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United Consulting Services

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Fort Mill
Address 377 Carowinds Blvd
Phone 1-800-351-2552

United Consulting Services Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2021

Do not have any contact with this fraudulent organization!

Any negative review on scamion or pissed consumer or any other consumer website is an understatement.

This business or organization is simply a front or fa├žade for a bizarre, disorganized, thieving mafia of calculated theft.

Whether car dealer or salesperson, do not pay any penny to any contact from or for the seminar for car sales' training! the training here is superficial At best), requires payment in advance, and provides no substance of insight and even less support for success in car sales.

Both facebook and linkedin have nearly identical dreary displays for this pseudo-business.

The management or owners change with the seasons. Presently there are several puppets promoting the cesspool of public deception: david reed, melissa baxley, logan bentley, michael woodhouse. Are these profiles even genuine?

Why does company website not provide a physical address for company?

How is it that the bbb has not taken action here?

Why has the us attorney general not caught on to this phony business?

One front man for this deceptive gang of thieves is a sales' trainer, named don lloyd wolf.

Don wolf - sales trainer - w.W.C.S. | linkedin

District sales manager at the ross companies

In presentations, wolf talks the slick talk of a groomed fraud but does not deliver the promised educational material. In most cases. He directs applicants to sales' positions for non-existing jobs, then disappears with the tuition and never responds to phone calls or emails.

Do not have any contact with this man or his training programs.

Don l. Wolf also does business from an office in wever, iowa:

3084 old quarry road

Wever, ia 52658

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