting his medication. If 'vip.petcare" had responded to the first FAX or called me if they had a problme my dog would have received his medication on time.

This company tries to take away your right to purchase medication wherever you choose and go out of their way to coerce, force and frustrate you intyo buying the medication your pet needs from thhem only. People like this should not be in the business of providing health care for animals. They should sell inanimate objects. They use your pet as a prop to make more money. There is no caring, as their phone message and webist site state, seemingly sincerely. Believe me, they only care about your money.

In the other compain agaisnst this company on this websiter the company rebutted, anonymously of course-no name attached to the rebuttal, and balmed the consumer because of where she chose to purchase her pets. They cannot blame me for that. My dog was purchased from a very well know breeder, and judge at Vizsla dog show for over 40 years. Stay away from this company if you love ytour pets!

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