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Verizon Communications

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address PO Box 5156
Phone 1.800.922.0204.

Verizon Communications Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021


June 21, 2021 sales agent Dustin Gordon offered these incentives for me to switch my account and 4 lines from AT&T to Verizon: It was very clear that it was $650 in bill credits for EACH of the 2 new lines where new phones were needed if I send in my 2 incompatible phones. I was very clear that TWO $300 gift cards were coming from the lines where we kept our phones. So $1900 in incentives. This should be in recorded tapes of the June 21 2021 sales call with Dustin Gordon who lied and used bait and switch tactics to get the account.

I also followed up with 2 other sales reps during the next month spending hours on the phone each time. They confirmed what Dustin had told me. One said the gift cards would come in the mail. I sent in my existing phones that weren’t compatible (one a brand new $500 Samsung S20 FE phone). THEN, when I called AGAIN SINCE NO CREDITS WERE FORTHCOMING, they told me the only promo available was a buy one get one. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS OFFERED. I would not have sent in my brand new $500 phone for a buy one get one.

Which by the way, they are now telling me they have no record of my returned phones being logged in at their warehouse even though UPS shows it being delivered (um, maybe because it was a BRAND NEW $500 phone and it was stolen at the warehouse?!). And the real slap in the face is that all the reps I spoke to in August (after the 3 who had confirmed the earlier offer) said the two $300 gift card offers had expired. AFTER THE FACT, they said I was supposed to go online to apply for the gift cards. I have spent a total of 14 hours on the phone with Verizon (including 3 hour initial sales call), spoke to 3 reps, and NONE of them are authorized to help with what was promised.

Social media reps are the worst as you get a new rep with each message sent and you just have to keep explaining over and over and over to no avail. So speaking to a Verizon rep is useless and a waste of time. My phone bills are very high, MUCH HIGHER, than what Dustin Gordon told me it would be. And I’m tied to a lying deceitful company for 2 years to top of it all. I want out of the contract, I want my money back for the overcharges they’ve been billing me since June 2021, and I want my old phones back. I have more info, names, dates, etc if this is needed.

  • Aug 9, 2021

I went to the oak ridge walmart store to purchase a decent phone and not break the budget as I had a credit repair company helping me with my credit. I had previously been with Verizon and had no complaints. So the walmart electronics associate recommended a nice phone. Got me back with Verizon and was courteous. When I got my first bill i was in shock. So I had to go on auto pay and chose a date that would be in line with my check and budget needs..

I thought all was ok until I started getting lots of unwanted requests from Verizon. On emails and statements. The plan was about 140.00 a month and the phone was included. So after the auto pay was in place . Verizon whacked my service and cit me off. I tried several methods to talk to a live person and got no where. Finally I called the oak ridge Verizon store and had to get a special number to call at a certain time in the evening and still that didn't work.

Then after exhausting all my attempts to keep the service and after cutting me off leaving me without phone service . they kept trying to get money off my direct express card. This caused another problem as I had to notify direct express on my social security deposits and was without funds for over a week. It seems like when you have a big business that customer service should be a priority. . Verizon made my financial life a nightmare with the help of Walmart.

The walmart associate told me that the Verizon rep comes to the store at certain times and has to adhere to their protocol. All I wanted was a nice phone . Instead I got bad service . stuck with a huge bill. Could not speak to a live person. And now I have another bill that will be a negative issue on my credit report. Thank you.

  • Jul 20, 2021

They ran my credit without offering an order number with my social security card image and five reps did not offer me the final completed service even though I was approved and when connected to a supervisor Susan she didn’t want to hear WHY I asked for the escalated call her unprofessional reps and she literally hung up on me. It took forever to get through to someone each of the five times. They kept insisting they couldn't find me by name, cell number and I wasn't provided an order number, so how does this company do business with such terrible practices?! I monitor my credit and took a credit hit from the inquiry just not to provide service. Their behavior was deplorable and unprofessional. Just stay away from them. I should have gone with XFINITY!

  • Jul 13, 2021

My Caption says it all. This is a very expensive, defective device. It’s 5G, but apparently 5G has not been perfected. It’s very slow to load and connect. It’s hypersensitive to movement or the slightest touch. The screens are unstable and will quickly disappear.

Frequently, the 5G signal freezes or completely disappears. Verizon should recall all of them and refund customers’ money. Shame on them for this massive Consumer Ripoff. Therefore, be warned: steer clear of this device.

  • Jun 7, 2021

Disabled Senior couple scamed by Verizon when renewing their service contract. No Itetized Billing/List given to them or full explanation of charges.

  • Jul 20, 2020

Promised $200 off an upgraded phone, $150 gift card to add a line, Play more unlimited plan for $70 a line, $20 activation fee, my military discount applied, the auto play discount applied, I waived the proction plan which they still charge me for.

Spent 28 hours over 3 days on the phone, visited 7 stores, and chatted online for hours and still cannot get what was promised on recorded lines

  • Jul 13, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I spent three hours on the phone with three different people in a futile effort to resolve slow internet speed. At the end they told me it was a router problem. I said great no let's get it fixed. They said they do not maintain the router they have been leasing to me and they will not repair it. THIS IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THEY CHARGE ME ON A MONTHLY BASIS FOR REP[AIR OF THIS ROUTER.

My solution is to dump Verizon and I have been working on it since.

  • Jun 21, 2020

WARNING! DO NOT GO TO THIS VERIZON! THAT"S BECAUSE THEY WILL TRICK YOU! On June 13th I went to this Verizon needing a new phone because I cracked the screen I broke on my other phone I had just bought for $180 from another Verizon store a few days before. Sam helped me and was very nice and very helpful and very patient. Especially since I told him I did not have my glasses and he had to read everything to me.

Sam set me up with a phone that I am happy with and additionally sold me some JLab Epic Airsport earpods for $140. I expressed to Sam that what he picked out for me was a little more expensive than was planning on spending and that I had concerns because sometimes hands free devices don't always have good mic sound. I asked him if they did not work if I could bring them back and get a refund. Sam responded: "Yeah just bring them back and we will take care of you." However -- just like I worried -- nobody could understand me on the mic and when I looked the product up they are actually known for poor mic sound. Therefore on June 19 I called Sam and told him that I needed to return them and he said again: "Yeah just bring them right in and we will take care of it."

So on June 22nd I went to the store and waited 45 minutes while they helped another customer. Just for the manager to looking in my eyes and tell me that there are no refunds and that they could only replace them with the same product or I could use the $140 towards something else in the store. Then he pointed at a sign on the wall I never saw saying there was a no refund policy. It was at this point it was clear to me that Sam tricked me.

Therefore I will never return to this store again and don't suggest anyone go there because they will trick you and have an unfair and greedy and abusive refund policy in which they make no acceptations and smugly refer to after they trick you. That's because they are shady. It's ultimately the reason I will be giving them $140 worth of free advertisement on the internet and all complaint forums such as and yelp and others. I warned the manager but he did not seem to care very much. Let's see if he cares now.

  • Apr 27, 2020

I never cease to be amazed how corrupt companies will rip off retired folks, living on a fixed income, and in their dry, superior manner, just presume there are no negative consequences.

I'm 73, retired, living on Social Security, handicapped, and selling off a collection of items I'd hoped to allow my grandchildren to inherit.

For me, there are lots of negative consquences, and with the "storming" or whatever the scam artists call it now, it may get much worse.

And so far, for these liars, there have been none.

It's not the first time, but even the Consumer Affairs officer here in Wisconsin wondered if it might be a "fake" or "phishing operation". It wasn't.

It was MUCH worse.


Just had a very ugly ( and downright illegal!!) experience with Yahoo/Verizon.

They no longer have "free customer service". Their current version is considered an "upgrade" and they charge $13.70 a month for it. I had a kind of emergency in January. Every function on my e-mails and associated services was acting strange, and most--such as my capabilities to delete and move files!!--simply wouldn't work at all. I called them and was told there would be fee. I authorized ONE payment....made it clear there would be NO MORE.

The very next morning, I sent a cancelling postcard, e-mail, and chat message to effectively CANCEL immediately what they now call "Yahoo Protect Premium". I also told the agent from whom I purchased same and gave my info that there would be NO RENEWAL of any kind, and picked a card about to expire for that reason.

They took February and March from my account. It's intriguing how they got the information after I chewed them out and closed out the original card. Apparently they can get account information beyond the debit card information.

My credit union was advised long before they pulled this to not honor the debit, but they got info somewhere to use another avenue and STILL got their money.

That fact is frightening.

I've contacted state consumer affairs, law enforcement, and others. There have been lots and lots of messages and so on.

But I was openly scammed. They apparently figure, "We're a big company. We can do what we want!"

And so far, they seem to be correct.

Yahoo's quality and creative "utilities"--messenger, chat, photo/"flickr", their various internet search services (some of which were superior to Google) have all disappeared, a few have deteriorated to the point of being useless. They gutted and then stripped the family and interest social groups, including our family groups and my own photo group for enthusiasts, which was a kind of teaching/"keeping my hand in" thing I did as a public service.

Especially since being acquired by Verizon, the mobile "telephone" firm, what used to be the most innovative and sometimes exciting firm available on the Internet has deteriorated rapidly, now to the point of near uselessness.

I'm withdrawing all my connections with them, as best I can, and changing base addresses for my e-mails. They've reconfigured that so that it has become very weird for me to utilize, and since I referred this to the police as a matter of criminal fraud, there seem to be "service issues".

Just so you'll know--I wouldn't rely on them for anything any more. As internet service innovators go, they're a fair to middling tin can "telephone" company that I shall never deal with again.

Also: The next firm that asks for access to my accounts on a recurring basis is someone with whom I shall NEVER do business again. That's wound up costing me many thousands of stolen dollars in the last two decades, and I have recovered almost NONE of their ill-gotten gain.

By far the most dishonest firms seem to be the ones in the communication businesses, or related scams. Ironically, this particular flim-flam is nothing much more than a way to make a dishonest buck off LOUSY service and software.

  • Sep 4, 2019

I reached out to Verizon due to needing to split my service from current family plan due to a divorce in the family. The representative assured me there were two options for continuing to pay off my device:

1. I could port out my number to any other carrier but leave the device on the account, they account owner would then keep the device and the device payments would remain the same - the promotional price of $10 a month for the next 20 months.

2. I could open a separate account with Verizon in my own name and move the device and line to that account. In this case also, device payments would remain at the promotional price of $10 a month for the next 20 months.

When I went back to process the transfer, the agent I talked to told me they could not honor the options I had been given. Whether I left the device on the original account, or if I moved it to a new Verizon account in my name, they would charge either myself or the original account owner a lump sump price higher than what I had under the promotional pricing. (approx $360 is what he told me).

Although the rep could see the notes where the previous rep had assured me that the payments would remain at $10 a month, he would not honor this agreement and gave me no options to move my phone number off the plan due to the divorce situation without paying a fee - even if I just moved the line to a separate verizon account.

  • Aug 25, 2019

This company just SCAMMED me out of $1200. They told us with our business account we get a free portable wifi box which we didn't need or want. We asked if there will be charges and they said no it's just a promotion and the box and service was 100% free.

We took it and never used it and noticed on our bill they locked us in to a 2 year contract at $45 for a box we NEVER EVEN ACTIVATED. We called and compained and they said they best they couod do is 3 free months!!! The verizon wireless waterfront location is an unethical POS company that will pad lines and services on your bill to make upsell commissions!

  • Mar 25, 2019

On December 29, 2018 my wife and I went to our local Verizon store here in Orting, WA. Verizon had I phones and Google Pixel 3 phones on sale. We met with Brandon Howell, who from my understanding was the store manager. After he went over the positives and negatives of each phone, we decided to purchase the Google Pixel 3.

The regular price was $830 with a sale price of $630. In addition, we purchased cases and screen protection for the phones. When he gave us the total price due it did not include the phones. When I asked, he said the price of the phones would be added into our next twenty-four payments. I told him that was not acceptable, I wanted to pay for the phones up front, so I didn’t have a monthly payment.

He told us it would take two or three billing cycles and then the full credit would be applied, and we would then be able to pay the phones in full. I explained that I absolutely did not want a monthly payment for the phone. He promised that there would be no problem, that I would be able to pay off the phones with the full discount applied but it would take two or three billing cycles.

When I expressed concern his remark was that he had no reason to lie, he would not lie to a customer since he was not going anywhere and didn’t want any negative reactions in the community. Well, apparently, he was either flat out lying or if he thought he was telling the truth he was obviously incorrect. Either way what we were promised is what we should receive.

After the second billing cycle I tried to pay the phones off, but the full discount had not been applied. I visited the Verizon store and the clerk told me it would take another billing cycle but assured me it would be applied. I waited until the March 13th (three months) and still not able to pay off the phones. Went back to the store and was told it would be another billing cycle before I could pay them off in full.

I went home and contacted Verizon customer service through their chat feature. After a lengthy conversation I was told I the agent could not help me and the problem would be escalated, and I would hear from a Verizon manager within 4-5 days. I waited until today, March 26th, and contacted Verizon via chat service. After another lengthy chat the agent apologized to me and offered a $50 credit for my inconvenience since the store manager had given me incorrect information. I told him that was not satisfactory, and I would be filing a complaint with the appropriate govt agency.

  • Feb 7, 2019

I was the victim of a romance scam back in November.

On November 11, 2018, I found out that I owed Verizon over $3500 on account. What I would find out is that almost all of the charges were related to phone calls from one of the phones that the scammer had me send to New York. I had no knowledge that the phone was going to be used for international calls. However, the scammer had me give an authorization code to confirm the orders and now I am on the hook for five phones until 2020.

Fraud team did absolutely nothing to try to stop.

What Verizon does not know was that on October 24, when they called me about having five new phones authorized, they had no idea I was being scared. I only told them because I had just had Ally Bank closed my accounts due to having the scammer accessed my account to set up a fake account deposit to get more money to get money needed a business overseas. Verizon did not get the full story and I was scared to talk to Verizon because the scammer had threatened suicide earlier in August if I ever dumped or left my girlfriend. I did not want to risk taking a chance, but I realized how wrong I am.

I really would like to get back as much money as possible. $1015 in credits back will not suffice. It is not right that I ended up having to pay all these charged because of a few clicks of the button on my phone that the scammer told me to do.

  • Nov 11, 2018

I have no cell phone or computer. I must use the college's computers. Can not get to a verizon rep through the computer and without a cell phone I am relegated to having a friend call the 800 number for me. I am a senior citizen and need that landline. Not everyone has or wants all the electronic garbage out there today. I am sick of trying to get these people when I pay my bill every month on time. What is so difficult to fix this line? Those trucks all all over the streets. I plan to file with consumer affairs also. This has happened everytime it rains or there is a little wind during the last year in particular. I just spent two hours trying to connect thru all the crazy urls on this computer. It is a waste of time. Verizon seems to not want customers to co=nnect with them. Oh, but they have to have their bill paid on time. It is a travesty.

  • Nov 11, 2018

A stranger ordered a cellphone online on 11-1-18, w/out my consent. I got email from ups company that I will get a pkg but didn't say what was it. When the pkg was deliver, I opened pkg & I was surprised. Days later I realized there was a bill charged me. I researched Verizon customers service for phone # & they told me to send $1600 phone back to crtc return in Forth, Tx. They would not give e-mails so could send pictures of bill & cellphone images. I called the Verizon fraud, they didn't help at all. They only want me send back the cellphone. They don't care if you had credit sore fraud or personal information scams. Worst customers service. Anyone could help me w/these scams or clear my bill.

  • Jun 30, 2018

The problems come in is when they gave me nothing for the the phone that was perfect they said the screen was broken, a chip in case their story changed numerous times I said send both phones back oh they can't do that what a scam never ever will I use or tell my family or friends to use Verizon what a deceptive add campaign where as you have no recourse very sad company who is willing to loose thousands of dollars in business over 244 bucks they must pay their employees to screw you and not pay what they say they will these employees must have an incentive plan to not pay you for your phones what they are worth! Didn’t live up to phone trade in.

I fell for their promotion that you trade your phone in and they lied on the phone from the start then went to my local store where I talked with the rudest customer service people ever who said I could trade my phone in at the store but you had to do it online were the lady online said I would get 244 dollars for my phone that was in perfect shape not one scratch and the other one I new and told them it had issues no problem . The problems come in is when they gave me nothing for the the phone that was perfect they said the screen was broken, a chip in case their story changed numerous times I said send both phones back oh they can't do that what a scam never ever will I use or tell my family or friends to use Verizon what a deceptive add campaign where as you have no recourse very sad company who is willing to loose thousands of dollars in business over 244 bucks they must pay their employees to screw you and not pay what they say they will these employees must have an incentive plan to not pay you for your phones what they are worth!

  • Jun 6, 2018

Purchased a morphie from verizon store for my note 8 it stopped working after 3 month. Verizon told me they would not exchange the inoperable morphie and suggested i contact morphie. Do not purchase from verizon they will not warranty products that they sell.. Be Worned.. Morphie produduct that i purchased is junk..

  • May 17, 2018

I got this statement below in an email today.

(We're sorry to see you go. This email confirms that your Security + Cloud subscription has been canceled. If this cancellation was an error, please contact us at 1.800.567.6789. This number won't even go through on my landline, but it goes through on my cell, what's up with that?! Security + Cloud will be removed from your monthly billing, generally within 1 to 2 billing cycles. If applicable, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the portion of the monthly charge paid in advance prior to the change of service. Should you decide in the future that you'd like to utilize either or both of these services, please visit

What is this, my bill was supposed to be in the $60+ something range after taxes with McAfee security included, then I get hoodwinked by Fios, because they bundle everything and you can't get out of it, so you get services you don't want, and can't drop them to make your bill lower. They discontinue a service just to say, we don't "that anymore" we have "this now" then they jack up your bill. They talk of loyalty discounts, but they're not loyal to my financial situation, my fixed income stays the same while this bill ridiculously goes up. This isn't fair and I will be looking into another provider, because Verizon Fios are scamming their customers and robbing them blind.

  • May 15, 2018

I got this statement below in an email today.

(We're sorry to see you go. This email confirms that your Security + Cloud subscription has been canceled. If this cancellation was an error, please contact us at 1.800.567.6789. This number won't even go through on my landline, but it goes through on my cell, what's up with that?! Security + Cloud will be removed from your monthly billing, generally within 1 to 2 billing cycles. If applicable, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the portion of the monthly charge paid in advance prior to the change of service. Should you decide in the future that you'd like to utilize either or both of these services, please visit

What is this, my bill was supposed to be in the $60+ something range after taxes with McAfee security included, then I get hoodwinked by Fios, because they bundle everything and you can't get out of it, so you get services you don't want, and can't drop them to make your bill lower. They discontinue a service just to say, we don't "that anymore" we have "this now" then they jack up your bill. They talk of loyalty discounts, but they're not loyal to my financial situation, my fixed income stays the same while this bill ridiculously goes up. This isn't fair and I will be looking into another provider, because Verizon Fios are scamming their customers and robbing them blind.

  • May 9, 2018

Really bad customer service, they would not make any effort to unlock my phone

  • May 8, 2018

Purchased a new cell phone from Verizon by calling in for a new cell phone. Agent on line, 611, said the Moto Z2 was available normally for $17 per month. Special was $10 per month. I agreed and phone was to be shipped and arrive May 4. It arrived May 7, one business day later. Not an issue. That day after work I took the package to the Verizon store at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA. Greeter met me and immediately took me to his work station to help me get the phone set up. Supposedly it was supposed to be set up, but I took it just in case. Good thing. I asked to confirm the deal I was promised. He said the deal was not in place. It only applied to new lines. For some reason I was concerned. He informed me the deal did exist, but only if you added a line. I did not need an additional line. Never part of the deal. I was very upset to be lied to.

We talked about returning it. While we talked he went ahead and set up the return. He offered me an opportunity to agree to hte return which was $35. I was upset, but began to settle down. I asked for him to show me the phone and tell me about it. He did and I said okay, I would take it at the higher price, because my old phone of 2.5 years was failing to function. He went to check and the return had gone through. I said I never accepted it. He said the signature was only a formality. If I wanted it I needed to pay the restocking fee. $35. He said to call Verizon and maybe they could help. I did and they did refund the $35 that evening. I am still upset.

Problem was as a customer of 22 years, I was lied to, treated very poorly and spent an extra couple hours getting it set up. Still not complete At the store he set it up about half way. I have continued the set up with Verizon on line and this weekend I will go back to another store to complete the transition. Last night I called Verizon to complete the tranistion, but after 45 minutes with nothing accomplished, I got off the line with the Verizon Rep. Saddiest thing is the Verizon Rep was clueless we had accomplished nothing and did not understand why this bothered me. But they do. Also interesting they send out surveys after good calls, but not after crappy ones.

  • May 7, 2018










  • Apr 26, 2018

My contract (2 years) was expiring in In March 2018, and I was told if I renewed my services and sign a 2 year contract my bill would be lower and I would also get 1 year of Netflix for free.

I returned my old equipment and got the new one and was told after recieving the service for 65 days an email would be sent to me for this service and I have to activate it. After the 65 days, on 04/25/18 I called and a representative named Mark. I was told that they give me the wrong info and this offer is not for a renewal contract but only for new customers.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was on hold for over 15 mins. They tricked me into signing a new contract and not follow tru with what was promised.

Verizon Fios also charged me for a PPV event on the same day twice, claiming I ordered twice, one on Hd and the other regular. After figting with them to convince them it was the same order then it was removed.

Some of Verizon call centers are in foreign countries and they are super friendly but not helpful. Just tell you things to make you happy, but nothing is not done as promised.

  • Mar 9, 2018

Back in september 2017 sprint gave me an offer to change over to their service, when i called verizon to tell them about it verizon said they could match it so i called sprint back up and told them i would stay with verizon 1 week after the introductory time i got a bill and it was the same as before since then i have been calling verizon to get set up the way they said it would be and finally today on march the 8th i was told i could not get the program i was promised, so i said fine let me out of my contract and they said no i was still responsale to pay out the contract even though they did not stand up for what they offered me

  • Mar 8, 2018

Make sign contract tell you you have it takes 30 to setup before you can test run it locking you in the contract not to cancel before this 30 days. Tried to cancel before this time frame. Due to this program the tech in the field can not bill out on site. Office pc only can change or update.

  • Mar 1, 2018

Never received the money for the phones surrendered during their carrier buy out program. They sent us three $2 gift cards instead of the $110 per line they promised. I still hven't been able to resolve it after 4 months.

  • Feb 7, 2018

At&T sent the order over but said just to call them to make sure it went thru. Called and they received the order from AT&T but I was still being billed so I thought oh it will catch up with itself. Well they kept deducting from my checking and when I called they had in there notes that I called in for a cheaper plan, LOL. As of today, right now, I am on the phone with them now and they are fighting me on reimbursing me back to the date of cancellation!!!! The time and effort and all the drafting out of my checking account that I was not counting on. Been on the phone with them on my lunch for over 40 min. United States

  • Dec 27, 2017

I terminated my account with Verizon back in Late August or early September. i paid the owed balance, a projected amount for the following billing cycle, a cancellation fee, i paid down my ex-girlfriends balance so she could take over one of the two telephone lines, I even paid a restocking fee for a 3 day old iphone. somewhere around 600 dollars later i was free of Verizon,. or so i thought.. I recently recieved a $163.99 bill for a billing period of November 10th - December 9th (in which time i was no longer a customer of verizon) The bill is now in collections (or maybe not). who knows..

All i know for sure is there is no one in the company as a whole that will be any kind of help on the subject. It is all referrals to websites that dont exist and 1800 numbers and menus that lead me in circles of associates that allegedly cannot help me due to my lacking of necessary information regarding an account that doesnt exist.. This is awful, its Fradulent and its no doubt on a massive scale. There has to be millions of people affected by this. i truly beleive they are protecting themselve by keeping the mess so convoluted, its impossible to find the responsible party.

  • Dec 26, 2017

I sent all rebate information in by the rebate verizon website for my WiFi hotspot. Took pictures of reciept and code bar that was required on the box. Pictures were crystal clear and was sent in by time required. They refused my rebate. I have read and heard that rebates are not being honored. I think this is a scam!! And now I am questioning Verizons credibitlity.

  • Dec 2, 2017

I went to verizon store in mangrove chico to buy a cell phone probably iphone 6 2 of them buy one get one free after paying 360.00 on both phones the sales clerk trting to offer me free verizon tablet but i said no also they sold me cell phone charger for both phones when i got home open the box of the iphone 6 behold there was the charger was inside the box i didn't know they set me up on a payment plans for both phones the total bill was 262.00 plus the payment on both phones then i ran into financial problems they suspended my service i call verizon financial services to cancelled the services guess what i received a letter that i owed verizon 736.00 now it is down to 306.35 they sent me to a collection agency

  • Nov 13, 2017

Charged $50 for service restoration. No men involved, looks higly unreasonbale, company makes $50 in couple minutes from own customers.

  • Oct 28, 2017

I have had Verizon for all my communication needs for over 25 years. I have the bundle which includes TV, internet, Fios,phone and wireless.

On April 29,2017, I switched carriers for wireless from Verizon to Sprint. Sprint told us that we did not have to notify Verizon of the change because when Verizon sees that we transferred our phone numbers they will know that they will no longer be our carrier. That sounded very easy.

At that time I had from Verizon a device called mi-fi, that allows access to the internet from anywhere (portable). I did not even consider calling Verizon to cancel this service because it was for the internet and I did not think the mi-fi had anything to do with wireless service. I thought it was under the internet part of the bundle (FIOS, internet, landline phone, wireless).

I recieved my bill from Verizon in May of 2017 and I paid it. This went on for about 5 months. I was not sure why my bills continued to be higher than I expected. On May 15,2017, I spoke to someone from Verizon whom I reached out to because of the high amount of the bill. I was told at that time about the mi-fi device was never cancelled and that was why I continued to recieve high bills. I cancelled that service during that phone conversation and was told that would take care of my problem.

I continued to get high bills. Again I reached out to Verizon, which by the way when you call Verizon you never get to speak to the person that assisted you before, therefore I have to go through the same story and concerns each time. You also never get the name of the person you are speaking to. I was told each time after going through my story that they would put a note on my account which never happens because if it did than I would not have to go through my story again and again , they would be able to bring up the account and read what was noted before.

I was cajoled into believing that Verizon would take care of the problem and that I would be entitled to a credit of $347.37. I was told I would receive a check in the mail in about 6-8wks. This was in September,2017, I have not received the check as of today.

I did have the opportunity to speak to someone who seemed to care, she must have been at the top of her training from Verizon, because she made a believer out of me. Her name as she told me is Ebony Moore. I actually thought I was getting somewhere but much to my dissapointment it was not to be. I reached out to Ebony in email form (which she gave to me her email at Verizon. I reached out to Ebony again to find out what was going on and she responded that she would set up a conference call with her supervisor and get to the bottom of this ongoing problem. I answered that that would be great ,but, it never happened, and I have not heard another word from Ebony Moore.

I had to call Verizon last month because my service was suspended do to outstanding bill. In August 2017, I took it upon myself to subtract the charges for wireless on my own and that made even more problems. My service was restored after I spoke to yet another Verizon employee. During that conversation I agreed to pay everything except the $347.37. I was told that when I receive the check I had to send it back to Verizon because the way the bundle works Verizon pays the charges for the account and then they recoup their money when the bill is paid by the consumer. I said sure I would certainly send back the check, but, I also asked why send me a check not only to turn around and send it back to Verizon.I said why even send me a check, why doesn't Verizon just keep the money and apply it to my account? They said that Verizon land line and Verizon wireless do not communicate.

This morning again I have no service from Verizon. My service was interuppted again due to outstanding bill. I do not know where to go from here. My bill keeps going up and I am not getting any satisfaction from calling Verizon and trying to solve the problem. I am not a dead beat. I pay what I owe and I will not pay what Verizon wants. I told the last lady I spoke to that I would pay the balance except for the amount that was suppose to be refuned to me. I told her as soon I got the check I would gladly send it to them. I have not yet received the check.

At this point I do not know where to go from here. I am frustrated and angry. I am not getting any satisfaction. I do not want to see this problem continue to build. My credit is being affected and I think it just isn't fair.

  • Oct 13, 2017

Telecom USA- a Verizon Company is stealing from me every month.

My CenturyLink Landline billing has been showing third party telecom charges submitted from "Telecom USA a Verizon Company" for over a year. I have never paid attention to the bill as I just pay the bill online. I noticed minor fluctions in the billed amounts but not enough to raise a red flag. NOT anymore! I recently started reviewing the paper statements and noticed that this has been happening for over a year.

I do not have formal long distance service as my landline is permanently forwarded to my cell phone. That way when I change cell numbers as could occasionaly happen, my landline has always been the same and reaches me, no matter where i am. No need for a formal long distance plan on my land line since i use unlimited long distance through my cell service. I do not even have a phone jack at my house any longer, so there are not calls being made from my landline to anyone.

However, each month there are Telecom USA charges for anywhere from 2 to up to a dozen calls to the same exact number each at 1 minute. Each call is billed at $.89 cents for the 1 minute. When I contacted the (Centurylink provided) support number to Telecom USA, it was not a working number. Since they are "a Verizon Company", I called Verizon headquarters in NY and was given a customer service number for Telecom USA/TTI Communications. Once I reached a representative (Mexico City, MX), I was told that my CenturyLink landline was using 10-10-987 to dial that unknown number.

For those who dont' know, 10-10-987 is an access code (via Telecom USA) to use when a person does not have long distance carrier. I was told that the charges being sent to Centurylink were billed as legitimate as it was "definitely my landline number calling the 10-10-987 service. I explained that for 20 years I have not had or used the line for long distance and that I dont even have a hard wired phone. There are even recent charges submitted by Telecom USA for 10-10-987 usage when I was recently out of the country. Hmm how does that happen? Magic?

SO Lets sum it up.....Telecom USA is submitting fraudulent charges under the premise that I (my landline) is using their 10-10-987 system. I am not, and cant possibly use their service as I dont even have a phone connected to my land line. The listed access calls showing up on the lTelecom USA billing are to the exact same number everytime. Completely unknown to me. I have no children, and no imaginary people are using my nonexistance phone to make the calls to that number. I have had no result trying to figure out why that number is being called either.

It may not seem like much, but each of my monthly phone bills has had 3rd party Telecom USA monthly charges ranging from no less than $2.08 to no more than $14.76. If Telecom USA is billing these erroneous charges to, lets just say 100,000 customers, unknowingly that is generating $208,000 to $1,476,000 per month to Telecom USA from consumers who are not watching their bills. Thats alot of money in Telecom USA or should I say VERIZON's pocket.

Warning to ALL. PLEASE Look at the "third party" charges on your landline bills.

I am very very disappointed that the giant we all know as Verizon chooses to do own and support a fraud based company like this.

  • Oct 4, 2017

Verizon: The Phone Company from Hell

They cheat and over charge on usage and unfairly inflate the phone bills and then lie to cover it up. After dealing with this for over a year I switched to another company who agreed to pay all the penalities for switching.

After switching verizon added more penalties which they hadnt told my new company about to punish me for switching. I refused to pay these bogus charges and verizon wrecked my credit.

Save your time and money no matter how good of deal they offer you because its just bait to suck you in and stay away from Verizon the phone company from HELL.

  • Sep 19, 2017

They charged me for a phone that was returned. Will not credit my account. And have sent 5 replacement phones none of which work.

  • Sep 7, 2017

We have had the identical experience as other user reports about Verizon's Data plans which have turned out to be a completely dishonest way of doing business. When I began with Verizon I used less than 50% of 4 G doing lots of things on the phone. I am using it no differently at all at present, but "use" 50 G in two weeks. This is highly suspicious. By structure and implementation of the data plan, they force customers into "upgraded", unwanted and unnecessary data plans that are always more expensive at each step and deliver poor service for two weeks of every month. Then they harrass the customer with messages to add data at more cost. They are actually defrauding the customer with terms like "unlimited". Unlimited actually means slow poor-to-no service much of the time. Verizon manipulates its system and customers usage in order to multiply charges. Then, they have created a Byzantine bureacracy, booby-trapped by deliberately difficult operating system of business in order to frustrate and confound customers so that they simply stop trying to correct problems.

  • Aug 28, 2017

Verizon (cable and Internet Service Provider) overcharged me by charging for a television channel (HBO) not ordered separately – a service that was provided with the cable television service by the company.

This matter represents an ongoing issue and unethical business practices on part of Verizon. Under number 654-200-XXX-XXXX-XX, an account was established for cable, phone and Internet service in Maryland. As an incentive, the sales representative added the HBO channel at no extra charge, with emphasis added. The account was established on or about March 16, 2015, for residential service.

Upon receipt, I noticed a billing error. I was charged nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents ($19.99) plus taxes for a channel that was supposed to be free; bill dated March 15, 2015 with a due date of April 9, 2015. I called Verizon customer service and reported the error. I was told the billing discrepancy would be corrected by crediting the amount ($19.99 + taxes and fees) and by correcting the account to prevent a recurrence.

Unfortunately, the billing error continued; Verizon was overbilling the account monthly at $19.99 and failed to correct the problem after repeatedly being informed. As a result of the unethical business practice, I cancelled the service in or about September 2015 (per Verizon). Any and all equipment belonging to Verizon was subsequently returned to Verizon at 375 PG Boulevard, Unit B, Upper Marlboro, 20774; 877-248-1875. The return was documented under Customer Equipment Receipt ID: 07051XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. At that time, I asked the manager then present to check the account to assure all financial obligations had been met. The manager responded by informing me that the account did not have a balance. The manager then attempted to sell me cable and Internet service with Verizon under a new account for the same residence, to which I declined based on the poor customer service I received which prompted the closure of the initial account.

On or about April 21, 2017, I received a notice from EOS CCA located in Boston, Massachusetts, dated February 3, 2017. The company presented to be a collection company representing Verizon. The company claimed I owed one hundred fifty-three dollars and seventy-six cents ($153.76), but the notice indicated they were willing to settle for seventy-six dollars and eighty-eight cents ($76.88). The company’s account number was 8-XXXXXXXX.

At approximately 3:00 PM, I called the company via 855-666-9210 and was told to call 844-358-7981. The company had no relevant information on the dispute and directed me to contact Verizon for information.

At 3:40 PM, I contacted Verizon customer service/billing and was transferred back and forward between Verizon customer service and Verizon collections; I was told that the account was not in collections with a collection company and was in good standing. I requested a detailed billing statement on the account since inception, and I informed the representatives of the prior six months of overbilling disputes at $19.99 per month. The response I received from customer service was that the Verizon collections department could simply recall the matter from the involved collection company and closeout the account. However, the Verizon collections department advised that the customer service department was incorrect as no information was readily available on the account. I was told that I had to make all of my requests through the collection company to which I disagreed as the discrepancy originated and rested with Verizon.

At 4:20 PM, I contacted the collection company via 844-358-7981 and made contact with a helpful and competent representative. Though the representative did not have sufficient information to address the underlying issue, as that representative did not have detailed records on the account as Verizon had alleged, I, nonetheless, put in a request for any and all Verizon business records with regard to the account and matter in dispute. I further placed the matter in dispute with the collection company and requested a refund for the over billed amount (overbilling - absent taxes and auxiliary - fees was estimated at $119.94). The representative was clear that the responsibility was on Verizon to provide the account records as requested to the collection company and me within 30 days.

From April 21, 2017 to August 27, 2017, I have not received anything from Verizon. Consequently, I am reaching out to obtain a resolution and to bring light to Verizon’s unethical and illegal billing practices. This company must be held accountable.

At this juncture, I am requesting a refund in the amount of one hundred nineteen dollars and ninety-four cents ($119.94) and a refund for any additional charges, taxes or fees related to the HBO overcharge. I am also requesting that any adversarial credit reporting action be remedied.

  • Jul 31, 2017

I wanted to buy a Jet Pack and Service. I was told it would cost 100 dollars to out right buy the Jet Pack. I was told the JetPack would be part of my "Unlimited plan". As I was paying , the customer service person told me that Verizon might cut back on my 4g usage after 26 to 28 GB but he did not know for sure. Because we live in a rual area,with limited signal, I ask if I could return the item if it did not work properly. I was told yes, in 14 days.

Upon plugging the Jet Pack in and leaving it on it used about 11 GB of data with out anything connected in a few days.I began to get numerous messages from Verizon saying I had exceed my limit of 4G data and would be cut the device had exceed 10 GB. Called Verizon Customer Service and they informed me the Limit for a Jet Pack is 10 GB before throttle back. I was also told I could not leave a Jet Pack ON! WTF good is a jet pack if one can not leave it on with out accumulation of outrageous data traffic? Customer Service tells you "you have to turn it OFF" This is a fatal Flaw in the service plan. Do not expect 4G service for more than a couple of days a month on the "unlimited plan". If eft on the Jet Pack gooble 10 GB in two days..NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS WHEN YOU "BUY" A JET PACK.

Carefully noting usage , the device seems to accumulate at least half a GB per diem with minimal use and careful attention to shutting it off regularly and rebooting ....all time consuming.

I brought the item back within the 14 day time period and said I was dissatisfied with the imbedded programs which accumulate data usage. I was then told by the manager that I had not purchased the device, that no one in the store is allowed to sell anything (exactly opposite to what I was told when I bought it) and that I had to now pay them an addition 100 dollars for the device in order to return it and a $70.00 dollar restocking fee.....this was all to remove my $20/month Jet Pack service fee....etc... (after I was told I could return it). It took the manager at least an hour and a half to complete the return service... They do not have cell service in their store and need to go out side to contact Verizon!! Says it all.

Jet Pack...INCOMPETENT SALES AGENTS, FALSE INFORMATION, ALGORITHMIC PROGRAMS CREATING DATA USAGE,and $170 dollar return fees ! TOTAL RIP OFF, I guarantee you will find it to be a worthless POS.

  • Jul 26, 2017

I left Verizon over a year ago yet money is being taken from my bank account by Verizon illegally, unfairly and without my consent. Customer support for phone and online are demanding that I provide a PIN that I no longer remember and that I drive to 20 miles away to a Verizon store to resolve the issue. I have a handicapped and cannot visit their store. I asked them to send a representative but refused to do so. I need this issue rectififed as I am being overcharged for services I am not receiving.

Verizon refuses to reset the PIN number for an account that should not exists any longer. I am not sure if they are forcing customers to their doors to hopefully have their sales reps conned them into rejoining their firm. Verizon I need my money and I want to stop taking money from my bank account when your agents have confirmed that my cell phone number is no longer with your company. Go make your money the ethical way.

  • Jun 30, 2017

Ever since I switched from Verizon to Optimum, I keep on getting offers in email as well as regular mail. Today I called them about an offer ($74.99/month) that I recently received but they wouldn't honor it. Even the offer on their website advertises a package with 1 Gbps Inernet speed. When I asked about that package, I was told that it is not avaialble in my area and the max speed that I can get is 150 Mbps. I was quoted a price of $157 per month for a package that is being advertised for $94.99. When I asked the representative that almost $60 is for fees and taxes, she couldn't give me a break down. I'm getting tired of these big companies falsely advertising low prices to entice customers and when you call them, things are very different. Their representatives are trained to misguide you without giving you true and accurate information. The city and state should look into this matter and file a class action lawsuite against these practices.

  • Jun 17, 2017

Verizon is charging me for a new service after I returned their equipment and cancel their service. I spoke to several representatives but they keep telling me that I signed up for another account. Another representative told me that I did not call them to cancel my service and returning my equipments and stating that I am closing my account does not guarantee that my account is closed.

I believe that they have realized that customers are cancelling their services at a higher rate and they have device a new way to continue billing customers. When you call them to cancel services they keep transferring your call until it gets disconnected. Please help us to prevent them from charging the customers unnecessary fees after they switch to another provider.

  • Jun 17, 2017

I’m a cellphone illiterate old man who made a mistake signing up with verizon. It seemed like no time at all that I got a message from them telling us our 6 gigs of data was used up so I bought 10 gigs more. Then I started paying attention and saw to it that me and my wife used very little of anything. That didn’t stop our data use. Lickedy split and 10 gigs were gone. I had Safety Mode turned on after that so we wouldn’t go over our allowance. Since it appeared to me that our data got used up so fast we wouldn’t have much to use ourselves, I had Consumer Cellular port our number away from Verizon on the 13th of September, even though we were paid up for the full month.

I owe Verizon $1498 for our 2 iPhone 6-S’s and 2 early termination fees. Verizon, without charging us the early termination fees, billed us for $1907.xx. The next month they billed us more for a total of $962.xx in fraudulent charges. That was 9 months ago and I still haven’t paid them. Oh, I almost forgot. The first bogus bill had an overcharge-use of $30. How could that happen with Safety Mode turned on? Only someone in Verizon can do that. So to the person who posted on this site saying people need to find out about charges and quit blaming Verizon: Hey Buster! You need to find out about Verizon. You can bet that if they are stealing from one then they are stealing from many.

  • May 23, 2017

I was not informed (before allowing Verizon to connect me to an "untimited" 4g system via a useless Jetpack that requires a reset frequently) that after using a certain amount of data i would be switched to a 3g system that makes my system completely unuseable. This is just another example of Verizon's unethical & perhaps illegal practices of "bait&switch" that i have read complaints about. Has customer satisfaction & consumer protection gone away?

  • Mar 11, 2017

I warn anyone who is about to purchase a phone or service through verizon to carefully weigh other options before signing up with this company. They are fradulent to the nth degree. They are knowingly selling the Droid 6.0 cellphone with full knowledge that the phone is defective. In fact, they have known this for over two years but they continue to sell the phone to consumers. Additionally, the manufacturer of the phone, Motorola, is in league with Verizon on the scam. Motorola freely admits that the phone is defective, that they do not have a fix, and that Verizon is aware of the issue. The two companies, instead of being forthright with customers, have come up with a "work around" for the problem with the Droid 6.0. Sadly, the work around either does not work at all or is much, much too complicated for the average user.

I have talked (it seems endlessly) with both Verizon and Motorola. In both cases my complaint was "bumped up" to a higher person. That did not help. Here's how they are working the scam: Verizon says that the customer must rely on the manufacturer's warranty. So you have to call the manufacturer - in this case Motorola. Motorola then proceeds to tell you that the seller - in this case Verizon - is well aware of the defect but continues to sell the phone even though they are aware that the manufacturer's warranty is worthless in that Motorola does not have a fix for the issue. So, the best they have been able to do is offer a work around for the problem on the defective phone. Unfortunately, the work around does not work very well if at all. And the work around itself consists of about 6 steps which would be difficult even for a savy user.

Most legitimate companies would have offered and upgrade or have refunded the customer's money. Not Verizon. Their rude, incompetent, service supervisor, more or less said "tough, live with it." His entire role in the complaint process seemed to be to absolutely confirm that I was not going to get any help or relief.

I know the world is a big place and companies no longer care about the individual consumer - goodness, they don't have to - there's more waiting just around the corner. However, fraud is fraud. When you knowingly do something that you know to be wrong or you sell a product that you know does not work as it should, you should have to pay the piper. Just beware that Verizon's cute commercials and their claims of wide-spread coverage do not make up for rude customer service, bad business practices, and out-and-out fraud.

  • Feb 21, 2017

I got a two year contract with verizon for 3 tv's one phone and the internet. my phone has not worked for 6 months but they will not come out unless i pay them 50.00 and whatever it cost to repair same. they claim it is in my home, i have had it checked it is in their wires. I was to pay 149.67 per month for this service. last month (one year later) they sent me a bill for 226.00 whic h is 77.00 more per month. they claim that all my discounts expired. I called and spent an hour on the phone and the gentlemne was able to get my bill down to 158.00 (which is still more htan i signed for) I sent the 158.00 and received a notice that I was to send another 68.00 (brining me backt o 226) I called again spent 40 minutes and they finally disconnected me. I called again and spoke to another person who said that they would call me back. Days later no call. I called again and spent another 40 minutes with a gentlemen who calimed he could get me to 165.00 if I returned one box (not working anyway) I then received an email claiming I signed for a service for $195.00 per month. Obviously I have not been successful in obtaining any help. When I said I would cancel my service they said I would have to pay $120.00 for early cancellation.

  • Dec 22, 2016

These people stink; no service; will not allow you to speak to a real representative; foreign countries only; disconnect you if they are stumped; overcharge for this cable service

  • Dec 20, 2016

We have always used 4gb max on our data. We switched to 6 to make sure to get no overages. Then Verizon did a promotion for 8gb free(extra 2gb) and we signed up/. NOW the last few months it is close to 8gb in usage and our cell habits have not changed. We have talked to them and get the same response. We are both on wifi 95% of the time. All the time at home and when she is at work. No explination from Verizon. I have chatted with them and made sure there areno games. no streaming and have went to bare min. on apps. They offer a tech and tell me it is not them. I am fed up and what is funny if everyone I talk to says they are having the same type problem.

  • Dec 13, 2016

I will make it short and to the point. This company verizon wireless is a fraud, a ripoff, and have very deceptive practices. They allow the reps to tell you anything in order to get you to provide them your hard earned money. Then when you try to dispute what occured the call magically disappears. I literally argued with the reps, supervisors, and corporate and all there lying promises were not honored. Now i am left with this foolishness on my credit. I do plan to sue them. They are a rip off and a disgrace to be in business. I am voicing my disgust with everyone i can think of. The bbb, state attorney, facebook, twitter, instagram, report, you name it. I am going to ensure that even though they ruined my credit by lying and placing that account on my credit that my voice will be heard. I will not stop until verizon is successfully sued for at the very least $100,000. They have too many complaints and im sure 98% of them have to do with fraud or deceptive practices. I want verizon gone, and i will do everything in my power to ensure that they either lose business or they are altogether shut down based on their tousands of complaints

  • Nov 29, 2016

Cell phone service providers are in a unique position to exploit their elderly and vulnerable customers. Cell phone companies provide a service that is necessary for the safety of the vulnerable and elderly, they often require contracts which are confusing and more expensive than necessary. The rapid turnover in devices requires another trip to the store and exposes customers to high-pressure sales tactics. My personal experience with Verizon taught me that there is no ethics training and procedural safeguards to protect vulnerable customers. Cell phone companies are operating exactly as we saw in the Wells Fargo case: selling customers as much as possible, regardless of actual need or even understanding of the purchase.

My parents are elderly. They are the daily target of con artists and hucksters. I can insulate them a little bit from the approach of strangers, but for their own safety they need to have cell phones, which forces them into a relationship a provider, Verizon in this case. In my parent’s world view, if you're a customer, a company will watch out for you. They are primed to trust those companies. (If not Verizon, it would be another company. The point being, cell service is a modern necessity and this positions cell providers to have special access to vulnerable people.)

My parents moved this past month, and while helping them set up their new household I learned that when my dad had visited Verizon 20 months ago to get new cell phones he had been told that made him eligible for a free tablet. He accepted the offer, even though he had two tablets at home already. What he didn’t understand was that the “free” Verizon tablet was actually cell-enabled and came with a monthly charge for cell service. As I was connecting his devices to his new WiFi, he mentioned that he didn’t understand why the Verizon tablet had a phone number. I asked to see the bill and that led to this discovery. My dad doesn’t need a tablet with cell service, he’s 80 and his health doesn’t permit him to travel. He spends most his days in his own house. He had two tablets, a smart phone and a home PC. Two minutes assessing his needs would have revealed this, but needs assessment isn’t part of Verizon’s culture. I visited Verizon to see if I could get this corrected, but the answer there was that “he had signed a contract, so there was nothing they (Verizon) could do.” We could pay $90 for early termination or ride it out for four more months for $50. In the Verizon world, a signed contract trumps doing the right thing. I can’t say I was surprised.

As he has aged, my father has become more vulnerable to fast-talkers. On top of that, his hearing is poor, he doesn't catch everything that is said. He’s not alone in this, and the cell industry also serves other vulnerable populations such as the mentally challenged. For vulnerable people, there is a need to have cell phones as part of their personal safety plans. Cell phones allow them to have more independence and a better quality of life. When the vulnerable and elderly go into the provider’s store for service, they should not be viewed as another mark to be hustled. Special care should be taken to ensure their needs are met and they they are not abused. The primary goal of a cell phone sales staff is to get customers on contract, and there is no procedural barriers to prevent exploitation of this customer subset. It It is unlikely that cell providers have incentive to do the right thing on their own. As in the case of Wells Fargo Bank, it will take public scrutiny to bring changes that ensure vulnerable customers are protected.

I very much doubt that the sales practices we’re discussing would pass muster in the sunlight of public scrutiny, but Verizon continues to insist that it would be impossible to conduct ethics training and to create supervisory oversight that would ensure vulnerable customers are protected.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Couldn't pay the bill when it due. It was around 286.00. Requested help in letting me pay half and then the rest later. Never received a reply from them.

Then the many phone calls started along with text messages.

Then was disconnected. Then I received the letter from TN showing a very large balance when I hadn't been using the phones, I have 2. Have been a customer for many years and noticed that the price kept going up and the unlimited calls wasn't right.

I'm really concerned. I don't have 722.00. If I did I'd pay my house payment and them.


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