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Tucson Endocrinology

Country United States
State Alabama

Tucson Endocrinology Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

Arizona seems to have a third world country medical system? Where you can not cancel an appointment because you have no ride and I will not spend $125 each way for Uber because Arizona has no taxis - No buses -no transportation whatsoever and if you do not have a vehicle to get there? Good luck trying to cancel your appointment and when you call if it is on a Saturday Sunday or Monday they cannot afford an answering machine where you can leave a cancellation message.

They do not take any messages while they close up while they go on lunch? Medical system in Arizona needs to understand customer service. They don't take any phone calls while they go out to lunch? (For Real)? No other state in the United States does this, (they always have somebody in the medical office because they charge outrageous rates to see a doctor and they can afford an answering machine? while they're out to lunch? Absolutely pathetic...They do this to inconvenience the sick patients... It is all about profits not the patient's care.

They can afford to have a girl answer the phone so she can accept that you're canceling your appointment (3) days straight I'm trying to cancel my appointment and I'm tired of it. I'm a sick man and I do not need to be harassed on trying to cancel an appointment; especially after going to my first appointment where they let me leave while I was in hyperglycemic shock and I could not find the front door and not knowing I went out the back door which they guided me out the front door where I sat in my vehicle for 40 minutes while I tested my blood sugar and ate a candy bar because these medical professionals did not realize a patient left in diabetic shock? You are better off being in the jungles of Africa to get better medical service than in Arizona.

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