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United Mediation Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 5068 W. Plano Pkwy Suite 300
Phone (972) 447-8332

United Mediation Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2019

On aug 2 2019 I was called by a woman named Katy at United Mediation Services about an auto reossesion. I HAD turned back a car in 2009 in Tampa FL.

This company claimed the car was auction and a debt remained of over $1900 I was to be served a summons in court or something unless I payed 1) eithe $590 or 30% of what they climed was owed. Or 2) 161 A MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS. iF i DIDNT TAKE ACTION NOW IN AROUND 30 DAYS i WOULD HERE back from the court etc.

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