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UVA Eye Clinic Northridge

Country United States
State Virginia
City Charlottesville
Address 2955 Ivy Rd 250 West
Phone 1 434-924-5485

UVA Eye Clinic Northridge Reviews

  • May 23, 2023

I was referred to this doctor for eye pain by an opthalmologist. She claims to be a neurological opthalmologist but in my opinion she is a fraud.

I walked into the clinic and was first seen by her assistant technician who kept asking me why I was referred to her instead of looking at the UVA Chart notes. The foolish technician wanted to dilate my eyes and I refused because there was no reason to do so. I informed her that I wished to speak to the doctor directly. She asked me to wait in the patient waiting room until the doctor was ready to see me. I was kept waiting for 2 hours and then escorted to an examination room where I was told there were still 3 patients ahead of me. I was furious because I was there first and my appointment was at 9:30am. As I had the door open I saw Dr. Vilar walking out and informed her that I was waiting a very long time. She agreed to see me right away. After looking at the notes, she informed me that I am suffering from dry eye which is a lie because I have been on Sodium Chloride hyertonicty and Hycosan ointment for the past two months. Moreover, the dry test conducted by her assistant showed that I did not have dry eye (reading was 14 I think). She asked me about the pain and I informed her that when it gets very bad I take oxycodone because nothing else helps. She immediately went on the attack, opening her eyes and raising her voice that she does not prescribe oxycodone. I responded that I was not asking her to prescribe oxycodone because I can ask my personal physician who has helped me in the past. I also explained to her that I generally avoid taking oxycodone unless the pain is severe.

She then wrote under her Assessment on MyChartuva:

Patient requested Oxycodone for pain. Not indicated for this condition.

I was infuriateted because I did not ask her to prescribe anything. I also informed her that her suggested treatment, that is,

Start artificial tears (AT)'s q 2 h and gel qhs OU

Continue with Xalatan

was tried and did not work.

In fact, what was even more puzzling was that unless I asked her to check my eyes, she would have done absolutely nothing.

The clinic is a joke. In fact, the only professional employee was the front desk clerk. I asked Dr. Vilar to remove that comment and she responded that was her understanding which is not surprising because she is a poor listener and kept on interrupting me as I was explaining to her what my procedure was in dealing with the eye pain.

In fact, I am not sure where Dr. Vilar graduated because she has a slight accent.

Avoid this medical facility like the plague!

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