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US Support LLC

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8670 W Cheyenne Ave
Phone 702-475-5245

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  • Jan 16, 2016

This site publishes mugshots when people are arrested. After being falsly accused, found not guilty and had my record expunged, this company refuses to remove or update my information on their site unless I pay a fee to them. This is a direct violation of Texas Senate Bill 1289 (passed 6/14/2013).

I sent a copy of my order of expunction to the company as well as a information on Texas Senate Bill 1289 listed below whic states:

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  • Mar 26, 2018

A Google search of my name + mugshot brings up mugshots from an arrest that I have since had the charges dropped. On the mugshot website there is a link to remove the mughsot that leads to and License Keys are available for $199 This is extortion and illegal.

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  • Jul 4, 2017

Lil dick sucker hick form oh ho state

Ya I know JW. Wint 2 school weet em. He aint about that life you know. Typical closet faggot, brushes hees teeth wit a cock. You know da type. Wayle, fuck eem

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  • Sep 18, 2017

sean gugerty - convicted meth dealer

FYI: Sean Gugerty, from Tucson, AZ, a convicted meth dealer found his arrest information and has been crying on the internet since.


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  • Aug 13, 2016

This person is a criminal! Comparing pot cultivator to a child molester

Thats real bold statement to make what I just said. And why on earth would anyone on earth believe that without proof? Because that is a bold statement! I'm not going to lie to you, I've been to prison, and it sucks. I sold Crystal Meth to a cop, like an idiot! That place is hell on earth, and it changes you forever! When you get out you think at first life is going to continue like it did before. No sir! Yer ruined. No guns, no voting, It is real slim pickings for a job if you want something more than minimum wage. My name is Sean Gugerty. Despite the challenges life brings from my mistakes, I still have hopes and aspirations to make it in this world with a fresh start. You have any questions about my statement you call me, (520) 278-1372. Whoever this man is that slanders people on this site hes a coward, and hides his face, his real address, everything! This is one of his domains where he is hosting a game that will in many cases compare a DUI offender to a Child molester, a murderer, and rapist. That is disgusting! There is such an extreme difference between drug offense and sexual assault or murder! This teacher "Mary L. Messer" is an example Pic from his Site's game:

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  • Sep 10, 2016

RE: Sean Gugerty @SeanGugerty

Selling meth is disgusting. Posting public record on the internet is not.

People who break the law tend to get agitated when they're held accountable in public.

Long live US Support LLC

Point out the meth heads, thieves, rapists, etc.

Thank you US Support LLC for being so awesome!

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  • Aug 11, 2020

Jason Watson have fun in jail !

Can’t wait for Jason Watson to go to jail for extortion, harassment, blackmail, and identity theft. Handed him over to every attorney general and the FBI :)

Him and his business is unethical and illegal. How does he sleep at night knowing he ruined many lives. Those whose charges were dropped, not guilty, falsely arrested, etc??? Karma will finally get him.

  • Aug 10, 2020

Jason Watson who is the founder of US Support LLC . Posts arrest information on his website "” and also posts links of them on his Facebook page "Ohio Mugshots”. He charges people in different states to remove arrest information. He doesn’t remove people’s date of birth and those people can be prone to IDENTITY THEFT. He doesn’t allow removal of you were falsely arrested, charges were dropped, found not guilty, expunged your record, or even if you have a loved one that’s deceased. Only way he will remove it is buy purchasing a "license key” AKA extortion to remove or by having a court order with the specific link for removal.

This guy’s business is purely unethical and lets not forget illegal. In the state of Ohio it is illegal to charge money to remove arrest information. He is an extortionist and should be charged and jailed like the owners of Other websites allow free removal with a request. Why is this one such an issue? I noticed that he also harasses people who tell him that what he is doing is illegal.

He reposts people who call him out on his Ohio mugshots page. This one person Denise is being harassed and blackmailed by Jason even though her charges were dismissed. He continues to ruin lives I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Look at his FAQ under his website. He is horrible

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