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United Nissan

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3025 E Sahara Ave
Phone 702-832-5480

United Nissan Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2017

First off I had a bad time in July with united they were very un professional which left a bad taste with them now come December the Internet manager Jose must of contacted me 20 times by phone n by texts wanteing me to buy a car I told him what happened in July of he said he's sorry to hear that but promised it be different. I kept putting it off but texts wouldn't stop on of his last texts witch I have all of them said come up we are giving gifts n I seen the commerical which states come in a test drive a car n get a tablet or buy a car n get a 50inch t.v or a Xbox or labtop nonting at all about or we will pay registerion nonthing so my daughter wanted a labtop for Xmas so I go in a being there from 3 pm til 10 pm.

so tired by the time I talk to this person go to this room waiting a45 min in between so ridiculous any way I purchased a car witch was 18000 but it gets better as I was signing papers with my eyes closed it was time to go I asked for my gift they said there paying my registration so I go home wait for that commerical to come on n it did I watched it over n over again nothing said nonthing in the little fine print saying one of the gifts is paying ur registerion n in the mean time I look over the papers the car is now 26,000 my jaw dropped to the floor so I go back the next day n said ur commerical does not say one of the gifts is paying the registration he just that's the way it is then said how did the price go from 18 to 26 he had the balls to say he couldn't give me that because I didn't have a military discount n my credit wasn't high enough.

I said what the hell r u talking about so hear I am with a 26,000 car witch the sticker was 18 no labtop for my daughter I was so pissed am ready to throw the keys at them n they could shove them n they don't want to hear it they got me in by false advertising I want one of them gifts n we all no they don't pay the registration they added that to the price they lie n people be aware they will lie right to your face n now can't believe the commercial so I hope this gets to someone high up in the company that will help me out thank u

  • Apr 20, 2017

So I made an agreement paid them. They took forever asking what was needed for this deal to go right for the loan company. I called them almost every day in the last week. Point of sale happen. Everything was fine but for them to avoid a fee from DMV they decided they wanted the car back even when I made a payment and the point of sale was done with the loan offices. Can you say illegal? Now I have to miss my friend's funeral to go to lawyer and get them to surrender the title that after everything does no longer belong to them

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