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Union World News

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7730 W. Sahara Ave., #110b
Phone 877-653-6744

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  • Aug 26, 2015

I received a call from a representative of Union World News. I was told that I had been referred for my life coaching services and would be one of four people in my field listed for referrals in my area. They told me this would boost my client base considering who they served, When I was directed to their page in which I signed up to have a video created at an out-of-pocket cost to me, I explained that I would not go any further until I had done more reserach on whether this would be an appropriate service for me. At this point I was transferred to a staff member who said he had been with the company for nine years. I explained how I conducted business as a career coach. In the course of the conversation he began to speak in a highly unprofessional manner and told me he was insulted by what I told him about the type of client I wored with. He told me I was unsupportive of veterans and union workers. He ended the conversation saying that, because I did not work with everyone who contacted me, the person I would not see as a client (due to their needs which I could not meet) would blow their brains out. Then he hung up on me.

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  • Sep 7, 2017

I was contacted by Mike Lee in August 2016. He explained the program to me and said there was no risk at all because I could get my money back anytime. I gave it time - a year - then ask for a refund since I hadn't received any activity at all. When I contacted them, they told me Mike Lee no longer worked there. So when they set me up with someone, she was rude and not helpful at all. She indicated that they had fulfilled their promise of informational resource and a video on Google and didn't owe me a refund. Threatened to blog against me because of it. This program evidently just puts your name on their directory and hopes someone calls you & can't explain when they don't. A refund should've never been promised & that may be why Mike Lee is no longer with the organization. They wouldn't provide me with proof that I had hits on the page, etc., which remains a mystery. I'd advise anyone to avoid this business at all costs. It's nothing you can count on and honestly a waste of advertising dollars. I never received one buyer or seller lead in an entire year.

  • Aug 12, 2017

This company has never heard the word honesty...they will tell you they are non profit and are contacting your business as a referral from a union member. Complete bs!!!! Don't believe a word they tell you..they will take your money before and don't even think twice about it....the services they offer are a complete sham... call the providers that they scammed already and they will tell you. Please do your reasearch on this company before you give them a dime.

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