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United Finance

Country United States
State Nevada
City Reno
Address 1609 Vassar St
Phone 775-329-1922

United Finance Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2016

We got financed (at 29% interest, by the way) for a car in July. They agreed that our first payment would be due on August 29th and from the very beginning we told them that the first payment would be sent to them on September 1st. They do not have a feature to pay online and we were told that we had a 9-day grace period to get the payment in. They started calling and harassing us before the first payment was even due (as in before August 29th). Now, here it is on September 3rd (4 days into the 9-day grace period) and we just had to talk to somebody from a... and let me be very clear about this... third paty collection agency, taking pictures to make sure that it was the right car before they REPO IT and it hasn't even gone past the grace period! Now, we have a letter that the collection person gave us telling us that a collection fee has been assessed to our account. Sorry United Finance, I have no intention of paying that B.S. fee. You can eat that one... Are you f-ing kidding me? Predatory collection practices come to mins, as does harassment. Makes me wonder how many laws they just violated. Go ahead and try to retalliate United Fiannce, I am not afraid of you.

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