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Unimark Truck Transport LLC

Country United States
State Missouri
City Joplin
Address 2900 Davis Blvd # 120
Phone 417-206-5850

Unimark Truck Transport LLC Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2016

Fraud simply defined as misrepresentation of a material fact. I am of the opinion that up until approximately 2010, Unimark knowingly and intentionally misrepresented a drivers status as an "independent" contractor. This contention is supported by a letter ruling from the IRS stating I was an employee. This same point was made by the Judge in a ruling by the NLRB. Unimark is the "expert" in the transporting industry, and is to be held to a higher standard. Despite this, they encumbered drivers with an unnecessary tax liability. This is accomplished by "double-dipping". They state fuel expenses are tax deductible for the driver. This is not true per the IRS. The fuel receipts are in Unimark's name and may only be deducted by them. Additionally, Unimark claims the fuel cost as income to the driver. Hence the "double-dip", they certainly deduct the 1099 for the driver and the fuel cost. In the event the driver deducts an expense that is not theirs it is fraud by the driver. For the sake of brevity, I am of the opinion Unimark should be investigated for this , additionally work comp fraud, unemployment insurance fraud etc. The serious concern is that Unimark did this to hundreds of individuals.

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