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Ultimate Transport 123

Country United States
State New York
City Baldwin
Address 1614 Grand Ave
Phone 1 888-885-9123

Ultimate Transport 123 Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2021

Ultimate Transport 123 might have an A Rating.... but the parent company called Auto Transport 123 is F Rated. Same people hiding under a new company name and pulling the same ripoff scams they always pull.

Notice the address for both companies. They are hiding using different address (remote employees working from home - total fraud.... these are not office locations.... this raises their BBB rating by using fake additional locations!!!).

Contact Us - Home - Auto Transport 123 › contact-us Corporate HQ 1614 Grand Ave Baldwin, NY 11510; 2755 South Federal Highway Boynton Beach, FL 33435; 4815 W Russell Road Las Vegas, NV 89118; 1309 NE 134th Here is a link to the BBB Ratings page for Auto Transport 123 (note the same address). They are currently telling lies to the BBB about how many locations and how many employees they have in order to lose their F Rating. Don't be fooled. They are playing games with their name to hide their shady tactics. CURRENT ALERTS FOR THIS BUSINESS Pattern of Complaint:

BBB files indicate a pattern of complaint concerning Auto Transport 123's sales, billing, and customer service practices. Consumers are telling BBB about various issues they have experienced while attempting to have a vehicle transported using Auto Transport 123's broker services. A number consumers allege the company's representatives use high pressure or deceptive sales tactics to get them to sign up, such as promising specific pick-up and delivery dates, assurances of no cancellation fees or no charges made to their credit cards until dispatch.

These consumers claim that what the sales person promises them during the sales pitch often turns out to be misleading and incorrect. When problems arise with the transport services, many consumers report that the response from the company's customer service staff is inadequate to address their issues. These consumers claim they have to repeatedly call the company to get updates or confirmation on a pick-up or delivery date which has been altered.

Some consumers say the lack of communication from the company results in their opting to cancel the reservation with Auto Transport 123. Many of those consumers claim they are charged $100-$250 as a cancellation fee and are unable to get a refund from the company.

  • Oct 27, 2020

Never ever trust Keith Hecht and his company Auto Transport 123 (F Rated with the Better Business Bureau) and now using a new name Ultimate Transport 123. Check the reviews for Auto Transport 123 (big time scammers).

This company will tell you they are a carrier. They are not. They will assure you the price will be what they say..... but then you will have your car held hostage for a higher amount. You will be told the car will be insured. It is impossible to start a claim with this company. You must take them to court. Total losers. Unless they kill someone with their truck, our U.S. Government will allow scum like this to continue to hurt consumers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a joke. You can not even post a negative review on their site.... so they will never investigate jackass guys like this loser Keith Hecht.

Run from these idiots. Do not take their calls. Ignore them. Super scammers.

  • Sep 7, 2020

Company promised pick-up date for up-charged price, but failed to make pick-up. Refused to remove up-charge. Wanted to charge fee for cancelling a service they failed to provide. Would recommend using nearly any other company.

Check their reviews on Yelp! and on BBB's website before you do business with them.

  • Sep 3, 2020

If you ever need a vehicle moved, don't use Ultiamte Transport 123 out of Baldwin, NY. I explained that getting the vehicle moved was a time critical issue, and on the sales side of things they're smooth. But once they took the deposit funds, it all went quiet.

No one to take a call, no one calls back, no one can tell me anything, no one seems to be home. Wasted a week of phone calls, but no one can answer any questions or give any specific information. I think I got scammed out of my deposit funds, so be careful before you choose a auto transport company.

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