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Country United States
State California
City El Segundo
Address 222 N. Sepulveda Blvd Suite 1800
Phone (855) 973-3982

Velocify Reviews

  • May 3, 2018

I signed with them in 2016, I was not told it was a year to year contract nor would I suspect anyone to have a year to year contract on a CRM, I did look through the long contract as much as anyone would these long contracts that you have to deal with for everything from cell phone to cable,

The CRM Worked well for a while I have my email provider intergraded and all my leads were going into the system well Until this last AEP (After they were bought out by EllieMAY)

Then This AEP I started having problems because sometimes a prospect with hit the # before Apartment number(this was never a problem before) but all of a sudden when a prospect hit # then most of the Info did not pass through, I spent 2 weeks going back and forth with Velocify and my lead provider but this could not be fixed and this is a major issue but I continued to work with them

Then My email provider was having issues so I changed email providers but Then Velocify tells me they no longer integrate with email providers and I have to use their email system, I tried to work with them but I could never get the emails to look right

At this point, I had to get a new CRM and I called to cancel, They put me through hoops till the got me to an account manager who I had to wait to call me back when she did she tells me I am in a year to year contract, I explained the issues I was having she said no problem just send a cancel email and she would take care of it, However, the next payment did come out a few weeks later

I emailed her and she emails me my contract.I sent her email Reexplaining everything saying what happened no response

The next payment was taken out the following month, I called and called and called to speak with a higher manager, finally, I snapped after not getting callbacks and got a number to another manager

This new manager sympathized with me and said I will have a meeting with the others and call back within an hour

She calls me back and said sorry but you have a contract till sept and we cannot do anything, I explained I am not getting the services I previously had and she said but you have a contract and we stand by our contracts, I explained I Am not getting the services what about that she said sorry. They will continue to charge me through sept even though I cannot use the service it has become useless with the changes they made

I had thought about canceling my CC but the 1st manager told me they will take me to collections over this matter

But i don't understand if they can no longer provide the service why am I responsible to continue to pay?

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