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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8620 Las Vegas Blvd S
Phone 702-914-6027

U-Haul Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2022

UHaul will try to rip you off. Those who work for them are kept in the dark as to what is going on, you will be lied to and then ripped off by being over charged. Be very careful with them as this is a corporate policy to by keeping their service people in the dark and as such lieing to the custome, and by there false avertining will ruin your day.

It is pretty much impossible to get any help over the phone as you can't speak to the overwork staff at the various locations. When you do bring issue to there attention they will laugh and tell you to file a claim with corporate.

When after like hours of time trying to get ahold of corporate, they will lie to you knowing that most of you will just pay for how ever they ripped you off. Beware what they tell you on the phone as they will not confirm their lies in writing. Go somewhere else you will be happier if you do.

  • Jul 13, 2020

Website has specific detail of what a customer is renting.. when & where to pick up via thier dealers. But they do not have to baide by reservation confirnmation. To wit: I went to local delivery store specieid and confiomred, no truck available... truck was arbitrary said to be available in another city... 16 miles away.. went there and same result.. no truck. Said tomorrow... maybe.

They said they had no responsibilty to adhree to confomred reservations and U haul decideds where one can get waht was reserved. Another city was presented to me where reserved vechicle was located... 40 miles away... no delivery to local U haul store.. they "don't do that" area manager advised on phone... yet website asks for pickup location as in application for reserving.

I was told by U haul mgt they decide where vehicles can be picked up, not the customer. Thier business is now based upon "for every customer we lose, we get 5 new ones so why bother." Thanks U haul, for your intrepretation of free market commerce.

  • May 29, 2019

My husband and I were moving to a different state a couple weeks ago and rented a 15' moving van from them. Turn out it had a wiring problem! So when hooked up to a vehicle transport trailer the lights on the trailer wouldnt work.

We were not aware of this because we were picking the trailer up the day after WE ALREADY PACKED OUR HOME INTO THE VAN! We had to travel from one location to another trying to find a van that was available to rent. Once we did, WE HAD TO MOVE ALL OUR STUFF FROM ONE VAN TO ANOTHER! WITH NO HELP FROM THE UHAUL STAFF! Wasting 6 hour of our time, money, sweat an tears!

THEY DO NOT CHECK THEIR EQUIPTMENT AT THIS LOCATION! DO NOT GO HERE!. But if you do, bring a machanic with you to evaluate any transportation you rent before you hand over your money. SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE!

  • Apr 4, 2019

My wife went in to this location to have a towing brake controller fixed, that U-Haul (not this location) installed which didn’t work. She was there for over 3 hours and they never once apologized or told her how long it would be.

They had no idea what they were doing and stated that they didn’t know how to fix it. She then asked them to remove it and refund the money. After they were finally finished, she went to leave with the car and the power steering no longer worked.

She went back in to talk to them and they said she would have to take it to a dealer and that they were not mechanics and had no idea how to fix it. They refused to take responsibility for it or offer to pay to get it fixed. She had to walk down the street and get a rental car in order to get home.

  • Nov 18, 2018

This place BREAKS into your unit, takes everything, then tells you you can get a Free month. Uhaul on Holt here is very bad, the manager is very rude, their tell you to contact their insurance place after they take over $35,000 worth of our products. Their insurance Repwest tells you they will call you and they never do. They always lie and say you had removed it or left it unattended.

Stay away if you like your items, Uhaul is ripping us off and other people i'm sure of it.

Lets get the world involved to post these and get the truth out, since I lost all my items already.

This place BREAKS into your unit, takes everything, then tells you you can get a Free month. Uhaul on Holt here is very bad, the manager is very rude, their tell you to contact their insurance place after they take over $35,000 worth of our products. Their insurance Repwest tells you they will call you and they never do. They always lie and say you had removed it or left it unattended.

Stay away if you like your items, Uhaul is ripping us off and other people i'm sure of it.

Lets get the world involved to post these and get the truth out, since I lost all my items already.

  • May 18, 2018

My Partner of seven years wanted to get me a hitch for Christmas. I told her I only wanted a Reese Square tubing hitch. Nothing else.

My partner was misled by U-haul of North Plano stating they sold Resse hitches.. They don’t. They only sell Knock Off hitches by a generic company that makes them for Resse. Not the same.

Once they installed a generic round tube hitch, I was not happy with the sloppy and non caring wiring. I crawled up under and took photos and made them fix the wiring. I then challenged them on the install, with the safety pin forced into bumper for a 24/7 365 rub into my plastic bumper. Un professional.

The locking pin that connects to the safety pin is forced against the hitch making it impossible for me, a handicapped senior citizen, to be able to remove the d**n ball that bangs my knee every d**n day I use my truck. I want the thing removed, but U-haul, the smart idiots they are, threw away any parts they removed from my vehicle, without notice, without approval and without telling me, or handing me the parts to bring back when I was ready to remove the hitch.. It’s a game tactic for U-haul. And for this, they refuse to remove it.

They refused to reply to the Better Business Bureau and the BBB has put a negative mark on their account, ALONG WOTH OTHERS THERE ALREADY.

I just want the hitch removed and my partner given back her $400 spent on a lousy stupid hitch from U-haul, the idiots of storage and truck rentals.

  • May 1, 2018

I rented a truck to move with when I brought it back they said I had an accident and pointed out a big hole at the top of the loading door someone else used it to drive to the storage unit I assumed it was them. My roommate told me that when I got the truck and pulled up the hole was there already so there was no way any of us could’ve done it because it came here like that.

They never had me look at the truck to see if anything was wrong with it like most rental companies do. They said it’s going to be $600 but you can make payments before I knew that everyone said the truck was like that when I pulled up I had already given them $200. They completely ripped me off first they told me they couldn’t even open the door and I said I just got done opening the door we went in the back and he pretended like it was so hard I just pushed it up it went up. I believe it is a total scam it was the U-Haul company in Scottsdale Oldtown.

Do not use them stay away it’s a scam something was not right about the whole situation. They didn’t ask me did someone else drive plus I paid for extra insurance but they told me it wouldn’t cover this particular item I’m not paying anymore I will go to court on this one if they push it I believe they are all liars there. They also pulled it up on the camera he said he would but it’ll take you 20 minutes it took him five but you read really could not tell there’s so many different things you can do with the camera and the video playback I have one I have a security at my house so I know and I told him this I know they ripped me off.

  • Mar 6, 2018

1.The purpose of this post is to provide feedback for future costumers, on Uhaul’s services. It will include the location, the names of individuals, the dates and times, and the conversation that took place. Additionally, this post will seek rectify the level of inappropriate behavior by some of its staff in hope of correcting the subpar behavior.

2. On 3 March 2018, a rental was confirmed with Uhaul at 139 Castroville Rd, San Antonio, TX 78207. Before arriving in San Antonio, a phone call was made to the location of pickup, in which Naveem Butt provided instruction for pick up along with directions. Arriving from the San Antonio Airport, a second call was made to confirm the pickup and was validated and approved.

3. Upon arrival to the pickup location, it was conveyed by Naveem, that he was unable to contact me. I attempted to explain that I was flying into San Antonio and was unable to answer my phone due to the lack of reception. It was alleged by Naveem that I have given him the wrong number, and thus began threating me and my friend who was in the store. My friend attempted to calm the boorish juvenile, by explaining that I was flying in and was not able to answer my phone. The vulgar, and unaccomplished individual then attempted to throw both me and friend out of the store and conveyed “that I am the manager, I am in charge! I do not answer to U Haul! This is my store! NOW GET OUT!!!” In order to keep my rental agreement; as I was not prepared to find another rental; I attempted to correct the situation by asking Naveem to call the number provided. Upon calling me, Naveem was able to reach me and verify the number was in fact correct and I was able to continue on with the rental transaction. There was no log on my phone that indicated missed calls, texts or any voice message at the time.

4. Naveem never apologized for his irate behavior, and is a testament to level of unprofessionalism Uhaul offers to its customers on a daily basis. I am confident in saying that the matter at hand could have been handled better; regrettably, to this day customers nationwide continue to prove Uhaul and its staff as senseless and inconsiderate to the needs and feeling of it patrons.

5. I look forward to the day when Uhaul can treat it people with respect and dignity. However, asking for this would be too much. For more evidence on the feedback of other customer who have witnessed Uhaul sub standards, please see 1) 2) 3) 4) (employee feedback) 5)

  • Feb 1, 2018

After I mentioned the concern the representative wrote down the adjjustment on my paperwork, but when I dropped off the vehicle the adjustment was not noted in the system and I ended with an extra fee. This has happened before and this is the last time I use Uhaul for anything. They do not care about their customers nor their business integrity. I foresee bankruptcy very soon with this poor service. Who cares about my feelings, I am upset because they are ripping people off just charging credit cards and if you report a fraudulent charge it disrupts your credit score. Unsat.

  • Jan 25, 2018

I rented a U-Haul truck on 1/19/18 with the mile out at 112811.4 and returned it on 1/20/18 with 112819.7 usage. when i returned with the truck i receved a receipt explaining that my mileage was charged $43.17 and i would soon get a refund for $25.67 on my card that i used to rent the truck. i did not get my money back and went back to the store on Monday to speak with the person that I checked the truck out through because, he also told me that he was the manager. he told me that i couldnt get the money back during this time becuase, it was the weekend and to expect it on today 1/24/18. I told him that this is not my first time using U-Haul on a weekend and i didnt underatand the wait. i did not receive my $25.67 and dont like the fact that i have used this service and charged my card and have been ripped OFF.

  • Jan 9, 2018

I put some stuff into storage in November of 2016, but due to economic factors my account went into delinquency and I was locked out of my locker. A couple of weeks ago I went in to settle the account and discovered that $6000 in drill bits and $500 in geological samples had been stolen out of my locker. Despite assurances that they had "a great security camera system", I have yet to hear back with regard to the videotape review and feel that I am being treated with callous indifference by individuals who clearly owed me a duty of care with regard to the property I entrusted to their safekeeping. Further, upon investigating the security of the locker I discovered that it was very easy for the renter next to me to access my locker from theirs if they had an accomplice close them inside their locker from the outside.

Video available on Twitter here:

  • Nov 6, 2017

The rental van broke down on me and my phone was dead so I couldn't call any assistance. Every time i pushed the pedal my car would violently shake until I was driving down a side street and the van completely stopped moving only shaking.I was in a really unsafe spot and had a witness help me put the van in neutral to try and move it as far away from blocking the cars in the street as possible since the van wasn't moving at all anymore. I was really unsafe and a car almost hit me. I had checked the van, to see if I could fix it but there were no visible signs of anything except for the violent shaking and it completely stopping. I believe it was overheated but I'm not sure exactly why it did that as I am not a mechanic.

I had to call roadside assistance as soon as my phone turned on aka when I charged it, and when heading back to the van it was gone. I was already on hold with them for a while , I told them the issue as best as I could I was healing from a concussion at the time so stressful situations like that affect me . I told them it's their fault because the vehicle broke down and the lady on the phone told me they were going to take out the car the next day. I still had two days left already paid for that they never gave me. I find out that the van was left for four days in the impound even after the lady telling me it would only be one day before they get the van. I was very upset about them lying to me and asked to file mutiple disputes probably over 5. Sometimes they said they didn't even have record of times when I know I filed these disputes.

Finally after trying to get this resolved I spoke to a supervisor named Ray because Luis the manager of where i originally rented the vehicle at on 1600 S western was very rude and not helpful at all , and was trying to make it seem like its my fault because apparently this vehicle was so new that nothing could have possibly went wrong when i rented it ! After speaking with Ray as he tried rushing me off the phone he told me that I would only have to pay for one of the impound days and not be charged for the days or all the other impound fees beyond the one day storage which i believe was only $60.00 and that i wouldnt be charged for the days i didnt have it. However when I spoke to Luis who was demanding payment he told me that Ray have not told him that same information. I said to Lewis to get ray to call me back and I tried contacting Ray multiple times with no response. Come to find out that they still wanted me to pay for what I didn't owe and he never returned any of my calls .

I received a letter in the mail about two months later from Vengroff Williams Inc P.O. Box 34230 4155 demanding me to pay $1,129.08 for a "overtime charge" sent by Tony gray . This is disgusting to me how evil and deceiptful thsee people are and how they just lie to their customers and go behind their backs to try and make their life more difficult and stressful and benefit financially . I had perfect credit until now and it's for something I'm not even responsible for ! My bill should have came out to around 300 at the most however they wanna add these charges deceitful and expect me to pay , please help me someone.

  • Jan 20, 2017

November 29th I rented a size 10 Uhaul truck at the location below because i wanted to pick up some items at the Macy Clearance center in Long Island. I brought my friend Gary along who drove in order to help assist and therefore he being the one who registered with his drivers license. We pick the U haul truck up at 9 in the morning and we depart on our way to Long Island. Everything was fine at first, until gary pointed out while driving that the engine felt weird. I asked him what he thought was weird but he said he didnt know that maybe it was because he had never driven a U haul truck before but at that time everything else was going well so we didnt seem to have a problem. Now we get there get the items we came to get, load them into the truck and head back on our way. Getting there other then the little concern we had while we are on the highway was not the problem but coming back as we were soon to find out was. We literally drove not more then 2 blocks from our arrived destination turning into the turnpike that was next to the mobil gas station off of 3 jericho road when the horror started; the car seizes.

Initially as he started to turn into the turnpike I was wondering why it was slowing down and I even thought it was him only for him to tell me that he doesnt know what was going on. He has a 2 yr experience as a car technician so the first thing he does when this happens is check the battery to see if that was the problem which it wasnt. Checks to see if the gas tank may have been empty which it wasn't. Opens the hood the car to check to see if there were any mechanical problems that we didn't know about and he didnt happen to see anything so the conclusion we came up with was that it may have been some disruption in the fuel pump. We tried to cut the car back on SEVERAL of times only for it to make noise without the engine turning over. Frustrated as I was I called the Uhaul representative Laurey on roadside assistance to let her know of the situation. She cooperates just fine with me and immediately tries to help. After speaking to her at least 3 times she tells me she finally got in touch with a tow truck driver and that he would be ther in about 45 min to an hour ... Still frustrated I asked if anything can be done any sooner and she says thats the best that they can do. Fine I wait in the car scared only of the thought that if i wasnt in it it might roll off that turnpike hitting passengers cars on its way down unto jericho road. We wait from when the situation came about at 1143am or so right into around 1 with a few calls in between with laurey only for her to then tell us that there was a miscommunication with the driver and that it might take another hour and a half before he gets there now .... Understandably I get even more angry now because my friend has work that day and we should have returned the trucks and been home by now; still I maintain patience and say ok. the driver calls us and first of all, he doesnt even know where were at. Second, after having to tell him that we were by the mobil station next to a turnpike on jericho road he continues to ask us what other landmarks are there. Angrily we tell him Starbucks. Fine he hangs up the phone and we continue to wait on top of a turnpike. At around 230 or so we finally get a call from the driver telling us that he is here.

We meet him only for him to come to the scene and tell us that he can't go on that turnpike since it was a franchised turnpike and the only thing you can do is call another truck which will charge you $125 out of your pocket to move the Uhaul truck or push it down that turnpike or hill unto jericho rd where from there he can finally pick it up. Thinking about the fact that we didn't have any more money and we didn't want to be stranded here again until night we started pushing the car down the hill. Gary was navigating the wheel with one foot out the car and another on the pedal while i was in the front of the car pushing. We go to the guy again and said that you can hinge the back of the truck to your pickup and clear it easily within a few seconds but he refuses which makes us go back and continue to push. We get about 50 feet down seeming to make progress when the near tragic happens. We close in unto jericho rd risking our lives pushing down the hill where SUVS, cars and even construction trucks are coming up that turnpike until we hit a bump that with sheer force we were able to push it over, or as we thought, until the trucked leaned back halted and then heaved forward and then back again and in the process of this me feeling a extremely sharp pain in my arm. From there I let go only to see my best friend struggling to hold up a truck going down a turnpike in the midst of cars fighting for his life to steer the truck back into control. His left leg that was out the truck must been ruptured in the process of the truck sliding down almost all the way into jericho road because he yelped as he tried to kick the immobile breaks of a truck that was off. As I braced myself for the disaster to unfold due to the ongoing traffic at the bottom of that turnpike and my friend who was still stuck in that car miraculously he was able to get ahold of the brakes with the combination of hitting another sidewalk that was engraved into the turnpike saving not only the truck but the catastrophe that would have proceeded had the truck rolled into heavy traffic below. I immediately after the incident to check whether he was ok and he literally looked tramautized kind of like he thought that was going to be it. We for a few minutes tried to maintain composure and eventually after puting the truck into park mode and being able to move off the turnpike we called the u haul tow truck driver to hinge the uhaul truck unto his pick up truck and take us to what we thought was our house like Laurey told us only for him to tell is that wasn't his job and that he was instructed to take us to a UHAUL center in Farmingdale where they would get us another Uhaul truck that we would use to take back home. I told him about that we spoke to roadside assistance over the phone and this is what they said but he refuted that statement. Fine we sit in the pick up 20 minutes all the way to the Uhaul center.

By this time, my friend gary has to call his job to inform that he was going to come late today. The man drops us off at Uhaul unloads our truck there and then leaves. We then go into the Uhaul office and try to explain the whoel story to the guys inside only for us to here the most excrutiating news yet; that the guy lied and that his duty as a pick up truck driver is to drop us off at our destination in brooklyn and not further away from it in another town at a Uhaul center. Wow what a news I told gary. It really seemed that day couldnt get any more worse but yet theres more. I call 1800GOUHAUL on my 3473979243 number only for the representatives who picked up to give me the run around by putting me on hold, transferring for me and in the process the phone hanging up. No luck with them the Uhaul people in Farmingdale asked us for our information and he then called another pick up truck that would be there shortly only for us to wait from that 3 pm that we were dropped off till 7pm at night when we were picked up and by that time gary had already missed a whole day of wages. Not to also add to the frustrations of nobody being at home to attend to my sick mother i just regretted ever going on this trip. While grimacing on the once subtle but now sharp pain in my arm i asked him again how was he feeling only for him to tell me he d**n feels like he ripped his hamstring trying to balance the uhaul truck off of the turnpike. Wow it was already bad enough he didn't have to be there but to also here that sincerely hurt me. I tried to make everything right and did a little extra myself by going to the front desk checking to see what was taking the pickup truck so long to come only for me to then decide to take matters into my own hands go outside and see a pick up truck driver came at 7 towing our Uhaul truck. i talked to the man to then finding out his name was Joe asking why it took you guys so long. He then tells me it wasn't his fault that ANOTHER uhaul representative sent him to four different locations one being queens and another at the turnpike that mind you we already since 230 only till here. Also to amazement he also reveals that when he came a Uhaul representative went and lied and told him that we were here but that we left hours ago and that we've long been on our way back to brooklyn. My jaws dropped. Wow so because of another employee didnt properly instruct the pickup driver on the situation, after waiting 4 hours we probably would have waited another 5 probably if I did not by sheer luck come outside to check him hinging our Uhaul truck unto to his pick up. I just shook my head walked into Uhaul told my friend the situation we came back outside with me d**n near almost ripping my hair out all the way back to pick up where we jumped in and from there due to his kindness of taking us home in a nice manner took my experience from what was once tumultous to it being terrible which really did not help answer the injuries we sustained trying to balance this Uhaul off a turnpike of not only vehicles turning into that turnpike but also cars going about there daily commute down on jericho road. It took us another hour in a half but finally with the blessings of god nothing else happened and we safely got home at 8pm. From there we unloaded the equipments into the house and we took to brooklyn hospital to evaluate the extent of our injuries which we stayed another 3 hours from 10 to 1 where they registered us into the system, consulted with the nurse, and then finally saw the doctor who gave us medication to soothe the sharp pain. Me taking an antibiotic shot and my friend gary taking his own medication.

We want to be further evaluated to make sure there were no tears or extreme damages just due to the fact that as I type this now i still feel pain in my right arm and if anything has become more stiff since last night. I'm writing that due to this unforseen circumstance that we had no reason to be in my friend lost a whole day wages in work and he might lose sometime again due to the fact we will return to brooklyn hospital on the 3th of december to make sure we didn't sustain any long term injuries from this whole ordeal, we are definitely going to check into another facility after this, we couldnt eat absolutely nothing just due to loss of appetite caused by this trauma, only eating d**n near 12 hours later once we got back from farmingdale before we checked into Brooklyn Hospital, add to the fact we have no insurance and only checked into the brooklyn hospital incurring a tab that we will probably have to pay and last but not least, having to leave my ailing mother at home in the expense of the disaster that happened at this trip. This has just been a terrible terrible terrible experience that I wish nobody will have to go through again and I plan on taking this to the full extent of the law and plan on reporting this on as well. Thanks alot for giving us a old truck that put our lives in jeopardy and i hope nobody will have to go through this ever again. Since then we've gone to the doctor numerous times, met with the company representing U-Haul with slow progress in healing. To top it off I filed a BI claim with them under a guy named Jim called plenty times, left several of voice-mails and they still had the audacity to not even call me back once. Wow what an experience.

  • Dec 3, 2016








  • Aug 2, 2016

My husband put our furniture in the U-haul storage in Austin, Texas. I live in Crockett, Texas, but he lives in Austin, Texas. Although he has a fulltime job, I am on social security for disability. I have just started to try to work because I am having great hardships. In spite of all that, my husband decides to stop paying the rental fees causing me to have to do it. When I could not get UHaul to waive the outrageous $60 late fee, they programmed their phone to cut off and hang up on me every time I call. I've never experienced a copy with so little class and absolutely no kind of integrity or care for a customer. I believe they have a racial attitude towards me. Somehow I don't believe they are this evil to everyone and if they are, it just shows how doubly incompetent they are. As soon as I was forced to pay this outrageous amount, suddenly the phone was working again.

People of this nature aren't good for anything. I'm working on getting my storage out of that low class facility. You would think they would be helpful, but all they want is money. It really has a racial tone to it. I just can't believe anyone can be this mean, hateful and crazy. And when the low classed lady answered the phone, she says I'm sorry it's our policy when I know it's a bald face lie. What they are charging is outright usury and against the law. They had already charged one late fee, but they decided to double it. No one does that.

I am complaining because I want them stopped. Treating customers like less than human beings is not acceptable. They must be dealt with.

  • May 12, 2016

I rented a truck from Uhaul to move. half way through the move in the middle of the night the tire came apart. We barely got off the road. when we got out of the truck to see what happened we discovered the tire was a retread. We had to wait four hours in the freezing cold fearing we were soon going to run out of gas. Finally a roadside assistant came and changed the tire. I called Uhaul and they will do nothing stating that tires go flat all the time. My point is this is not just a flat tire but a retread tire. I understand that retread tires are legal however I feel that people should be able to make an informed decision and be told that they may or may not be taking a chance in their lives. I am surprised a company the size of Uhaul is so heartless and uncaring about a family.

  • Apr 30, 2016

After returning truck on time, I was waiting in line to hand them keys back and check out, they said the truck was late and had to keep it for 13 hours and then bring it back and pay for another full day plus additional milage and fuel. Even after I stated I didn't need the truck another day. Also they kept billing my credit card with pending charges over five days tying up my funds so that they couldn't check me out or log me out of truck. Yet when I returned the next day it took 15 mins and they had all those pending charges wrapped up slick as a whistle with no problems, but they couldn't do that the day before? WTF ????!!!! And now they say I still owe them almost $50.00 for the additional day I didn't need the truck!

  • Jan 11, 2016

So i went in about a month ago to rent a storage unit, and was told by a young man that there was none available. His attitude was about the same as someone that just wants to go back home and play his Xbox. I asked if there was a waiting list. I was informed that there was in fact a list, so I jotted down my name, phone number, and the different sizes that I was looking for, and left.

Fast forward a month, Walk in today, same young gentleman as before, and thought to myself, "awe well, I'm already here, let see if they have something". I ask about available units. Young Xbox player says they have a 10x10 climate controlled, and also a 10x10 drive up. I'm wondering what happened to my name and number from a month ago. I ask to see the 10x10 drive up, and he hands me a key. I take a look at the unit, and I think it will work out.

Back at the office, I tell "beautiful happy attitude buddy" that I will take the unit.

He asks if I have a lock, which I told him that I did. He asked if I had a "circular lock" I said no, it's just a master lock. I was then informed that I "had to have a circular lock" to which my response was, "What is the purpose of me HAVING to have a circular lock?' Mr. Game systems only response was "it's for security purposes" with no other explanation. After a banter back and forth about what the purpose of me buying their $10 lock, I finally gave in and told him to just go ahead and ring it up.

I had a one month free coupon from renting a Uhaul which I presented to Marathon Gamer, and he informed me that the price per month is $154.95. I point to the sign hanging behind the desk, and also that paper he handed me (I will try to upload a picture) I noted that the unit is advertised as being $124.95. Mr. don't sit too close to the TV (receipt says John so I will refer to him as "John") looks up and says prices have gone up.

Ok so after all this, I grab my shiny new padlock, some boxes and tape and head over to my unit not realizing I had put the original lock back on my unit. Back in the office, John takes my "access card" that has my unit number on it and hands me a key. I ask, is this facility open 24 hours as your website advertises? John answers that it is open only during business hours which are M-Sat 7-6 and Sun 8-5. So, just to be clear, there is the $10 lock I bought, ALONG with their lock on my unit, the facility is NOT open 24 hours, and I am paying $30 more a month than advertised. The website and also the papers say the facility is open 24 hours. I did not bother asking Xbox John about this policy, as I figured I would get a response along the line of "Hours change"

I believe this falls under the false advertisement clause, but as we all know, there is nothing I will do about it, because the hassle and time it takes to have this business straighten up its act, is more than it's worth. I will take my free month, not put anything in my unit, and cancel after the month and look for another storage unit.

Get some sleep John, you will feel better I promise.

  • Dec 17, 2015

The warehouse loaded 2 extra. Asked if I wanted to check them out for 10% of the MSRP. They showed me a legit sales catalog, showing the system for 2,699.00$. Told me He could let it go for 600$. I immediately said no way. He then opened the sealed taped box that also had the thick plastic security straps, pulled out one speaker pointing out the weight saying they had large magnets for superior sound. I again said sorry I can't do 600$. He asked what I can do. I offered 300$, he countered with 400$. Then him and his partner appeared to argue over that price, kinda like they would get ripped of by their boss. So I agreed and wrote a check for half and 200$ cash. This has NEVER EVER happen to me, if I wasn't so mad I would almost applaud them, they were that good. So be careful, these thieves are getting better everyday.

2 guys in white van said they installed home entertainment centers. The warehouse loaded 2 extra. Asked if I wanted to check them out. They showed me a legit sales catalog, showing the system for 2,699.00$. Then he told me He could let it go for 600$. I immediately said no way. He then opened the sealed taped box that also had the thick plastic security straps, pulled out one speaker pointing out the weight saying they had large magnets for superior sound. I again said sorry I can't do 600$. He asked what I can do. I offered 300$, he countered with 400$. Then him and his partner appeared to argue over that price, kinda like they would get ripped of by their boss. So I agreed and wrote a check for half and 200$ cash. When I got home they sounded like trash so I opened one to find it had concrete in the speaker boxes to add weight. This has NEVER EVER happen to me, if I wasn't so mad I would almost applaud them, they were that good. So be careful, these thieves are getting better everyday.

  • Oct 27, 2015

My July, 2014 rent & my August, 2014 rent were stolen from an unsecured U-Haul mailbox / drop off box twice in a row! The 2 payments of $100 each plus the $15 late fee & $60 lien fee brought the bill to almost $300. I remember putting the cash rent in clearly labeled double envelopes in the afternoon. I had had no trouble putting checks in the mailbox for many months but ran out of checks and didn't want to stand in a long lineup.

I wrongly assumed their mailbox was secure, and I trusted the staff -- I don't trust any staff anymore anywhere. U-Haul sealed my storage locker #307, and then tried to collect by contacting me many times. Beginning of August, 2014, I told manager Wayne that my rents were stolen. I admit, U-Haul sent me an email in July, 2014 saying my July rent was unpaid; however, I didn't check it till beginning of August after which it became clear my August rent had been stolen as well. The unpaid bill dragged on into 2015 only ending after they contacted my next of kin and my mother paid the bill.

Evidence in my favor is that I always had enough money in my bank account, I continued to pay rent every month, and I am willing to take a U-Haul representative to my bank down the street to prove lack of funds was never a motive to not pay rent. I agree I had no proof I had paid , but as I told the U-Haul manager & U-Haul Public Relations August 21, 2015, I think the repaid $$$ should go into a security fund to fund undercover investigations into employee and/or public theft. It is now October 27, 2 months later, and U-Haul has not agreed to my request.

The manager did phone me in response to my letter. He said anyone could have taken the $$$, but admitted the public has never been caught in his store's mailbox, but they have been at other stores. Although, the public may have stolen it, I think it was most likely the staff so I feel so humiliated having to pay twice, that only investing the repaid $$$ into investigating employee theft would give me satisfaction, something U-Haul should be doing on its own to ensure employees don't have a virtual license to steal. I am not saying U-Haul is directly responsible, but I am saying do more. Edmonton Police Service Occurrence # 15-45707, March 27, 2015 (copies given to U-Haul manager & emailed to U-Haul using website)

  • Sep 17, 2015

It was bad enough when I rolled in to town that they tried to upsell me a storage unit 3 times the size of what I needed and told me they didn't have anything smaller but less than a month in (only 2 weeks) they raise my storage rent. Not even one month in, that's how Dan Ferre at Uhaul Moving and Storage did me at the 8620 Las Blvd S in Las Vegas, NV 89123 location. That's the thanks I get as a new customer-- that must be how this company trains their employees on how to treat and keep customers! They look the other way when crackheads bother you each and every time you visit the property. The degenerates beg to help you for pay and when you tell them you can't afford to or simply "no", they get angry, call names, yell, peel through the parking lot to express their anger some more. There are cameras everywhere, so why don't they tell these thugs to shove off? It's so uncomfortable and scarey. I spent over $600 to rent my Uhaul truck and I am furious that the thanks I get, and the only email I have received was not to thank me for choosing Uhaul for my move and to thank me for renting storage from them after I got here. But to email me only to tell me the storage rent has increased. No reason, no apology, just pay more...

--Disgruntled Customer

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