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Versatile Collection

Country United States
State Georgia
City Alpharetta
Address 6005 Atlanta Highway
Phone 770 777 2030

Versatile Collection Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2019

These people are the worse I have ever dealt with. My cars transmission is slipping and the break pads are bad. The trunk don’t shut unless you slam it.

I tried to get some type of assistance as Richard was my salesman. He told me to talk to Walter. They would never give the phone to Walter. Instead some jerk got on the phone said he was the manager and since I have a warranty, I should take the car to Jaguar.

Then he said they have a man down the street that will fix my breaks for $300.00. I said to him I brought my business to you and this is how you thank me as a good customer he paid a $2500 down payment?

Then he proceeded to say don’t get mad at him because I have bad credit and had to pay a down payment. He said his credit score is 840 and he never has to pay a downpayment. Then I said sir that is nasty, and beside the point.

I’ve had my car less than 30 days and this is how you thank me? I told him when I purchased my Mercedes from the Benz dealership, they gave me 3 gifts. Thank you letter and called for 30 days and at 90 days to make sure I was happy with my car. This jerk said to me ohhhh do you want me to send you a thank you email.

Then hollered across floor room trying to insult me and said to Richard the salesman, “did you send the woman a thank you email? She needs to be thanked. Then hung up on me. So I texted Richard and told him as my sales person Karma is coming and when it comes remember how you and your team treated me. Prior to that Will the finance manager was so scared I wasn’t going to pay my whole down payment he threatened me and said he’s coming to get my car.

These men are unprofessional, cut throat, thieves. Make sure you get the car checked out before you sign.

Another thing I went to register my car, these money hungry assholes did not even do the emissions inspection. So I have to do that too!

They are bottom feeders and worse! But their day is coming soon. You think you are getting away with cheating and scamming but the universe has a way to balance it all out!!!!

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