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Country Australia
State Queensland
City Heatley
Address 322 Fulham Road
Phone 1300 287 738

Vet2UrPet Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2019

VET JENNIFER REY insisted I pay via bank transfer even though I wanted to pay swiping my card. I paid instantly, and the money was taken. I verbally confirmed the bank accounts she gave me and shown her my confirmation text from my bank. I did the right thing and sent an email thanking Jennifer for helping my dog.

Shortly after Jennifer started harrassing me, calling me even at 8pm at night telling me to pay a second time. I said I have paid and have proof, she said "Ill email you the statement can you pay again?'

I hung up and called my bank who confirmed that I paid. I showed proof of the payment in my bank history. I ended up having to tell Jennifer to leave me the hell alone I have paid what else does this beast want from me.

Today I get a letter from ""LEVENTE JURTH Barrister" who told me he demands I pay or he'll take me to court. He told me I wasnt taking the invoice seriously.

When I told this "Barrister" that actually I have paid, and this vet is harrassing me and he should stop harrassing me too....he continued to contact me and email me over and over again despire me telling him to leave me alone 3 TIMES. He then added to his case that I "praised the vets services".

So by me doing the right thing and emailing the vet to thank you for their services, theyre now using that against me. I have done nothing wrong, and used my RENT MONEY to pay this corrupt beast of a vet. When Vet Jennifer first began calling me i thought she was calling to check up on my dog, but her motives became clear pretty quickly.

AVOID AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE they will prey on your desperation having a sick pet and try and milk you of all your money.

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