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US Live Express

Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane
Phone 509-524-8418

US Live Express Reviews

  • Nov 8, 2016

Jackson Neil Us live delivery service Spokane Washington509-420-8590 I found and Yorkie on and site . Thought it was good we talked back and forth for a few days.we excited to get jessd so we went to western union wired 450 to jacksonn Neal North Carolina. 28201. Was suppose to be over the pet service . Which is us live delivery service #509-420-8590. After an hour or so we received an email stating that the puppy was on hold because of crate needed and more advance one. Plus insurance witch totaled 900. More. I called and spoke with them I told them it was his business and his responsibility to supply that the man was awful and I was worried about puppy. He said he called lady to come and get puppy cannot get in touch with lady nor business .contacted police mad report he told officer I would get a refund who knows this was awful I was devastated about a puppy that may not have ever been there .Sharon kilgore My code for the puppy wasjr25000cr

  • Jul 25, 2016

Thank you BBB for your services!! Kept me from being scammed looking for a puppy. Oh yeah "if it's too good to be true than its not"!!! Us live delivery service is a scam for free pets pay only delivery fee to Western Union Only... To a private person not a company... Beware there are different names to the company but very similar ... Ck out their website. Lesia North Jersey

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