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Universal Talent Bookings

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address 100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1753
Phone 1 818-643-1513

Universal Talent Bookings Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2024

In January 2024 I received an email from Timothy aka TIM Beal in response to a series pitch deck I sent after Universal Talent Bookings solicited my production.

It elleged that they "--work with Brand Integration companies [seven different ones} that bring money through Brand Integration for Film and Television content,live events, commercials, etc. -- These brand integration companies accept all content scripted and unscripted. If a feature minimum budget should be 1 M. If an episodic series minimum budget should be 150 K per episode. If reality minimum budget should be 75 K per episode. These companies finance seventy five percent budgets for features and one hundred percent financing for episodics or any television content. For features Action. Is one of their favorite Genres. Followed by ROM COM Sci-Fi Military action Faith Based Horror They accept all Genres. These companies do not take sn ROI % or a % of the IP. These companies Make their money by bringing financing in and adding twenty five percent on top of the money they bring in They only require screenplay and deck (Business Plan) they leave it up to the brand's on how much money they want to put in. Its up to the writer on how they integrate products into the content"

This piqued our interest and we booked a meeting to hear more. Over the course of 8 days the scam unfurled.

I still don't know which company is which but they have multiple phones each with less accountability than the last. They will want your money upfront and promise nothing. Their references are not recent and have been sued multiple times for running this same scam. They offer financing for ad sale promises but have no incentive to deliver anything.

Day 1 - Tim cold emailed me and I agreed to a meeting

Day 2- "Mark Vadik" begins to text me to set the meeting

Day 3- I'm called by a representative of UTB who hastily introduces Rolfe Auerbach who went into a pitch name-dropping projects Outkast, Sandra Bullock, and Mark Walberg to name a few but nothing from this decade.

Day 4- I received a contract from Brand-in Entertainment and a references sheet. There is no pitch pertaining to our content just a retainer request for $9k.

Day 5 - I receive more texts to schedule the follow-up. Everything is urgent but nothing is specific to our circumstances.

Day 6 - Another series of text follow-ups. I agree to a second meeting with my team

Day 7 - we have the meeting question the company and are rushed into signing the deal which we refuse

Day 8 - we pull out of the deal since we cannot square the obvious red flags. At this point everything turns and Timothy Beal aka Tim Beal aka UTG aka Universal Talent Bookings becomes very threatening both via email and on the phone.

This team at best opportunistic and at worst full of fraudsters. Tim is a joke and comes off as a second-string Bond henchman to quote our EP. Dont trust them

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