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United Airlines, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 233 S. Wacker Drive
Phone (872) 825-8610

United Airlines, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 22, 2020

The reason I am writing this message is that I bought a plane ticket to visit the United States and the flight was canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic. Even though this is not my fault, I still haven't got my money back from the Company.

The plane ticket that I bought was scheduled for the 23rd of May 2020. I talked to the United Airlines customer service/refund department on May 22, 2020. I was told to wait 30 days for a refund.

I waited more than 30 days but unfortunately, nothing reached to my bank account. Afterwards, they told me that this payment will be made within 45 days because this is an international transaction and United’s local office needs to make the payment in Turkish currency.

It's now been over 120 days and I still haven't received anything. Every time I call or e-mail, they apologized and tell me to be patient. Worst of all, they can no longer give me any timeline for this payment to be completed. This becoming so annoying and it’s not fair at all.

When you think about it, it has been over 5 months since May, and I think this does not suit a big company like United. As a customer, United Airlines made me very aggrieved. Since I followed all the necessary procedures, and the flight was canceled due to the pandemic, I don’t think nothing is my fault in this process.

  • Sep 8, 2020

Thanks United, all I have done is be a loyal customer for over 10 years with almost all of my business and personal travel. They offered me an upgrade, i paid for it, recieved confirmation and then they decided not to honor it. In fact, they tried to triple the price. Tammy Duarte, supervisor was rude to me and said that she/they are unable to honor what they sold to me becuase she cannot manipulate pricing. That is comical becuase this is exactly what they did to me. I think it is time i give American Airlines or Southwest a chance to earn my business.

  • Jul 1, 2020

We received a letter in the mail about loan modification / restructuring of our home mortgage. We called Tom Abraham at United Help Center. He claimed that we were approved for home loan restructuring and would lock us into a 2% mortgage rate.

He sent an email to us to docu-sign so that our application could go to their underwriters. We refused to sign the document when we saw a $1,850 fee listed as a "retainer". We told Tom this was a red flag (we knew advance fees are illegal per the FTC).

We asked if we could pay the fee AFTER we had accepted terms of the loan restructuring through our lender. But Tom said the money was needed in order to proceed with the application process, described the $1,850 advance fee as analogous to an appraisal fee. Also, we were told that only 30% of customers were approved for this load restructuring program, This sounded fishy to us and we told Tom we didn't want to proceed further.

We called the FTC and provided this very description and they agreed that this sounds like an illegal practice. Made a formal complaint with the FTC against United Help Center.

United Help Center

552 E. Carson St. Suite #185

Carson, CA 90745

(800) 916-2230

(424) 295-8083

  • Apr 14, 2020

I have received a text message from United Airlines saying that one of my connection flights (nationally) have been canceled, that flight connected me to my international flight. They apologized in the message and said that I could rebook the flight by clicking a link (which took me to nowhere). The situation caused me to be incredibly stressed and started shaking.

Thankfully I am a frequent flyer (flight every 2 months) and I have experience with dealing with flight issues and what options I have. So the first thing I did was to check my reservation, which showed me that yes, the flight ORLANDO-HOUSTON had been canceled, HOWEVER, they still had me going to Houston through an extra stop in Washington. This alteration was not communicated anywhere (not a message, nor an email), and had I not been experienced with flights, I would have had a true mental breakdown.

I did not appreciate the poor communication from United Airlines, and the stress that they caused me unnecessarily. I am still shaking, and still feeling the consequences, even though I know now, that my flight to my final destination is still going to happen.

  • Apr 11, 2020

I went to Newark Airport to drop my elderly mother for a flight to Florida. I had to park my car as her english is also limited. I did not know where the gate was for TSA and I asked an United employee (Yves Fabrice Jean Marie) for some help and direction. He asked me if I will tip him and give him money for the answer. I was stunned and asked him why do I need to tip you.?

He stated if you want the answer this is what you will do, I refused and he said I was a cheap person and leave him alone. He has two kids to feed. I have never in my life been asked for money from an employee at an airport and or someone demand it from me. I will be filing a complaint with bbb and consumer affairs, on this employee and his actions. He is black and chubby(over weight) with big clothes that are baggy(dark blue color) and a big yellow vest on top with a united dark blue hat. This is not acceptable to be done to customers and i wonder how many other victimes fell upon the hands of Yves Fabrice Jean Marie

  • Feb 13, 2020

Our son has cerebral palsy, he needs a wheelchair to get around. United Airlines had changed their return itinerary without allowing extra time for my son & my husband to make their connection.

My husband & son traveled to Wyoming in May if 2018, our son suffered an accident at the airport.

Elaine Clark from United Airlines claims analyst, risk management called me. During that conversation she told me that United Airlines fell bad for what we were going through, they wanted to help to offset the financial burden we would suffered by what our insurance wouldn't cover. Elaine told me that United Airlines wanted to reimburse us what we would get stuck paying out of pocket.

I wholeheartedly believed what she said. She even told me to send her receipts of the medical bills we were getting from our son's medical treatments. I emailed her some, she replied I received them thank you. Later on she told me that Misty Barron would be handling my son's injury claim. Misty sent me an email on Nov. 9, 2018 to introduce herself. She emailed me again on Feb. 1, 2019, she said she would like to set up a time for us to discuss my son's personal injury claim with United. She asked me to let her know what would be a good time for us to talk. I replied that I was available anytime.

It's Feb. 13, 2020, and I'm still waiting for Misty or someone from United Airlines to uphold their promise to help us. I'd told Elaine & Misty that our son was going to need invisalign to fix his teeth & bite. I'd told Elaine that the orthodontist office was offering a discount of $456.00 - [otherwise it would end up costing $5,700.00 instead of $5,244.00] - if we paid cash for the entire treatment.

We ended using our savings to have our son's teeth treatment because we trusted what Elaine told me.

We've been patient & understanding, but now we're frustrated because United Airlines has not only deceived us, they've played with our emotions, we trusted them, we never thought they would do us wrong, we were wrong.

It's cruel for them to make us believe they were going to cover our son's medical bills that our insurance didn't cover for, they tricked us into believing they would so we wouldn't file a complaint with the appreciate organizations, they made sure to let the time run out so we wouldn't be able to file any complaints, I'd assured Elaine that we're not going to suit them, that we're not like that, I also told her that we appreciate United Airlines offer to pay for the medical bills.

All we want is for United Airlines to uphold their deal made to us. We're still waiting for them to do the right thing.

  • Jan 3, 2020

United Airlines is extorting families for money just to be able to sit together on their flights. When I purchased tickets for an intl flight, I chose basic economy because the price for the upgrade on 3 seats was over $1300 more than the already expensive tickets. The basic economy said it doesn't include checked baggage and you can't choose your seats. I knew that I would be checking baggage, but I also knew that checking baggage doesn't cost anywhere near $1300, so I didn't choose that option. Then, when I check in the day before the flight, I realized that not choosing your seats, also meant that they won't sit you with your family. I don't care where I sit, but I do want to sit with my family. Our daughter is handicapped and a minor, so I was shocked when they thought it would be OK for a minor to not sit with her parents on a flight. Luckily, they did change the seats so that one of us could sit with her, but not both. Not only is United's seating policy unclear, it is completely ridiculous to think that families and loved ones flying together have to pay such ridiculously high fees just to sit together.

  • Jul 11, 2019

I tried booking a flight through United's website having been recommended to their offer which was, if booked and paid for using their United Explorer Mileage Plus Visa card I would receive a statement credit of $250. With this in mind I applied for, and received said card. After receiving it I went onto the United website where I selected a flight and then came to the payment section where I filled out the details from my new card. As I did not see any reference to the statement credit, although there were a couple of boxes requesting any promotion codes, I wondered if I should fill those out, so I called United before hitting submit. The CS rep explained that the $250 statement credit did not need a promotion code as the credit would automatically be applied to the next statement following an initial purchase. I asked if they could confirm that in writing and they transferred me to another department, which was Chase Visa I believe. The Rep again confirmed that a statement credit would be issued on the first statement and again I asked for written confirmation and was told that they would have to transfer me to a supervisor for that. Supervisor came on the line and told me that the statement credit would not apply to the particular card I had. I drew his attention to the online webpage ads and to the fact that the card as issued looked identical to that shown and that was what I had applied for, but he still refused to honor the offer. Following this I have no confidence in either United or their Chase partners as far as I am concerned this is fraudulent advertising.

  • May 13, 2018

United Airlines has quietly and somewhat sweakily changed their airline loyality program to millage credit based on amount spent on your ticket and not on actual millage of your flight. This is a big change and basically guts the United Airlines Milleage Plus program. As a life time user of United Airlines, I personally feel quite ripped off by United Airlines and will no longer fly United Airlines with the inticipation of receiving air mile credit based on distance flown. The company has developed a complicated millage credit based on multiplying actual dollars spent by 5. So complicated, even the employees don't totally grasp the concept. The company is ripping off its unaware customers by a screwy and rather opague rewards program. Air travelers beware and be informed.

  • Jan 5, 2018

United Airlines: Welcome to the unfriendly n*****s in the sky. And who the f*** is JustFly? United Airlines used JustFly to engage in a bait and switch on my ticket from LAX to Newark. After several searches to get a good price and reasonable times, I’m ready to pay. When I go to pay, after they have my credit card information, a pop up comes up and it says there is a $50.00 price increase. Money gouging scum! When I confronted some a**hole in United customer service by email, his trite and unprofessional response to my claim, was that United doesn’t support JustFly. Strange, they booked the ticket, collected the money for United, and they work for free? Not. A bait and

switch by what is supposed to be a "Reputable” airline. United runs their airline like nickel and dime n*****s run a three card monte. So I was going for a one week family visit, and after these thugs got in my pocket like that, there was no way I was going to check a bag for $25.00, in either direction; and I didn’t. On the return flight economy class was treated like cattle. "Lily” was the only United Airlines personnel boarding passengers. Boarding was for 9:15PM and did not start until 9:50PM. She called first class, mileage folks and the ones. The ones are economy class in the back of the plane. She made no other call, and we boarded like a herd of cattle, there was no seating near the gate,

we were made to stand and wait to board for 45 minutes. And why were there so many standby tickets? I know why because there was a storm coming and United bought people off to sell their tickets for more money. They sent me an email and asked me how much I would be willing to accept to delay my flight: $250.00, $350.00 or $450.00: Unconscionable scum! Who regulates thieving b****** n*****s? I had a previous experience with sitting in an exit door seat. So when I was asked if I did not mind helping out by sitting in that seat, that they assigned, I said sure. I had no idea that the exit door seats on united do not recline and have less leg room, to extend your legs, than any

other economy seat. In other words these seats are not worth as much. And they know it. After I realized that the seat assignment was not going to work, because I have a back defect and cannot sit straight up for more than a half hour, I requested a seat change. Never in my life have I been treated so rudely and disrespected, by the entire staff of the plane, to the purser level. I mean they really have it down; it’s a n***** convention in the unfriendly skies. Corporate n*****s! I was literally harassed during the flight by all of them, because none of them wanted to switch someone else into that seat. Are you f***ing kidding me? I had to stand for half the flight. I was treated like total

s***. United Airlines gets you to commit to the seat, that they assign, and anyone sitting in them is a sucker. The way the sexist United Airlines representative who put me in that seat put four other men in those seats too, there was one token female. Sexist f***ing pigs! The seat is worth less. The seat should not accommodate someone with back issues, and United Airlines should ask that question to anyone sitting there. I don’t want the money or any financial consideration from United Airlines, for the unprofessional treatment. I will never fly them again, and I will never use JustFly again. Had I bitched louder before the cabinet door closed, I would have been harassed off the plane by the

entire crew. They were like a pack of wild dogs, just waiting for me to cross the line. Why? Because they had my ticket sold for three times what I paid for it. One flight attendant even had the audacity to say it. Our planed was delayed for an hour while they made additional $100,000.00 up-selling tickets. She refused to find me another seat, forced me to fly in pain, and stand for half the flight, and that n***** b**** would have been happy if I stood the whole flight. Her comment was you could have got off and been delayed three days in Newark. F*** you c***, and n***** b**** that bore you. I felt like I was on a Greyhound bus, only they had to hold on straps. Tell you what though, and

this is for the scumbag bean counters, who extract every ounce of profit, out of every inch of space on a United Airlines flight. In the event of an emergency landing and the need to use the door they wanted me to assist with, I would have shoved every first class passenger back, until every economy passenger was off the plane. I would have punched them in the face if I had to. So how safe are your first class passengers really, sleeping three feet away from me, with the wall you put up in your emergency exit seat row, that provides less legroom than all other economy seating passengers. Not very! I wanted to scream an AC/DC song "Eat the rich”. I did kick the wall several

times to keep my feet from falling asleep, in the crunched position I was forced to endure. That’s it. There is one other thing worth mentioning, for comic relief, in this context. The gay, token male flight attendant comes around, and he was holding little baggies and He said "In flight mints” and then he said mini… earplugs. No one is really listening. I was. He really wants to get them in your hands, because there is no inflight movie or music. You must pay extra for everything. The snack was a bag of pretzels and a small glass of soda. They should charge for the toilet too, why not? And while I’m at it: In the terminal you cannot pay for any other wifi internet connection, other than the United

App. F*** United airlines you control freak thieving n***** mother f***ers: Never in my life and never again. United Airlines must be run by some real n**i punks. F*** you!

  • Nov 30, 2017

I have Crohns and needed my carry on bag for medicine and comfort items for my disease. I bought something called Basic Economy which is a ripoff because you get treated like a third class citizen. They refused to allow my bag on the plane unless I paid $170 upcharge to get me out of the BE hell hole I was in with them. When I explained I had Crohns and needed what is in my bag, the gate agent responded with "Take your prozax on the plane"

I then started recording the conversation and they gave up allowing me on the plane with the bag due to all of their bad publicity, I will never fly them again.

They are a rip off, they do not allow you to check in on the same day unless its only 4 hours until the flight. Everyone top to bottom, except the captan of the plain was nasty. They are the worst.

  • Oct 23, 2017

I have never been so humiliated by a vendor to whom I'm paying money to in exchange for service.

My sordid experience pertains to a flight between BWI and CHI. on 10/22 My initial frustration was with their online checkin functionality which repeated returned a server error response. After much wasted time i proceeded to call their servcie center and was informed that my purchased ticket is ineligble for their activity and that I had to check in at thier counter for a boarding pass. Upon further inquiry the CSR informed me that any customer who claims only a personal bag will have to be physically verified. In effect United is deducing all such claimants are LIARS. I found this very offensive.

So the next morning I joined a long line at 3:15AM to check in for my 5:30 AM flight. Nearly an hour later after reaching the counter, I querried the attendant about this policy. I was immediatedly chastised that I should have read the fine print. As I asked for a civilized reasoned explanantion this male attendant got into my face and scolded me to leave immedaitely. This is grosslly unfair and unacceptable to anyone. This behavior is very reminescent of the man they literally dragged off the plane. It seems to me as though this airline has inculcated a culture of arrogance and abusiveness to their customers.

Fearing for my well being I left the arena and proceeded to TSA checkin. Needless to say, I have no intention and spending my money on a bad actor as United has proven to be time and again.

If United has any empathy for any disinfranchised customer, they need to stop assuming they are LIARS as is engendered by their policies. Also the attendant( a 6'2" nasty beast) at BWI would be fired if he was one of my employees. No self respecting human being shoild allow themselves to be subjected to such sub human behaviour. Shame on United Airlines.

  • May 17, 2017

I purchased 2 United Airline tickets from Priceline to travel from San Francisco to Atlanta. Upon arriving 2 hours early I tried to check in outside at the curbside bag check in due to the long line inside. After 35 minutes if standing in line, I am told since I purchased the ticket from Priceline, I have to go inside. So I go inside and stand in another line for an hour. Finally I get to the KiosK and the lady tells me "sorry but you won't make it in time." So she then tells me that she is putting me on a later flight that is non stop. It sounded great so I said sure. There were zero talks about additional costs. I take the flight and the next day I see another charge of 333.80 x 2 on my card. This was the exact amount I was charged by Priceline. I call United and they said there is nothing they can do. They actually told me to dispute the charge.

I disputed the charge and showed evidence of payment already made through Priceline. One month later I get a letter from my bank that says united denied the dispute and that the 333.80 x 2 was for changing the flight. Total lie! United Airlines standard flight change fee is $200. Even if I was wrong there was a charge, they should have only charged me $200. Is it a coincidence that the United Charge is exact amount of Priceline charge?

Be careful when traveling as I have had nothing but problems with United. I have lost more money with them than saved. This was the 3rd and last time I let them rip me off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIANT SCAM COMPANY!

  • Mar 16, 2017

I had to cancel an airline ticket due to the winter storm on 3/14/17. I was encouraged to see, nationally advertised, that because of extenuating circumstances, the change fees for 3/14/17 (affected cities) were going to be waived by American Airlines, United and Delta. This is a two-part trip, for business, that had to be re-booked for 3/28/17. The first leg was booked through American Airlines because United didn't have the time of departure that I needed. When I contacted American to reschedule - even though this travel didn't fall within their "eligible refund dates" because of the weather, I was greeted with courtesy and they waived the change fee anyway as a thank you for my patience and continued patronage. When I called United to re-book the second leg of the trip, from an affected city, I was told that I had to re-book and travel by Sunday, 3/19/17. I ONLY HAD 4 DAYS TO RE-BOOK AND TRAVEL FOR A BUSINESS TRIP without a fee? Not only was I charged a full $200 per ticket (2 passengers traveling), I was also charged $100 for using a travel agent?! As a business traveler, I would expect that there would be more accommodation for re-booking without a fee from an airline as large as United. Sorry to say that wasn't the case. So not only couldn't I complete my business travel because of the weather, I also lost an additional $500 in fees for something that wasn't my fault. I highly doubt the management at United would see that as a beneficial business decision. A one-way ticket for a one-hour flight from Newark, NJ to Pittsburgh, PA literally cost $745.20 with the fees added in - RIDICULOUS. I will never again fly United Airlines. I will tell every friend and relative I have not to fly United Airlines. I will warn every professional colleague with whom I interact not to fly United Airlines. I will post on every social media outlet I can find the injustice that I received from United Airlines. Shameful.

  • Sep 16, 2016

Here's the condensed version:

August 4: four of my children and myself arrive at the Pasco, WA airport to board a flight to Brazil. We will be living here for three years. We had problems with our confirmation number from the very beginning. We eventually (after a whole hour at the check in counter) got through security and to the gate. The gate agent says "Oh good. We knew you were coming." Then only 2 of the 5 boarding passes would scan. Elderick, the gate agent, calls for help from the ticket counter 4 times. No one comes. Then a groundscrew member comes in the door to see what the hold up is. She calls for help. No one comes or even responds. Elderick eventually tells us that there is nothing he can do and the flight has to leave. So, they close the door and the flight takes off without us. Seven of our extra large suitcases made it on the flight and all the way to Brasilia without us.

Our tickets were originally purchased on so we immediately contacted them. We were continually told that United Airlines entered us in the system as "no shows" which therefore cancelled the last two legs of our itinerary. All United had to do was change the erronously entered status and we would be able to rebook our flights without any problems. They would not. On Friday, August 5 Expedia told us that if we did not request a refund then, we would get nothing back. So, we got a partial refund of our tickets and had to purchase new ones.

We had to wait four days for our luggage to get back from Brasilia because they would not hold it until we got there a week later.

We had to pay over $3000 more to purchase new tickets, stay in a hotel, purchase clothes & necessities for 4 days without luggage, food, gas, etc.

United Airlines continues to deny responsibility and consideres the case closed. All correspondence can be found on our blog at www.childfamilyinkennewick.blo and the whole incident has been documented on the United facebook page from the beginning

We were at the airport in plenty of time. We checked in and got boarding passes. Our luggage made it on the flight. We got to the gate, where the agent was waiting to board us. And then we were denied boarding with no explanation. Is there another avenue to take to seek reimbursement?

  • Aug 1, 2016

First if all, on June 28,2016 United Airlines lost/misdirected 1 out of 3 of my bags! OK, that happens. But in Tampa THEIR agents unable to "track". I promptly submitted info/paperwork AND sent detailed email directly to "UnitedCustomer Service"!(as website directed) There was NO REPLY FROM THEM until almost 2 FULL WKS LATER (July 11 evening) Then, an email: They said "We committed to providing excellent customer service", but they were just now,1st time, asking me about the luggage- what did I lose,they would start to try & find it. I was in 1st Class, & this was their 1st contact/reply??! 2weeks?! I replied tactfully,but expressed dissatifaction! Then I was sent a quick automated form: Asked if I had an contact with C.Service Rep on a specific date. It was NOT THE DATE; so I clicked "no". The form then closed itself on the internet. That was the last I heard from their "SERVICE DEPT"! What LOUSY customer relations!! I am truly sorry to have been such a long-time customer of United Airlines!

  • Jul 21, 2016

I am a US citizen. I was in India March 2016. On website, without first logging into my United account, I was bookng for a round-trip Business class airfare from Bangalore to Washington DC.

Price quoted onine by the system was Indian Rupees INR 197,000 (approximately US $2897.06 at the current currency conversion rate at that time, which was 68 INR to each US$).

The system asked me to log in and purchase the ticket. I logged into my United Account to pay for it. As soon as I logged in, the system "corrected" the fare to $5540.59, which is almost double the price quoted in INR.

The reason it gave for this price discrepancey is as follows:

* We have updated the pricing and/or currency shown to match the country associated with your MileagePlus®​ account.

I did not want to pay this higher fare. So I called United Ticketing (an India number). I gave the United representative the dates of travel (same as the dates that I had given online). The agent again quoted INR 197,000. This price would be valid ONLY IF I paid with an Indian Credit Card. If I were to pay with my US Credit Card, the price would be $5540.59. When I inquired why is there a discrepency in the price United is charging its US customers vs. its international customers, the agent would not answer this, and told me to buy the ticket online!

United did not care that I have been a 1K member for 6 years in a row! They wanted to rip me off by charging US travelers almost DOUBLE what it charges its Indian (or other international customers).

If United is doing this on its travel between India and US, they most likely are doing this on other legs too.

By the way on, business class airfare for the same days for the same origination/destination cities on other airlines are about $2600. On, which is the Indian website of Expedia, even United pricing shows up as INR 197,000 (I am assuming they also want it paid on an Indian credit card).

So US Travelers are being ripped off by United. When their company is paying for it, I guess probably most people do not care as much. However when they are paying for it personally, as I was doing, I am sure most of my fellow American citizens would be upset and decide not to fly United, and instead fly a different airline as I did.

  • Jun 14, 2016

I travel to the Philippines about twice a year to see my fiance' and son. When I have to make changes I have to pay the difference in flights and $1000 penalty. When we set our flight plans and the airlines changes the flights in which we have a binding contract they don't get penalized for breaking the contract or making changes. Why is the airlines allowed to charge us n then dictate us into paying them or we loose our money an tickets.

  • May 11, 2016

I paid $1350 for a return trip ALB-EWR-BOM-GOI. But the ALB-EWR leg was cancelled due to weather. When timeccame to issue refund I was only issued $15.50 while I was told by the representative that it would be $200.

  • Dec 16, 2015

I had the pleasure of witness a level of incompetence at a level that borders on criminal. Then just to make sure I got the message about what type of airline United operates, I was literally walked away from without so much as a sir, I will be right back we need to board another plane which I would have understood. What I can not understand is what kind of organization makes it preferable to let a representative walk away without that low level of respect. So lets go back over things... this is after a night of light sleet/freezing rain and rain with temps around 32 degrees << relevant later/ Summary is below if you just need the highlights. Summary: United gave us 2 different reasons for delays to my flight, 1 crew not on time, then a plane blocking the gate, only to finally rest on

Summary: United gave us 2 different reasons for delays to my flight, 1 crew not on time, then a plane blocking the gate, only to finally rest on third choice of freezing rain that was always present before the flight time.

United, showed no compassion nor empathy for its passengers no victims today, during a time where boards were inaccurate, agents ignored language barriers and proceeded to treat victims with a "go away, get out of my face" attitude.

United, rushed us onto a flight with a single boarding announcement with regards to group boarding etc. This left many confused about where to be as another flight filled the gate we were moved to. We didnt know it was time to board until we heard the final boarding call as the second announcement United forced my family to sit on

United forced my family to sit on a HOT plane on a tarmac for 5 hours, with a wide array of justifications, none of which were not "united" as I recall. Then left us in a windy tunnel waiting for luggage that was sent to baggage claim where we could not retrieve it. United made sure to remind us that it didn't really matter that we had been on that plane longer than it would have taken to fly across the country. Again there was a here go to this cheap hotel close by and get out of my face << this was not

United made sure to remind us that it didn't really matter that we had been on that plane longer than it would have taken to fly across the country. Again there was a here go to this cheap hotel close by and get out of my face << this was not side but the sentiment was clear and after getting it from more than 3 people I got the message, im slow but I get there. multiple phone calls were dropped when we tried to call, the 800 number, no one announced a agent number etc so im sure this will be ignored.

  • Aug 24, 2015

I booked a round trip flight through United from LGA to Denver. I could not make the initial flight on 8/20/15 from LGA so called to cancel that flight only. I took another flight on 8/21/15. Without my knowledge and consent United canceled my return flight for 8/23 without a refund. I showed up at the airport and they said I did not have a ticket. I was forced to purchase a ticket through delta for $535. United is telling me I cannot get reimbursed now.

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