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  • Jun 16, 2017

"How do you talk to a Dead Person?" 6/15/17 Treating a lady profile on VictoriaBrides that was injured and later died via a hit and run driver in Kiev. Messages kept coming from a woman already buried. 1000 credits must be spent on a single female member to swap contact information. Note: they get an IMBRA form with all of your information. You receive an email address that can be created in 3 minutes. Via affidavits obtained the women are paid to get you to burn up credits. They want you to post photos, buy double priced gifts, watch videos, etc. Meetings can be but often they will not show up to make excuses for a month. Ukraine prosecutors are looking into the scam and fraud here. Few females are real and validated by a simple check with the Ukraine Security Police or local Oblast Police. Shift work is the norm and the "entitity" Messaging to you can be textbot or Ivan. They claim via their "Mediation Team" that all are real and validated. The Ukrainian Secret Police state that less than 1 in 50 are interested in anything but the paybacks from money spent. Ukraine has the 6th largest alcoholism issue in the world. A large male population with an average salary of $ 325 per month. These women profiles can actually be real and serious but out of 5500 reviewed only 390 passed a simple check of safety in dating practices check. Too common is the bait you in to spend money, get contact information and they are not available or have duped you. Experience says scam and thousands to be ripped off. My discourse with both USA Credit Card companies, INTERPOL, Ukrainian Secret Police (SBU) is that prosecutors are working to clean this fraud up. Monies can be returned from fraud reported to your CC. Their member agreement does not work to protect them via fraud statutes and complicit actions to defraud.

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  • Sep 5, 2016

Several women appear on all the sites named here, maybe there are other sites, I have tried these three and seen more than I need to know that it is in best interests to stay away from such sites, they all have same or very close write ups of their own stating that they are the best, the cheapest and that men are almost guaranteed to find a wife. not true! these sites work out to be the most expensive and useless for finding true love and a bride! it has been noted that some women are already married or have a boyfriend, fiancé! some still show their rings! and if you ask how old the picture? they say it is recent! and often these pictures are done by the dating sites! take note fellas that women can send to you free! chats to them are free as are emails to invite you to converse with them! however! you pay high fees to become a member and get little in return for membership! when you buy credits you find that they disappear so quickly! you buy more! before you know it you have spent several hundred on a wasted time! these women do not want you! they are here to boost the profits of the organisation who set up the sites! save your money! if you have to pay for using a site? find one that allows you to chat freely and send mail freely too! toladies who are genuine! there are many such sites out there at a fraction of the price these scam sites charge! take no notice of their response! I kno that ladies earn a percentage from the income from men who are paying for amounts to nothing! you will not find your bride in these site! sorry guys! but I have been told this from a friend I already have in the Ukraine! when she found out how they ok she left them to find a legit site! so be warned! *

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  • Jan 27, 2019

I was scammed out of over $187,000 by this site. The lady I was chatting with was a Russian model name Ekaterina Enokaeva. For over eight months I chatted with her. As the others have said, it became very obvious to me that there was several people pretending to be her. You can check out her Instagram at Enokaeva.

You can see all the things she is doing but at the same time she was chatting with me I found out. An impossibility. It became ridiculous because she would not let me get off the phone. She was insistent that I still on the phone with her up to 18 hours a day and I kept asking her how was she doing all his modeling was she was on the phone with me.

She wanted me to send photos and stickers nonstop and we get upset and say I did not love her if I slow down. I stupidly fell in love and ended up spending over $2000 a day for up to three months. My last credit card bill was $57,000.

I called the 855 number to report this and the lady Annette kept telling me she was personally handling my case.

She kept feeding me false information about the validity of this woman and how they were double checking her identity. I began taking screenshots of our conversations and tracking her movements to Instagram with her photos. She even sent me a video where she had the top of her face cropped off to try to convince me it was her. No matter how hard I tried, customer support would do nothing to help.

After I told the young lady that I would no longer spend that kind of money per day and I asked her to talk to me off-line with her phone number and email address. Customer support set this up for me, and the young lady never answered the phone and stop communicating with me. She had promised to come and live with me and help me buy her two rings over $6000 each. I was a fool.

I only kept going because customer support kept telling me they were validating everything she was doing it was just a misunderstanding. The last five times I have called, as soon as they hear my voice they will just hang up the phone. This site is a scam. Anyone writing otherwise he’s lying to you. I welcome the owners of this site to contact me and call me and discuss this. I want this to serve as a warning to anyone and everyone out there to stay away from this site at all others associated with it.

There are multiple women working at translators and some of them are men. They take turns and the other gentleman is exactly right that you will have a long pauses and they always say they’re going to get tea. If you can find their Instagram, every photo they send you will come right off the Instagram account. Ask them for a selfie of themselves as they are talking to you and you will never get it.

I asked for this relentlessly and never received one. I asked for a video and I would always get a video with no sound and her just waiving. It is a scam to the highest degree and I ask anyone to contact me and see the mountains of evidence that I have. Any owner or any defender of the site please contact me and I will prove this to you. This site is a scam 100%!

  • Mar 12, 2018

I paid a couple of thousand dollars only to find out that the woman I thought that I was talking to was actually the interpreter and the woman I thought I was talking to was not even online. This has happened repeatedly. At one point the interpreter actually admitted that it was her who was answering my questions and not the woman who I thought I was corresponding with.

While going though several pages of their legal ease on the site, I found where they actually admit that I may not be speaking to the woman whose photos and profile I was presented with. It also says that the women may actually be paid for their sevices on the site. So they are not trying to meet or date men because they are getting paid to get the men to spend their money on the site.

Also, someone from their site actually tracked down my email address and tried to scam me into giving her money.

This site is a complete scam with no real intention of actually matching up men and women.

  • Feb 1, 2018

For months i talked to many of the girls on VicotoriaBrides, in this particular case they were supposedly from the UKraine, there is no need to go into how much money i spent over a 5 month period but it was in the thousands. I even tried the trick of having them send me a selfie with a piece of paper with my name on it held against their chest. In some cases i did recieve the selfies,,,but the biggest damage came when i registered on Vitoria Hearts, the membership numbers were the same to on both Victoria Brides and Victoria Hearts so i entered the member numbers from Victoria Brides to Victoria Hearts. Now remember i had been talking to these girls for months on Victoria Brides so they knew me very very well. When i contacted them on Victoria Hearts these same girls with identical membership numbers and photos, did not know who i was or anything about me. They were two completely different people on each site. It is great entertainment if you have the money to put into it,,,but don't go into it expecting to be talking to the person you are looking at and i have my doubts that anyone has every met and married anyone from either of these sites, it is sad on both sides of the BS, because i think that on one site or the other is the real girl and she actually thinks her agency is doing something for her also. ANY GO INTO THIS WITH JUST AN OPEN MIND THAT IT IS NOTHING BUT ENTERTAINMENT

  • Dec 18, 2017

I spotted this woman on said site and was immediately attracted to her,,,,,,i joined site and found you had to pay $19.99 to talk,,,,,,,then after that when all the right things were said,,,,,,i ended up paying $44.99,,,,ive since learned by your pages its one huge scam,,,,,,and thet got over $300 from me,,,,,i feel so there any chance of getting my money back,,,,,or will it cost to much,,,,,,these type of sites should be banned...

  • Sep 2, 2017

First read my report from 8th of August 2017. Instead of sitting down I took some time to investigate to prevent you from stepping into the same trap. Instead of paying another dollar- or eurocent, this is the way to play with their balls instead of them playing with your money. Everyone who was on their site knows it is very easy to create a new profile. In doing so, you get some free credits and it is just enough to test and find out about their system.

Install ccleaner and make a new profile on their site. It is best to use the same name and easy mail addres in which one letter is changed according to the alphabet. Use the same password for your profiles. A new profile can be created in a minute or two. Connection to google account is not neccessary. I have always used the same name, added one different letter to my email and I have used the same password over and over again. I made the same profile about 20 times and started my investigation. You always get a free bonus of 20 credits with which you can make enough interesting chatmessages. The only thing you need to do is, every time before opening victoriahearts login, let cccleaner run - it takes 3 to 4 seconds - and all their trails and cookies left on your computer are washed away, in order to upload your next profile. So what are my conclusions?

You do not have to do anything, even without profile photo or text you get chatmessages. So choose one 'lady' and only talk to her via that profile. Give certain information, even repeat some things. By the end of your chat when credits are almost on 0 take your time to read other chatmessages from different ladies. Then get out of your profile, let ccleaner run again and open your next profile that looks exactly the same without text or photo.

Make contact with the same lady and try to continue your conversation. Normally that should be ok because it is someone that is employed to answer messages. But what will you notice: the other profiles that have send you certain chatmessages on your first profile page, will send you exactly the same chatmessages on your new profile page again. There is not one letter difference, not one smiley is different, a copy of the same chatmessage on your former profile. If you doubt, repeat it is a few times with different profiles. So it is certain: the first messages that you receive from 'a lady' are computer generated. And only when you start to respond - then someone somewhere on the internet takes over the conversation. Because, when you write back you start to spend credits. Soon this person will ask to send photos (10 credits) a mail (10 credits first time and 30 credits next time) and yes - they invite you to look at their videos. In a way you are being pushed to spend your credits and money as soon as possible. Do not get fooled, stay cool, only write text and get to know the lady (?) better.

Next thing I found out is that all first mails are computer generated. On a certain day and days after I found out that exactly the same mail came from 3 different lady profiles because all three mails were on top of each other. And going throught part of the mail list, exactly the mails came all over and over again from different profiles, thus computer-generated. And what was very special - in some mails your name is included a few times, but if they did not write their computer code correct your name will literally appear like this « yourname » . Your profile name between brackes and signal that it is generated by a computer and it was a fault in their programming. They continuously write new mails that their system sends to every male client. Why do they send this kind of mails- for the same reason like their first fake chatmessages - to get your reaction by chat, mail or another way. Because if you open photos added to a mail this will cost you 10 credits for each photo. So count when you are interested in a certain lady and there are 10 or 20 photos added to this mail. This will cost you 100 to 200 credits. And if a video is added to a mail then 50 credits. The counter goes fast up again - or down - your paid credits disappear like snow in the sun.

Another thing I have discovered, I had contact with certain profiles on different times of the day. Sometimes in a morning one one day or late in the evening on another day. Guess what - all the information you told before they do not know anything about anymore. So it is true that on a different time different people have to answer the same profile. You know what you have talked about with one certain lady while she does not have a clue what to answer to your question. I tested this with different free (YES!) profiles and every time my conclusion was the same. One thing you have to write down: every profile has a unique ID number. Go to extended search and type in this number in the right search box to find your contact again.

So you wonder are there 'real ladies' with real profiles? I should say maybe with a big question. I read a different report in which was written that about 90% of the profiles are fake and about 10% are real. The truth will not be fare away from this numbers. Recent new profiles have the highest ID number, now around 6.1E6. Did you notice that almost all ladies have a University degree? It is hard to find a lady without a university degree unless she is a model. Brains do not matter so much then because looks will pull money automatically from you credit card and banking account. Have you ever seen an internet site with so many photoshopped models? Look through hundreds of profiles - Do you see one or two less good looking ladies? I guess in your country each lady could win the local miss country concours. It is part of their strategy - especially a single lonely man with lots of money.

If you doubt what I wrote, test the information above. I have been in Kiev and I have been in Kharkiv. Meetings? No one was there. If you ask information about where all these photos are taken - compare different profiles and you will see common things - they were all taken in a professional studio. And when you ask all this models - no one knows where their own photos were taken. And yes ... at a certain moment you think that you have a real contact. Ask them if you can meet with them. All give the same standard answer: you have to ask my personal contact details via this site. Or you have to make an appointment via this site. The same standard answer that they were told to tell everyone. If they want a real meeting, they could just as well meet in a public place in the center of Kiev, Kharkiv or other city. Do not pay for meeting, do not pay for personal contact information because all that money will be lost.

I paid a few times and had from four ladies their personal contact information. I have send different mails to these mail addresses. I got no answer from them. Phone calls were never answered and I received never any response from an sms. Except only from one phone number: via this phone number I saw the VIBER number and phoned there. When this person picked up the phone she was so scared like she was bitten by a snake. The converation lasted for 2 seconds. Probably a wrong number.

The programmers of this site change the rules constantly as they wish and raise the amount of credits for personal contact information or meetings that do not take place. They change the rules as they want with the advice to keep uploading more money. The ladies (?) are trained in responding that way - you only get their fake contact via this site because they signed 'a contract' and they can get punished for breaking this contract. And yes: in Europe the banking accounts from this cheating site lead to Dublin in Scotland and Ireland where the money is transfered to other accounts - Probably on a Tax Paradise Island. So try and test your luck in a very carefull way or do not take a risk and stay far away from this scam site.

  • Aug 23, 2017

The unscribe button goes into their site

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