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Utah Tree and Landscaping

Country United States
State Utah
City Taylorsville
Address 2651 W Castle Oaks Cir
Phone (801) 300-5366

Utah Tree and Landscaping Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2016

Called Utah Tree And Landscape to fix a leaking sprinkler. They sent 2 guys out and they fixed the sprinkler, but they ripped up my bush where the mechanics for the sprinkler system was and ripped out another sprinkler and bent the other one They left it all dug up and never put the bush back or the dirt and rocks. I called the owner , Carey, and he said his men would never do such work. Even with the video proof he still did not believe me. He finally agreed to have them come replant the bush and fix the sprinklers . They came and replanted the bush, fixed one sprinkler, but told me the line was broken on the other so they blocked it and covered with dirt. Now, a few weeks later, water was bubbling up through the dirt. I called him, he sent the same two men, they were here 10 minutes. They fixed the line and put a new sprinkler on. I asked him why he didn't do it the first time and he had no answer. That sprinkler was never broken. Now on top of the rip off charge of $150.00 he charged the fist time, he wants another $65.00. He said his guys told him they never went near that sprinkler the first trip out! Even with the video evidence this guy still chooses to believe his dishonest workers, he never came to investigate himself, Run, don't walk away from this company!!!

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