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U.S. Bank

Country United States
State Florida
City Oakland Park
Address 950 East Commercial Boulevard
Phone 800-720- (2265)

U.S. Bank Reviews

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  • Oct 17, 2015

I received a gift card from my grandparents for the amount of $130 on October 13, 2015. When I went to purchase tickets online for a local amusement park it said it was declined. So I went to and tried to log on to register my card for online use... I was given an error message saying to call 1-866-952-5653. When I finally got ahold of them after waiting on hold for 15 minutes I talked to a lady who said it should have been activated when it was purchased and that it wasn't. She then told me to activate the card I would have to fax a picture of the front and back of the card to (414) 341-7600. The fax would have to have the picture of the front and back of card in addition to having hand written on the paper my first and last name,

telephone number with area code, the reciept for the card, and any time of day that I am not avilable. Upon asking to speak to a supervisor I was put into contact with "Stephany" employee number 3185 who told me that there is no other way to activate the card that I would have to fax in the information.

When I asked her where in the terms and conditions does it say that this is the necesary procedure for activation she said that it isn't in the terms and conditions but it is the necesary procedure. I don't own a fax machiene and I think it's rediculous that they have their employees creating procedure that isn't even in the terms and conditions.. Very upset by this and feel like what they are doing shouldn't be legal... I suppose I will have to take more of my time and money to activate this card...

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  • Aug 18, 2015


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  • Sep 17, 2022

On 9/14/22 I called US Bank to order a new debt card because the chip was going out. The following day I received a text from my Gym saying they couldn't get my monthly payment from my Us Bank debt card.

After work I called to see what was happening and the customer service rep I spoke to said my account was closed and a letter was sent to me explaining why. I wanted to know why the woman hung up on me. I called and spoke to another rep.

She said there was some information that was missing or needed to be updated and she gave me a phone number and said she would put me through, that dept was closed. I called a 3rd time and spoke with a 3rd rep and she said a letter was sent, 2 months ago, to verify my information and I had not replied to the letter so they closed my account and they mailed a cashier's check with the balance.

The next day I went to a branch to see what can be done. I explain this to the manager. I also explained to her no further contact was attempted by this bank. No phone calls or voicemails left from phone calls, emails, texts, or follow up letters, just my monthly statements were mailed to me.

I spoke to the rep to order my debt card the day before and there was nothing flagged or noted to tell me to verify my information or to go to the nearest branch to speak to them personally. I quested this lack of action.

The manager said on the computer she was reading they attempted to reach out multiple times about this. I repeated no contact was made and the last email I received was in Oct 2021. This drastic action is costing me time and money. Texted new card mailed while talking w manager.

  • Nov 27, 2021

US Bank notified me that they could not consider my request for credit card; I did not apply for one/no one answers ANY of they toll free numbers

  • Sep 24, 2021

I used my business card for business transactions. After 61 transactions in a Month, they charge 50 cents per transaction. Cost 35 dollars for me, by the time I discovered it. I was interested in using this debit card for all transactions to keep accounting and taxes streamlined, but will have to use Cash now. Electronic money will never take over because of the fees. Banks are creating an incentive for the Government to provide free electronic money service. They will be crying then that they have no jobs because they are abusing the system now.

  • Aug 8, 2021

Mr. Paul Jokerst team lead of SBA division of US Bank and the rest of the incompetent team involved, deliberately and maliciously out of spite created unwarranted delays with underwriting causing the closing of our asset purchase to expire creating undue duress and expense. They completely mismanaged my SBA loan application, did not do the proper due diligence, while at the same time stringing us along and wasting our time and money for nearly a year's time.

They don't know how to read audited financial statements, 0 time management skills, terrible customer service, 0 respect for customer time constraints, 0 understanding of internal policies, and most of all they are dishonorable LIARS. Never experienced such a terrible underwriting experience with any bank. They have no respect for others' time and reputation. If you are thinking of getting any type of loan through US Bank, DONT, look elsewhere!! They WILL waste your time even with a qualified application and documentation.

  • May 30, 2021

I set up a business account with US Bank and received my debit card in the mail. Then I got a letter that they closed my account and so I went to the same US Bank and presented the business check they sent me Bank canceling my account. I was told go somewhere else and order an account. they would not cash it.

I was told to call customer service What a joke. Customer Service told me they really could not make an account cash my check. They gave me to business accounts and just the same basically if I cant open another account somewhere then they keep my money. That is not posted anywhere. They are a ripped off.

  • Jan 9, 2021

It was only after october of this year that i realized that us bank had reported me to chexsystems. If you don't know who they are, beware! they are the entity that can and will ruin your credit, not get you hired for federal, state or local government jobs, or obtain a new checking/ savings account at another bank of your choosing.

This is my storyi had spent 18 months, 6 months in training and 12 months fighting in iraq and had left my financial affairs to a loved one to handle. I returned to a situation that left me having to move from my 217k home and selling practically everything i owned to catch up on bills.

Looking back i suppose i did all the right things to turn my bad situation into a better one, by calling my creditors and mailing hardship letters out to explain my situation. This had to be done, since my interest rates were held at 6% for a year and now they were raised, some by nearly 13% Mostly credit card companies). This cost me my home, belongings and some truly fond neighbors that i held dearly.

I got a loan against my vehicle to cover a business venture. This loan required that i have a checking account at this bank, to which i opened. It also required that i place enough money into the account to cover the loan payment value each month. This was done and had been done for the past 18 months.

After returning home, i had forgotten all about the checking account and was paying the loan directly to the bank, by going in and paying it over the counter as you would make a deposit or withdrawal.

Several months had passed and i was in a financial situation to pay the loan off, to which i did to a sum of $1,900.00 directly to the bank. While in the bank making the payoff amount, i asked if there were any finance charges or if there were any outstanding balances that needed to be paid along with the loan and was told no, that the checking account was closed and everything is fine.

I did not know that the checking side of the house had reported me 4 months earlier for account abuse to chexsystems, for a negative -$319.00 as a write-off, and they closed the account, until last week when i tried to open an account at a local bank and was refused due to the report on chexsystems.

After contacting customer service at us bank by phone and emails, i was bounced around from their collections department to customer service and back and forth, so on and so on. This repeated itself for 8 times.

One manager in the collections department, tenia bishop, stated that i was not listening to her, and was very rude when i tried to explain that there should not of been a negative in the account due to the fact that i never used the account, since nov '04, that the report to chexsystems was in error and they are the only ones who could have placed charges into that account. They did not even check with the loan side of the house to see if the loan was being paid.

I've since contacted a co-manager at the local branch and i am still waiting for a call.

Nothing is safe any more! your credit score, your identity, not even your future, when people forget who it is that risks their lives for you to have, the big bank or financial institution that you either partly own or work for! so the next time you make a transaction at your local bank, think about that soldier that fought for your freedoms, the freedom to have a fdic, a federal treasury, a job.


La grange, kentucky


  • Aug 6, 2020

I do not live in Pennsylvania. I live in Massachusetts... I am not and have not collected or filed for unemployment compensation in decades. I tried numerous times to call these people and was put on hold over and over again... over a half hour at the minimum with nobody ever picking up the phone.

I dont know if someone is using my social security number or has been. I do know the U.S.Bank Reliacard doesn’t give a d**n and the return address on each envelope I've received Reads as follows …. Dept of Treasury UC Disbursements, Room 400 Labor & Industry Buildin, 651 Boas Street Harrisburg, PA 17121-0750

  • Dec 30, 2019

I provide short term vacation rental studio and list my unit on Airbnb as well as When ever someone books through I have to process the credit card myself. We do not have a check in counter to meet our guests and swipe their credit card upon arrival so I ask my guests to provide their ID and credit card (only last 4 digits showing) to verify that the names match (Reservation, ID and Credit card).

I then manually key in the charge and forward our guests check in insturctions with their own personal 4 digit code to enter the rental. One of my guests stayed for 2 nights in August. 3 months later she submits a chargeback to her credit card stating she knows nothing about the charge. I was notified that I needed to submit proof that this was a valid charge to dispute the chargeback.

I submitted the rerervations details with the terms, dates, rules, etc from the site as well as a copy of her credit card and ID that she provided me. I even submitted additional correspondence that we had before and during her stay at my studio.

US Bank sided with her and therefore they took back the $390.00. Even IF there was a chance that someone stole the credit card and ID and made a reservation in that name I as a business should not be held liable for fraudulent use of a credit card card if I did my due diligence in verifying the information all matched.

US Bank should not deduct the balance from me. How can an online business survive if everyone can just charge what they want and then say they know nothing about it. There should be business protections built into the fees we pay for using the credit card processing in the first place. I could understand if I had not done due diligence in verifying the credit card, ID and name on reservation all matched.

  • Nov 18, 2019

It was approximately 10/25/19 when I spoke to a credit management company about setting some companies up through their program. The representative suggested that I contact my bank to set up a new account so that my paycheck would be safe.

I called my bank's toll free number to explore the option and was told to go into a local branch to complete this service. At the time I was working overtime on Saturdays so I made an appointment for 10/26/19 in the afternoon.

The process was started but as I did not have my ID with me (just my work one which was not valid), I was told to either come back that day or on Sunday. I was awaiting a package that needed my signature so I went back the next day in the afternoon.

A new account was set up on 10/27/19, I was given a temporary card and ordered a new card, I was told to get rid of my old debit card as the old account was now technically closed. Was just waiting for a payment to clear and then what little funds I had left would be available to transfer.

On 10/28, I changed my direct deposit information changed, then checked my bank account and saw that the funds had been moved over but still could not access anything. I called the 1-800 number and was told that a bank clerk at my branch had left a hold on my account but the banker said she could remove it since I spent the entire weekend at the bank. Everything was fine after that, or so I thought.

However, this past Friday (11/15), I checked my account to find a $464 charge that I did not authorize. I called the 1-800 number and told them that I did not authorize this amount and I had no idea how the company got my banking information because I did not give it to them.

The banker looked in to it and told me that the card which was tied to the closed account was carried over to the new account and indicated that such an error is common when branches deal with accounts. The debit account was properly closed as a result of the phone call but the $464 charge is still there and now I'm -$350 in my account.

I am quite upset and annoyed. I have had a return withdrawal because I technically do not have the funds in my account, have been assessed fees because of overdrafts, now do not have the money to get my bus fare, and basically the rest of my month has been shot down in flames because of this, shall we say "oversight".

I do not think it's too much to ask that the fees I have been assessed be reversed and the money returned. I did what I was told and why should I have questioned them? They are professionals. At least, I thought they were.

  • Aug 18, 2019

U.S. Bank bills itself as "The Most Ethical Bank in America" and has received awards for it annually and like so many financial institutions, claims to honor military- related individuals to honor them for their sacrifices. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I openend an account last April '18 and thought I finally got away from the nightmare that was Chase and B of A banks and all was well until last month, July, when they started to withhold payments made from my checking account and take them in non-chronological order. I always pay rent, bills and buy 1 week's worth of groceries in that order. Every month.

I then pay off my credit cards and purchase household supplies: soap, detergent, cleaning wipes, etc. Last month and this month of August, my first active payment was billed as a cup of coffee from my neighborhood, then the household supplies, and other miscellaneous items over the next few days causing my mobile phone service to be cut off AND late for 2 months running, late for rent, late bill payments, and late for credit card payments; the results are late payment fees across the board for 2 months now with the onslaught of multiple overdraft fees, hidden fees like maintenance fees,; account(s) service upkeep; ntsf fees; and penalty withdrawal fees.

I'm a middle-aged man on Social Security Disability and long ago in a different life it seems, I served my country and was Honorably Discharged. The bank tellers were of absolutely no help to myself and others that were in one dilemma or another so I went online and tried to solve it that way. Uncle Sam and the U.S. Army paid for my college and I was a white collar professional at one point in my life so technology is something I'm used to, unlike the sterotypes made about people of my age or older and I include any and all that are military-related to this statement of stereotypes, so none of us are exactly walking muppets!

Sadly, last month and this month, my accounts with U.S. Bank were in the negative hundreds of dollars in charges alone and to get the situation straightened out both times took A LOT of adaptiblity, luck, patience, determination, and pure hard-headedness that most civilians simply aren't experienced with and I would have rather enjoyed pulling out my own wisdom teeth with curved, needle-nosed pliers than ever go through that again next month. I've since changed all my direct deposits to my secondary banks of USAA and Navy Federal and closed and transferred all retirement accounts as well.

In looking into the data breaches of this year, of which I'm a victim of the 3 credit bureaus, I found that U.S. Bank was guilty 2-3 years ago along with most major American banks of national-level crimes and or malfeasance that they never admitted to in court but decided to pay the settlement charges laid against them. Recently, some legitimate class action webstes have begun investigations on any banks withholding payments and playing around with their customers money to make profits against the law with multiple overdraft fees, hidden fees, etc, especially multiple fees assessed against individual puchases and or payments. I thought I was alone until i read of others recently going through nearly the same thing in recent months across the country, of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. Students included.

I've since joined an investigation and have been referred to the same attorneys handling all my data breach and identity theft cases for the past 2 years. Military-related people are 2x more likely for such attacks and crimes than the rest of the civilian population and I've had nine (9) to date. I've said all I legally can and I truly hope that what I've said on print can and will help others out there that are being taken advantage of by greedy, ungrateful predators whose only protection is betting that very few will ever stand up to them and not be afraid to stand down and back off.

Sorry to disappoint them, especially U.S. Bank, but this mild-mannered individual was trained better by Uncle Sam and I'M betting they all are going to keep underestimating me up until it's time for them to sign those settlement checks.

Again, I hope my words can be of help to others struggling out there.

  • Apr 10, 2019

On March 1,2019, I was waiting outside for the bank to open, A black lady who was standing in line right behind me was running her mouth about me and threatened me trying to hit me with her cane an argument ensued A black guy who was standing behind her put his arm between me and her so that a fight won't break out.

A black man security guard told everybody to keep it down so that he can open up the bank. When the bank opened, I had a talk with the security guard about the incident and told him that the black lady started the whole incident. The guard asked me for my name and phone number and I gave it to him.

The guard told me that I'm gonna get call from U.S. Bank. That same day, I wanted to talk to the bank manager/president, He was busy. On Saturday March 2,2019, I was the first person in line waiting for the bank to open. I told the different bank customers about yesterday's incident,They felt sorry for me.

A different security guard entered the bank. When the bank opened opened, I had a talk with the bank manager about the incident and He apologized to me, I had to close my savings account down because of this incident. The corporate office called me and I told them about the incident.

They wasted my time by telling me that, There's nothing they can't do!!! The bank manager called me about the call, I told him about the call, He apologized to me on the phone. He asked me did I do my direct deposit, I told him, I have not changed my direct deposit yet. He told me, I better change it or It's gonna be in their bank and I won't get my money.

I said okay and He wished me good luck,I said Thank You. The black women bank tellers Mosinee and Cierra are rude and disrespectful too!!! Stay away from this U.S. bank and any U.S Bank in Milwaukee, because the black men and the black women customers will start arguments and pick fights with you!!!

  • Mar 12, 2019





  • Jul 14, 2018

The first time in 2008 we tried to get a harp before we got behind in Payments and it took them until 2010 when we were in foreclosure that they gave us a Hamp modification with an adjustable interest rate and added 20,000 to the mortgage. Now the interest rate went up and so did our payments and they said we got behind in the escrow. I had canceled our insurance policy and went through someone else and went right to the bank with the check and deposited into the US Bank in Elk River Minnesota. Nothing was said and we got behind in our payments and I went to get caught up and sent in a check to get caught up with the mortgage payment and they said we were $3000.00 behind in our escrow account and her it was over 6 months since I deposited that check and I do not have a copy of the check because it came from American Family. I then stopped payment on that check because I did not want to get screwed by them again and was going to let the home go back to the bank. We had been renting the home out because we no longer could afford the payment because I could not do construction and because of my back we went to FLorida during the winter.

The women who rented it did over 26,000 dollars of damage and our business policy through American Family listed everything under wear and tear even though you could clearly see in the basement there where watermarks on all the walls and the parquet floor was buckling from someone putting water on the floors and walls and the carpeting even had to be scrapped up. We should of let it go then but we borrowed money from my mother and put a lot on credit cards and have been trying to sell the home since.

The home is listed cheaper than any other home in the neighborhood and everything has been updated and we still cannot get the home sold and we cannot go any lower and I proceeded in doing another modification and after all has been done and signed and my husband who I am now seperated from filed bankruptcy but I did not. US Bank has now said we need to pay the escrow in full or the payments will be 1558.59 and that they are no longer going off the modification papers and added a second mortgage again.

I have paperwork showing that we were over in escrow and then a week later sent us that we were short. I do not have money for an attorney and my mortgage payment per modication is to be 1410.46 and of that 41.63 is to be applied to the escrow shortage over thte next 5 years to keep me current and that the interest rate will not change nor will my payment and it is now 1 mortgage.

However the new statement they sent me says my next payment due is 1558.59 and shows I have 2 mortgages.

I make about 2000.00 a month and have a 300.00 car payment and my cell phone and gas and do not have money for anything else.

If the house does not sell and I let it foreclose because I cannot make the extra 150.00 a month payment I cannot get a home for sometime. They have put in hardship now a couple times and if I would of gotten the Harp in 2008 I would not even be in this situation. I need help and do not know how to get it.

It is cheaper to buy in Florida than it would be to rent.

  • Jun 3, 2018

After 10 years of banking with them no overdraft fees or no one on my account... I go to jail someone breaks into my house gets allbmy personal information wipes out my checking for 1800.00 and saving for 22,000 uses everyone of my credit cards orders credit cards.. And the bank dosent suspect illegal im overdrawn 900.00 dollars in check systems and my house in forclosure.. They wont give me my money back

  • May 30, 2018


When I opened two U.S. Bank accounts they FAILED TO DISCLOSE that I couldn't write any checks for an unreasonably lengthy period of time (approx. 1-2 months) as they don't give you immediate access to your money! So my checks bounced and I was charged HEFTY BANK FEES. They said I should have read the fine print in the mounds of paperwork they give you when you get a new acct.

I opened a personal checking acct. for myself and a family trust account. Despite the fact I explained to the bank mgr. that the trust had a tax ID # and was not my money, the bank made me attach my SS# to the trust acct. It made me uncomfortable, as I had concerns about the trust acct. being mistakenly tied i to me as I had a costly outstanding judgment against me at the time. The bank mgr. gave me a false sense of security assuring me that THE MONEY WAS PROTECTED and my SS# would "only be seen internally by US Bank so could not be tied to me or my personal debt." Her gross misinformation cost me double the amount years later-$300,000.00. The bank mgr. retired less than a year later.

Another time I withdrew cash in $100 bills and U.S. bank gave me COUNTERFEIT BILLS! A few weeks later I went (to another branch) to pay my credit card bill and the bank CONFISCATED MY $100 BILL alleging it was counterfeit, despite the fact I informed them I had gotten the bill from THEM!

I paid most bills via bill pay online. One time I paid a property tax and DMV bill, both totaling nearly $13,000.00. U.S. Bank paid them by checks rather than direct bank transfer and LOST BOTH CHECKS IN THE MAIL! This cost me hundreds of dollars in "late fees" due to U.S. BANKS NEGLIGENCE. This incident was then followed by 2 years and multiple hours of emails, phone calls, copying/mailing documents, corresponding with both government agencies who ran me in circles regarding my request to refund my late fees. I paid the DMV 3 times on one bill and to this day have not received any refund for my multiple payments, thanks to U.S. Bank.

I received a letter dated 5/17 from U.S. Bank informing me they had increased my credit line and encouraging me to take advantage of their loans. A few days later I receive another UNSIGNED LETTER from U.S. Banks "Account Closure Department" informing me that they will be closing both accounts on 5/31. Upon receipt of that letter, that left only ONE WEEK NOTICE to deal with outstanding checks, direct deposits, and having to open a new account! They gave NO EXPLANATION WHY so I called the # on the letter but no one answers. I left a message but no one returns your call. I called both my local branch and U.S. Banks Corporate ofc. but they knew nothing about it and told me to call the # in the letter.

U.S. Bank cowardly hides behind unsigned letters and mock phone numbers and passes the buck between departments. So much for being a "valued customer" after approx. 10 years!!!

  • Apr 19, 2018

Parts were purchaced from Autozone using a gift card issued by US Bank. The parts were returned the following day (mar 31) . The credit went thru and the return reciept shows it was authorized, but to this day the credit has not appeared. Amount they stole is around $22 Account #

  • Apr 10, 2018

Do not ever bank with US Bank. I had a check sent to me, which I took a picture of with my US Mobile Banking App. I was told by email, that the check was good. I took out $200, because the banker told me I could. Turns out the check was fraudulent. My husband and I did pay the overdraft fee. Now they won't give me my online account back. Because I am a woman, they have been discriminatory towards me. They treat me like I'm worthless and won't even talk to me. A person makes 1 mistake, and US Bank makes them pay for it forever!! I have also been noticing that, at times, my bank account comes to a negative balance. They've been stealing money from me!! As soon as I am able, my husband and I are getting an account. With a new bank.

  • Mar 16, 2018

Reward for "Good Behavior". I have maintained several accounts with US bank for approximately 10 years during which I was offered a credit card from their bank. The interest rate was acceptable so I applied for and received the card. I have used the card normally for years, never over the limit, always paid more than the minimum amount due and never a refused payment. The end of last year I received a notice that they were raising the interest rate on any new purchases several percentage points. I called the bank and was told that it was handled by a different division and they couldn't help me. I visited a branch that was familiar with me, expressed my concern and requested a reason for the excessive increase. They commented that "you've had these accounts since before I was born", made some calls, and replied that no one was available to answer that question They promised to follow-up and call me with the results. The next day they did call and explained that they were told that it was due to normal procedures they follow with everyone and there's nothing they could due to change it. I visited the branch again and complained that it was a strange way to reward loyal customers by penalizing them with higher interest. They expressed they were sorry for the whole thing but there was nothing they could do. The interest rate has now been raised on any new purchases/uses and they still have not bothered to inform me as to why, or if they even care about customers who have been with them for years. As soon as I clear up some matters, I will be changing my accounts to another financial institution that understands what customer service is. That is if I can find one.

  • Jan 25, 2018

We were given a US Bank issued MasterCard gift card a couple of years ago. Doesn’t expire until 10/22, so we put it away and kind of forgot about it. We went to use it the other day, and upon registering it (which you needed to do before using it online) I found the balance to be $0! I called and was informed that every month, after 12 consecutive months of inactivity, they will deduct $2 from your balance. I told them I had just activated it that day and they told me, “Well it’s REALLY activates when the person buys it.” So there you go. Even if it doesn’t expire for years they will drain the money from your card if you don’t use it right away. Someone paid $28.95 to give us $25 and we didn’t get to spend a penny of it.

  • Jan 22, 2018

On Dec. 6th, 2014, I went to Douglas County Court seeking to protect my dad from further abuse, both financial and neglect. I was awarded emergency guardianship. I immediately went to U.S Bank branch in the Safeway store, which I was familiar with having gone there with my older brother who had POA (power of attorney) over my father since we had to put him in an assisted living in April 2010.

I wanted control over my dad's account and assets, after I found out my niece had been living free in my dad's home, making him pay for everything. My brother, her father, was allowing this.

The bank manager said I did not have proper paperwork to control his account, as my brother's name was on it. So I stayed over the weekend, went back to court, and received emergency conservator. I went back to the same U.S. Bank branch, and was told I could only access the account but unable to control it, which allowed my brother to continue using it. My brother drained the account of $17, 742.78. A month later, I was able to get a U.S. Bank manager in my state of Nebraska to get involved, whereas she immediately shut down the account and opened one in my name and my dad's name. By then, there was $7 in the account, and my dad's money market account was drained as well.

I was forced to hire an attorney, one in Colorado who advertised to be an expert in Elderly Protection. She proved to be worthless. Charged alot of money and did nothing to help my dad. I hired another attorney, to assist me in filing charges against U.S. Bank. Mainly because it appeared they allowed money laundering to occur in both my dad's accounts, and refused to shut off access from my brother., leaving my dad penniless.

We finally went to court, and the judge took the testimony of the bank manager that "he suggested I shut down the account, saying I refused to do that." Complete lie. The judge then stated "this is why he doesn't like anyone coming to court without an attorney," suggesting I didn't know how to properly execute the paperwork he had given me.

My dad died Feb. 15th, 2015. By then, my dad was penniless. I didn't even have the money for funeral expenses. so I was forced to sell dad's house in a fire sale, losing a lot of money, because me and my siblings could not make the past mortgage payments, which ironically......was to U.S. Bank.

  • Jan 3, 2018

On May 2017 I fileld a claim with US Bank Insurance Company. The reason for the claim was to get my leaky roof repaired or replaced. The Insurance company approved my loan for $8,714.00. Being said the contractor for the drywall complete their job in September 2016. The contractor for my roof work got the insurance money to purchase the materials and I have never to this day seen Mr. Mike Wiggs again.

I called and reported it the the US Bank Insurance Company, they had me to send in all kinds of documents, certified letters, etc., and I did everything they asked me to. After calling US Bank Loss Draft, I don't know how many times, I still can't get any help from them. They act like its my fault that Mr. Wiggs ran off with the insurance money for the materials. I called the loss draft department they in return told me to call the mortgage company and the mortgage company told me to call the insurance company, no results what so ever.

My thing is this I pay for my own dam insurance and I can't get no money to fix my leaking roof, it's still raining in my house, the drywall that was completed and was looking good, is getting rain spot on it again, because the roof is still leaking. I don't know why I'm paying insurance and can't get no help from the insurance company.

I hope someone can help me get my insurance money from US Bank Mortgage to get my roof replaced, that's all I want. The inside of my house in my living room looks so bad, because of the roof. If I could afford to get the roof fixed on my own, I would, but I just can't afford it.


  • Oct 7, 2017

I received a phone call from a person that told me that they were calling from the Lending Club, that I was approved for a Loan for $5000.00. I could get $8000.00 if I needed it. They would deposit $600.00 into my checking account, but I would have to send the $600.00 back. They needed my account number to verify in was going into my account. He then told me that I would have to go to Walgreens and buy 3 $200.00 gift cards. When he said that, I knew it was a scam. They did send thru 3 $200.00 checks that came back account closed and insufficient funds. The bank backed off there deposits that made me overdrawn and the bank keeped on charging me. So far they have charged me $217.00 and will keep on charging me because Iam overdrawn. I wanted to transfer from my Savings Account, but I couldn't, my account was locked. They would send me a check for the money left. I got very upset and hug up the phone.

  • Oct 4, 2017

Us bank paid taxes on my property, that was not due; then removed funds from my checking account to satisfy this mistake. The tax department at us bank also paid taxes on another property I own that has no liens against it.

The bank redirected my mortgage payments into suspense accounts/escrow accounts that did not exist and were put in place after this tax problem was created by us banks departments.

These issues began in 2014 and I still have no documentation from the bank that supports their actions. I have requested information since the problem was discovered on 3/2014. The loan document is clear, the taxes must be delinquent before the bank has an obligation to pay the county taxes.

I have never found any statements in the loan documents, that taxes would be paid on property that has no lien against it; not to mention removing funds from my accounts or mortgage payments to satisfy their disregard for the printed agreement.

The disregard for the loan document is still an issue for us bank, two months ago they decided to pay home insurance that was not due. I don’t understand how a company this size, can employ individuals or companies that are challenged.

My question to us bank has never changed;

Where is the tax bill that was delinquent?

How can payments be made from an escrow account that does not exist?

Who authorized you to remove/redirect funds from my accounts to satsify your mistakes?

Why did you pay taxes on property that has no liens, then remove funds from my accounts to satsify this mistake?

This information is documented in the loan documents; as well as us banks response mailed to me Dec.2013 concerning a previous matter. The mentioned response from us bank 12/16/2013 has been dismissed by them. The copy of this bank document, has been supplied to them several times, and is still being dismissed.

The loan agreement was violated by us bank Jan. 28 2014, the bank committed fraud by removing my funds and redirecting my payments to satsify this issue which was created by them.

  • Oct 2, 2017

I was going though a hardship (divorce,wage loss,and health issues) US Bank forclosed on my house in 2014 in which I had two mortgages with them and would'nt allow me to use a goverment program to help save my home, they forclosed on one mort and left the second mort open and it shows up on my credit report, making my score low, can enyone help me with this dilema ?

  • Sep 25, 2017

I received a letter in September 2017 stating they were not going to reissue me a new credit card back on 12 months of non-activity. I have had a relationship with US Bank for 12 years and so for 12 years and throughout that 12 years have been in good standing. So, I was surprised that I didn't get a letter until after they decided my credit card would expire on 08-2017 that they would not renew. I called and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that he asked for US Bank to send letters at least a month in advance so customers could simply take care of the non-activity issue but was often taken on unheard ears.

My credit score was 782 and when I checked I saw that US Bank looked at my credit in August prior to it expiring. So I asked the supervisor my concern was about the 12-year relationship and what that would do to my score. He proposed I write a letter to reinstate the card to give them information about my income and the sort. I did so. US Bank then hard-line my credit again. When I canned customer service again, I was told a letter had been sent to me and I asked what did it say but was told they did not have access to that information.

Once I received the letter, the claimed they were not going to reopen the account because of my debt ratio. So now it was too much debt. So, US Bank closed a 12-year relationship because of non-activity (not my debt ratio) dropping my score, the hardline my credit again and dropping my score more, and then sending me a letter saying that due to my debt ratio and that my credit was 707 (which they are responsible for)- it is obvious to me they only thing they wanted to do was ruin my credit score that was 800.

I feel used, misused, and abused and I want everyone to know.

  • Aug 17, 2017

US Bank Loomis and nation wide are engauging in theft through overdraft fees. The system has been exposed, and recoridings have been made and submitted to fedearl authories documenting the US Bank theft system. Poor people are targeted for overdaft fees by reporting higher than actual balabnces.

  • Aug 5, 2017

If you have a Kroger 123 Rewards card throw it away ASAP. I had racked up over one thousand plus points for rewards (per Kroger site). I went to use card and it was declined. I was confused and knew I was no where near my limit. I called US Bank who handles for Kroger. Kathy, (no last name) laughingly said we froze your account because you are four days late on your monthly payment. I asked Kathy will this interfere with my rewards check due to me in August, and Kathy giggled and said “what do you think”. She enjoys her job way too much. I paid and chopped up my card. I also checked on line and found that I now only have 66 reward points. Then charged me a $27.00 late fee. Caveat emptor!

  • Jul 24, 2017

Several years ago I, a resident of the State of Nevada, opened a checking account with USBank at a branch located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At that time I was told that to avoid monthly service fees I should open a savings account as well and agree to automatic transfers of $25 per month.

When the savings account balance reached $1,000 I would receive a prepaid debit card with a value of $50 and after maintaining that balance for one year I would receive another $50 prepaid debit card.

"Save $1,000, get $50. When you save $1,000, we'll recognize your achievement with a $50 U.S. Bank Rewards Visa® Card."

One year ago I received my first prepaid debit card but I had few chances to use it since my job has kept me in Costa Rica for quite some time but this card is valid for two years according to the printed expiration date.

Recently I received my second card for $50 and during my recent trip to Las Vegas I decided to try to use these cards.

When I visited the website I discovered that the bank had deducted $5 from my first card as "administrative fees" of $2.50 per month for two months.

I guess I had been too busy with my work to read the fine print, but after talking with the manager at the bank and researching the above website I have concluded that despite the clever efforts of USBank to "comply" with the law it has actually violated the law.

The main reason for this claim is that US Bank issued to me a 1099-INT for $50 in Tax Year 2013, thus characterizing this pre-paid debit card as an instrument of payment for accrued interest and not a new contractual agreement.

Other relevant facts include:

1. The terms of the debit card were not disclosed to me prior to receiving this card.

2. The "fine print" insert seeks to establish the State of Ohio as the jurisdiction for this contract and I am a Nevada resident doing business with a bank licensed in the State of Nevada.

3. The back of the card reads "Use of this card by you will be your acceptance of the terms of the cardholder agreement and program materials." Thus the bank acknowledges that I have not previously agreed to any terms.

4. US Bank describes this card as a "Rewards Card" as though it is some type of gift but as mentioned above due to the issuance of a 1099-INT this is an instrument of payment for the bank's debt obligation to me for interest accrued.

5. Both Nevada law and Ohio law pertaining to gift cards specifically state:

6. Here's a great place to get more information about the Form 1099

NRS 598.0921 (3)a

"...The term does not include:

(2) An instrument or record, by whatever name called, that may be used to obtain goods or services from more than one person or business entity, if the expiration date is printed plainly and conspicuously on the front or back of the instrument or record."


"Division (A) of this section does not apply to any of the following gift cards:

(6) A gift card that is usable with multiple, unaffiliated sellers of goods or services;"

This clearly is not a gift card.

This is a prepaid debit card which the bank purchased for me as a means of payment of accrued interest which I had earned by lending them my money for a specified period of time.

The manager at the bank told me that she had no means my which to credit the $5 since this card was issued by the credit card division and the only way for me to discuss this matter with the credit card division is to call the number on the back of the card and to agree to a deduction of $1 from the balance of my card just for the opportunity to talk with someone.


The appropriate analogy for this case is that of the bank issuing me a check as payment for accrued interest with a stated "valid through" date and then prior to that date placing a stop payment on that check and issuing me a new check for a reduced amount and when I complain they simply point to the fine print on the unused check which states "by using this check you agree to all terms..." but of course I have not used the check and thus have not agreed to any terms.

The original contract was for me to deposit $1,000 into a savings account for a specified period of time and to receive $50 in interest in the form of a prepaid debit card and when I received the anticipated payment instrument from the bank it came with a new proposed contract for acceptance of this payment.

I have not accepted the terms of this contract and yet they proceed to enforce the terms as though this new contract actually had been engaged.

USBank has been offering this promotion for several years at least and I am sure that there are many thousands of accounts to which this type of event has occurred.

I know it's only $5 but someone has to take a stand against this type of business practice.

  • Jul 13, 2017

I received notice of 2 overdraft charges from US bank, totaling $72.00. The first check for $25.00 would have been fine, since my balance was $143.00. The second check was for $163.88 and was inadvertantly mailed 1 day too soon. The bank told me their policy is always to cash the larger checks first. That means they always insure multiple overdrafts, insead of 1. I asked them to waive the one overdraft, and they stated their policy is always to put the largest checks through first. Those of us who experience occasional overdrafts are people without extra money. Why would a bank think that they can get extra money from people with no money. The greed is obvious and the lack of desire to help customers is also obvious. I am on a fixed income and use every dollar I get to live on. They asked me why I dont have a savings account? No money is the answer. I dont know if the bakers are Christian. I am. If they are, then tey are not living their faith. Jesus helped those in need, not purposely harmed them. Where is kindness is the business of keeping my money?

  • Jul 5, 2017


  • Jun 6, 2017

I have been banking there for about two years I just added on a checking account I made a few transfers between my Account and all of a sudden 15 dollars was taking from my account I called the bank right away and the uncaring Lady on the other end of the line stated that I made too many transfers between my two accounts and this is a federal fee and got quite on the phoneme soon tired of this bank ripping people off I need to know if this is accurate

  • May 6, 2017

Purchased gift cards from Krogers in Hernando, ms on 12/24/2016 for Christmas gifts. One of the gift cards ( $500.00) had the money stolen from it before my wife could use it. I contacted Kroger, US Bank, & to trey to recover my funds. Kroger said that it was not their problem, US Bank would not return my calls, said that they would look into it. After getting the run around , I contacted my credit card company. I had charged (5) giftcards to my Bank of America credit card. They would not do anything.

  • Feb 4, 2017

In December 2016, I noticed a fraudulent charge on my unemployment Reliacard of $288. I called their customer service and was told I needed to file a form.

10 days later, I hadn't received the form, they said they sent it. I asked them to send again. I received this one and returned it immediately by mail.

I called 4 weeks later to check on status as I hadn't heard a word from them, they told me they never received the form. I asked how could I send it with a receipt and they said I couldn't.

So basically they can continue to keep $300 of my unemployment check, which I obviously badly need, and keep saying they never received the form and there is nothing I can do.

This is preying on people who can least afford to lose their money, with no recourse.

Do not ever get this card for your funds.

  • Nov 28, 2016

With life ins benefits l paid off the mortgage held by USB, on our home, in 2005. My husband died of heart issues from onset mortgage issues, at 31 yo. In 2007 USBank claims l signed a modification loan? mortgage on my paid for home. A deed was never processed thru PROBATE. I received a Release of Mortgage, 7/12/2005. US Bank never produced original documents of my legitimate signature. I was in Las Vegas NE on the date this 2007 contract was signed. An expert handwriting analyst validated the mortgage was fraudulently signed- & not by me.

  • Nov 24, 2016

I maintained a checking and savings account with US Bank for quite a while but decided to close both the checking and savings account when I realized that I could earn interest at another institution.

I called the 1-800 number with this intention. Instead, the person on the phone convinced me to just close the checking account and keep the savings account open because the savings account would have no fees associated.

Then, I got a notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago stating that my savings account had been overdrawn by $37.96 due to two separate monthly maintenance fees and a $30 closure fee for closing the account.

Additionally, they are threatening to put this on my credit report.

I am attempting to reach the department that handles this, but every time I am transferred I get disconnected.

  • Nov 4, 2016

Can't get final draw from insurance claim. Repairs completed 2 months ago. Was instructed by US Bank customer service that it was my responsibility to call each time that I sent a document. A stop is being placed on the supposed final draw check sent nearly one month ago. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, very disappointing as I expected more than just mediation. I just what to pay my contractor as this is due to him. This seems very unlawful and should be addressed.

  • Sep 3, 2016

In August 2016, I went in to this branch to inquire about opening a joint checking account for a family trust, for myself and my step-brother whose parents have recently passed away. I met with Hebe Torres and the branch manager Nashid. Per my trust administration lawyer's instructions, I brought in the required Change of Trustee Affidavit form to open the account. My meeting with these two was rather cold: I immediately got the impression that they did want to do business with me, which I strongly suspect was based on race.

When I showed them the Change of Trustee form, Hebe said that they may require the original trust document to move forward (Nashid had no clue what was going on or how to do this kind of transaction). She made a copy of the Change of Trustee and said it would be fine to email her the trust document, in order to see if we can move forward.

I emailed Hebe a PDF of the trust later that day and asked if she needed anything else. No response. I made a follow up call a few days later and left Hebe a voice mail message. No reply. The following Monday, I left a message for Nashid with a branch representative. No reply. So not only did this branch seemingly not want my business, they're now in possession of sensitive and private information.

I'm not sure if this is plain bad business, discrimination, incompetence, or all of the above. But I am appalled at the way this branch does business. I could've at least gotten a call or email response about my inquiry. I've also mailed the U.S. Bank headquarters about this incident. I advise those who want to bank with this branch to not deal with Hebe Torres and Nashid.

  • Jul 2, 2016

In April of 2016, I was notified that I would recieve a new card, as my old card expired at the end of that month.

It is now July 1, 2016, and I was just told that my card is closed,and that this service is no longer being provided.

They stated they sent out a letter in April, stating this was going to happen, but they did not. They sent me a new card, without mention of this closure. Now, I am late with my rent, by credit card payments and no food. I am on Social Security Disability, so this means a lot to me. This company needs to be investigated, and sued. This is all I have to say for right now, as I am boiling mad.

  • Apr 29, 2016

They've ruined me financially. They paid a stop payment on a check for $1,257.01. My account is negative over $500. I can't even make it to my Dialysis appointment I have tomorrow. I feel this just might kill me... Last April, of 2015. I signed up for a secured card. My Father had just passed away, and I knew I needed to have good credit to take over the loan. They messed up my application so it was denied. At the time I had over $30,000 in the bank. I took out a 2,500 Cashiers Check to fund my secured card. It took them over a year to refund my money!. No improved credit score because of them. I'm paying AT LEAST $200 MORE A MONTH THAN I SHOULD BE PAYING! they have really done a number on me.MAJORLY F'D ME OVER! I wish I could sew them for negligence, fraud, emotional distress. I feel like my life is over right now# Thanks US Bank!

  • Apr 20, 2016

I recently tried to remove PMI from my US bank mortgage account. I followed US bank's guidelines and got an appraisal on 12/10/16. The AMC, Red sky risk services, a subsidary of US Bankcorp nonetheless, hired a absolutely horrendous appraisal company, ATEX Appraisal to preform the appraisal.

The appraisal including misleading information, numerous errors, failed to select justified comparables, and lastly was preformed by two appraisers (the owner Ion Caza and his wife Angela). Angela is the only one who signed off on the report.

Noting all of the errors and selecting better comparables I submitted a dispute letter and a request for a reconsideration of value. The AMC, Red Sky Risk Services, responded with bogus claims that the comps I selected were inadequate for the very reasons I stated the comps selected by the appraisar were not sufficient. They also failed to respond to my other concerns and did not provide any information supporting their claims.

Next I submitted a rebuttle asking the AMC to respond to their responses. I got no response. In fact, it took the bank over 8 weeks to get back to Red Sky to hear any response. During this time they said that my PMI removal was passed the deadline for reconsideration. I got two different timeframes in two different letters and my account was not even closed since I had a payoff option of ~$10,000 until 4/10/16.

Faling to recieve a response after multiple emails, and phone calls, I decided that my only option to remove PMI was to submit the principal payoff. I did that on 4/8/2016. Received letter on 4/12/2016 stating my PMI is terminated. Then on 4/12 they also debit two PMI payments without notification for $313.50. Furthermore, they are declaring that I still owe PMI on my next loan statement.

  • Mar 19, 2016

The Absolute Worst Customer Experience at a Bank in My Life!!!!!!

Beware of this bank if you're looking for any kind of service or customer friendly experience. Dannie Goodwin, Business Specialist at US Bank Mesa is the most rude, pompous, and disrespectful banker I have ever dealt with.

I went in today, after making an appointment, to open up my business account. Little Ms. Dannie Goodwin had already cancelled on me once, so when I arrived and had to wait 15 minutes for her to get off the phone, I was not impressed. Anyhow, Ms. Dannie Goodwin does not present well for being a banker. She greeted me and made no apology for her previous cancellation or for her tardiness today. Though she wore a business appropriate outfit, I immediately noticed a large tattoo on her left foot that said two words in large print that I would not repeat in public. It reminded me of the saying: "You can put lipstick on a hog and call it Monique, but it is still a pig,"

Nonetheless, I handed over my paperwork to Ms. Dannie Goodwin and she immediately began to frown. She then stated that because my paperwork for the State Corporation Commission didn't have operations" and explained to them that even though I had all the correct paperwork, since it didn't have the State stamp on it she was unable to open my business account. "That's correct, isn't it?" (This is called a covering your a*s call in the banking business.) While this conversation took place right in front of me, I was unable to get Ms. Dannie Goodwin's attention to ask her to let me talk to "operations." She said goodbye to the lady on the phone and then looked at me with that annoying "I was righta stamp on it, I would not be able to open the account. She then called someone in "" look and said, "I'm sorry I won't be able to open your account."

Though I explained that I filed the paperwork on-line, and even though that was verified by her on the Corporation Commission's official web site, she seemed to take great pleasure in notifying me that she would be unable to help me (kick rocks). I asked to talk with "operations" and Ms. Dannie Goodwin simply looked me straight in the eye and said "no they won't talk with you." I then asked her to at least call them back and let them know the customer would like to talk with them. Her response was "No, I'm not going to do that!"

Ultimately, I spoke with two other management types; Adam Stroth and Lisa Stulz, neither one of them was able to explain why I could not open the account without a stamp. However, they were both in agreement that without that stamp "policy says" we can't open the account. Stroth said "We have the right to do business the way we want, and I don't need to explain."

This is one of the big banks we bailed out of trouble and still they treat their customers as interruptions in their day. Be forewarned, this is not a bank that you can count on, and they are unwilling to earn your business!!

  • Feb 4, 2016

I applied for US Bank Credit Card and they activated a card in my name as soon as I found out (within 12 hours of the card being activated) I called them and told them to close the account that I did not want it activated. Now they want to put it on my Credit Report as a closed account and it will hurt my credit. Do not in any way do business with this bank or its credit cards. I have had both and they are a nightmare to deal with and they are dishonest. They are a litle operation that can't compete with the likes of Capital One, Chase, Barclay's, Citi Bank so they rip you off instead of doing the right thing. They try to keep you in a card with ver very low crdit limit. totally not worth it especiually if your credit score is good. So if you have a good credit score 650 or above do not touch this US Bank Credit card or you will be sorry like me. Scammers is all they are. I didn't know wheter to keepo the card activated or not but after dealing with them and their bad reputationa and my experience on the phone with their dishonesty, I just closed the account and will never do business with US Bank ever again and I hope everyone heeds my warning. I told US Bank I was going to do this and they could have cared less. That says it all.

  • Jan 8, 2016

First call was from washington dc a lady said i was picked for a grant 9000$ , she then turned it over to melvin green and he stated he needed 245 $ for a regeistration fee who then turned it over to david who wanted 500$$ for a service fee and told me over a recored line there was no more money needed after this 500 was paid, then all of a sudden he says in 30 minuts u will get ur 9745 $ wired too ur account ,, 40 minuts later calls me back and says they goofed he know needs 798 $$ to western union the 10745 to me i tol them i dont have it and he stated he made a mistke but the us bank wasnt paying the bill im a reciever and i have to pay if i want the money i told him 745$ is 100% refundable but he told me it was all locked up and he cant refund it unlesss i pay more to follow per phone calls to this number 931 484 9800 john kondrach

  • Nov 17, 2015

I own a piece of property in washington state, I have had it for almost 9 years. I have never missed a payment on anything. This loan has been on a balloon "system" the entire length of the loan. It comes to maturity every 3 years. I have extended the loan 2 other times with no problem. It was so easy I never thought twice about it. I started receiving the letters telling me that my balloon payment was coming up and was due in October ( never stated the date ). One letter states do not call prior to 60 days before maturity, so I waited until September 1st and called and was told US Bank does not grant extensions on these types of loans anymore and I would have to refinance.

Well, they sent me to loss mitigation and I have been sending in page after page after page of paperwork. The file never seems to be complete because they continue to ask for more documentation. It cost me $365 to get an M1 form from my tax person because ours only had the M2 section filled out and that was not good enough for them. I have been threatened with forclosure and was told loss mitigation was my only option. I continued to make payments for Oct and Nov but Nov was sent back to me stating I did not have the full amount and they reported to the credit agencies that I am 60 days late on my payments. My credit score has dropped by 105 points so far. I try to call Deborah Smith 1-855-698-7627 ext 4183122 and she usually calls me back after 48-72 hours later.

Come to find out we never should have been sent to loss mitigation because I have not missed any payments but was told that is the only option for me. Why did they send me paperwork stating do not call prior to 60 days if they knew a refinance was going to take longer than that!!!! I have called every number I can think of at US Bank and get no where. I was told I misinterperted the letter and should have called alot sooner to refinance. No one will help, my credit is in the toilet. The kicker today was the letter I got stating I had a facially complete packet but they need 4 more items. I am at the end of my rope. I get shuffled around or no phone calls at all. I spoke to someone on friday and he said he would call me on monday and tell me what happened to my October payment they kept. I can not be the only one this is happening to.

  • Oct 19, 2015

I recently lost my job and applied for unemployment benefits, in the state of Oregon the first payment is a check and after that it is put on a debit card through US Bank called reliacard. Six or seven years ago I was on the the card and had to get a replacement card they said it would take up to ten business days, that's potentially two weeks if it falls on the wrong days. So after waiting nearly two weeks I started calling them and was given three choices:continue to wait, cancel the card and wait another ten business days, or pay $15 to assure it would arrive in three days. So I chose the third option since I had been two weeks without money. (They also did they could not wire the money, or put it on another card I had those were my only choices). Now this time I'm waiting for the initial card and they said it was mailed on the 6th on the 16th after my first experience I cancelled the card and paid the scam artist another fifteen dollars to "assure" I get the card in three days. If I get the original there is nothing I can do with it, And I do appreciate unemployment benefits since it does allow you t make enough to survive after having to wait a waiting week for some ridiculous reason which you don't get paid, having one meager check for nearly a month because of reliacard losing my card, not sending it, or maybe since they know people are counting on this card and can't afford to wait 20 days will give in and pay the $15 to get what they were entitled to in the beginning. This card is shipped for Indianapolis to Eugene, Oregon. My family lives in Chicago and I've gotten mail in two usually three business days later never once ten or more days. And seeing how this has happened two times in a row I think they are a horrible business, they should refund the money they scammed off of me since in both these cases I never got the free delivery card just the first one I paid for and I'm still waiting on the second one.

  • Sep 23, 2015

I first opened my account this summer with candice Halabi, the new accts associate, a gold business checking account, no monthly fees, she promised more then twice in the conversation, with merchant services, 5 months later i have the branch mgr, kyle fiddling with $20 acct fees in my account ! which he calls analysis fees!? wtf! he had to waive the fee two times in two months, then this arrogant jerk has the gull to tell me that he is getting tired! of waiving the fees when they pop up again! wants me to talk to merchant services, Elavon, to see if they are charging me monthly $20 on the account, i checked with jeff from elavon, and he wanted to have a comfrence call with kyle to confront him on the matter, jeff said Elavon, does not charge me monthly, and i can prove this by printing a statement, i called the yucaipa branch, and all i get from them is coverups! and lies!! they are adjusting my account from not getting a service charge ? and these morons! from the bank are saying that i had a 60-90 day free trail before they can start charging my account a merchant charge? because they claim i never activated my merchant account when i heard this load of [email protected]'vf !!! i told the clueless rep, at the yucaipa branch, why do they not have my merchant account information in thier bank records, she says i dont know ?? need to find out??? i told her i have a merchant id acct on file with Elavon, and a four digit pin, and my incompetent bank has no info on this?? and they are trying to say that their is a merchant charge on my account and these thiefs! are trying to collect on a fee that not even the merchant company Elavon is not even charging?? what a bunch of starving money hungry! poor excuse for a business the staff at the US Bank in yucaipa is, i cant believe in this day and age, people can still be so low! also please do not bank with provident bank, or alta vista credit union, these companys are true examples of what society and our economy is evolving into, true mafia style thiefs and corporate liars, who can paperschuffle you out of your hard earned money and then depending on what part of the bed they wake up that morning will cancel your account in a heartbeat! i dont even have the patience or energy to tell you all now, what these other rippoff banks, and creditunions have done to me in the past, you would'nt believe it! i still cant gus

  • Sep 7, 2015

Additional Principal Applied to Future Interest Paid in Advance

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage Customer?.....Warning!

If you have a mortgage with US Bank and pay additional principal, please check that the additional funds is applied to principal and not to future interest paid in advance.

Additional principal lowers your loan balance and pays off the loan faster. This bank is very sneaky and credits the extra money to future payments – that means that most of it goes to interest. That is outright fraud, robbery, stealing from the consumer.

If you are a victim of this scam, just like I was, send a copy of the statement to the Comptroller of the Currency for them to send auditors to investigate this bank; and if found guilty, this agency can impose a multi-million dollar fine for fraud.

Many years ago I have a similar situation with Washington Mutual. They were applying my extra principal to payments a year away and my balance did not go down….what a rip-off! I complained to the Comptroller of the Currency and contacted several senators, who in turn contacted the CEO. Someone from his office called me to apologize, and as you know, Washington Mutual went under.

  • Aug 11, 2015


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