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report scam


Country Australia
State Western Australia
City Perth
Address 125 St Georges Terrace
Phone 1 813-438-3159

Txflux Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2021

They enticed investment in crypto with very lucrative returns in short period of time, even when was trading sideways.

When tried to withdraw profits was a stipulation one had to deposit outside funds, to move to next level of investment returns for a payout in form of withdrawal. But, there was always a stipulation or issue to resolve first: mostly greater deposit of funds to allow level move up before could withdraw.

I suspect they were option trading of bitcoin, but only a suspicion, but at very least seems like a Ponzi type situation, or total fraudulent scam from beginning to promise but never to deliver on the withdrawal of funds from profits. I still have one pending since 5/29/21 and no results of delivery to date, although said was 2 business day transaction to execute.

A side note all I have ever done is deposit to them, never ever received any profit funds from them from my transactions. They even seized $112,000 in profit I had accrued due to some B.S. excuse was only to have one investment going at one time at a profit level. They said i violated a rule, but never saw or read or acknowledged a Policies and Procedure manual from them, in writing or online prior to my involvement.

Stay away from them, or anybody saying they use them for highly profitable returns in short time. Old saying applies: If sounds to good to be true, it is.

Also came to my attention the oversight agency in Australia for such companies as this has de-certified them apparently for nefarious operations. So I file this report to keep others from being scammed and losing capital in a time when our economy and stability of the family is put into jeopardy.

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