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Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 14650 N 78th Way Building A
Phone (602) 277-0000

Venicom Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2016

There is multiple problems here. Multiple names would be one of them, Im guessing this is because of all the crooked business dealings they are pulling. On our form it is Telecom with this address and number. Either way I have seen other complaints just like this. But I will tell you mine. We are dealing with being charged $2000.00 in cancelation fees after us canceling our service before 30 days was up after activation. They claim they had a recording with me agreeing to a 14 day cancelation fee after activation and we asked for a copy of the recording and they said they would provide it and that it could take a couple days and they still haven't provided that. We activated or phones on the 28th of December 2014, we went into the T-Mobil store in Wentzville MO and had our numbers transferred from Sprint to T-Mobil and had our phones set up. We went home and noticed right away that we were not getting good service at our house, which they had assured us we would have good coverage there. But we tried it out for a couple days to give it a chance. I called and let them know we were having trouble with the service aspecially at our house and said they said that they would send us a range expander. So we received that a couple days later. After receiving it we set up and tried it out. And it still wasn't working at this point we called and told them we were going to have to cancel. And they replied that we would have to pay $ 400.00 per phone for canceling and we responded with we did not activated our phone till December 28th 2014 and we were still under the 30 day cancelation time frame. And they said no we activated the phones before they mailed them to us and we only had 14 days to cancel. So pretty much by the time we received the phones we had on a couple days to cancel. And they said we needed to send our phones back for us to get a refund on them. So we did and they still haven't refunded our money for the phones. Which we should have been refunded $ 1479.95 for all 5 phones. And now we have received a 10 day demand letter for the $2000.00 for cancelation. So we call and ask why we haven't received the refund for our phone we returned 2 months ago. He says well any refunds are to go towards the balance you owe. Okay, well we are still looking into things legally there because we are paying $ 2000.00 for 5 phones that we used for only a week and a half at most 2 weeks. That's just crazy! But all that aside if you are applying our refund to balance to the $ 2000.00 we owe then why are we getting a 10 day Demand letter for $ 2000.00? It should be for $520.05. Well at that point he begins to get very rude and says that we are not getting the full refund on the phones.... He's not sure what they will be able to refund us.... Is this a joke are you kidding me? We were told we would be refunded for the phones if we didn't keep the service. How do they get away with this kind of business? After that the guy was very rude and wasn't helpful at all so I hung up. I called back and right away the same guy answers and will not let me talk to some one else. These people cannot get away with this. They need to be stopped. If you go thru there history we are not the only ones here. There are more. That should say something.

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