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Trustpilot, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 245 5th Avenue, 4th fFloor

Trustpilot, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2022

Trust pilot is a website that makes itself appear to run and follow the same ruleset as scamion, but other than looks, they fall extremely short.

For one, trustpilot supports their paid advertisers over the consumer. Meaning that if a company pays them to advertise, if that company scams their customers, trust pilot will wipe those records, and fact they are in denmark, makes taking legal action quite difficult.

My mistake with trustpilot, was writing a scam article about, not knowing affirm was one of their top paying clients. Not a word was said, instead four years of articles and ratings deleted. In essence, trust pilot wrote me with a way to restore my few years of work and ratings, which basically is to pay them more than affirm, plus give personal information they have no business asking.

Written articles and never once in 20 years have ever had them delete my work for a sponcer. As for trust pilot, being out of country, need to research this and follow up what can be done, but wanted to warn others to be careful if they know that site, as freedom of speech means nothing to them.

  • Feb 26, 2022

Can not leave honest reviews on this site (, because "paying customers" can have the reviews removed!!! THERE IS NO TRUST WITH "TRUSTPILOT"!

  • Oct 27, 2020

So far my friends and i put up reviews about companys and this business let the business dicide thet the reviews were difamatory and told us to rewrite the reviews what is a review site for Reviews. I rewrote the revies 2 times and the owner said they are defamatory Trustpiolot takes them down this is not a review site its worrying to loose custermers BUSINESS because of this.

Thats why they are getting so big because they are taking down reviews the business said to. Online these companys overseas are getting Large because first They dont give money back you have to force them, 2nd they open business's and if they dont make big money they close them down and he custermer loses, 3rd years ago there were no such things as reviews now a business relies on them and if they dont know exsactly what to look for the shady business wins.

I just worked for someone that paid to take all his negative reviews down and i found them his store was burnt down buy a custermer that had an expencive car worked on and he ruined it. Now his friends put up all five star reviews about him and he thinks he is the best and his custermers to he does not know nothing about a car a parts changer and he workd on all expencive cars Getting to the point if a business is doing wrong the general public is supposed to know about it noit let it slide threw the cracks thet the goverments dont take care of. Instead you have people getting ripped of by shady Business practices.

  • Oct 16, 2017

Our company had been looking for a firm to help initiate customer opinions and feedback and TrustPilot seemed to be the most widely known of these types of companies. I spoke with them at a conference where they had a booth and entertained a demo of their platform. During this demo, we were still on the fence with their service until they mentioned the fact that they could get our customer review rating to display in Google search results. This was the deciding factor for us and we decided to work with them. I had thought the price tag was exorbanent for sending out some emails, but we did not have time to do it.

After we had been with them for a week and were starting to get everything set up, I asked when our reviews would start showing on Google search results? At that point they then decided to disclose to me that we need to get many more reviews before that would happen. They just then decided to share that piece of information after we had extensively discussed that feature. So we were essentially still a long way from that happening. I immediately told them I was very unhappy and that I wanted to cancel the account. The main reason I signed up was because of that, and I'm guessing that is exactly why they said nothing until after we signed up. They then began calling and emailing repeatedly trying to get us to stay. They even upgraded our account to the next tier for free for the entire year as a result. They asked us "to give it a try for a few more months and see if it's for us", so we decided we would try the service a little longer to see if we could actually find some value in the ridiculous amount of money they charge.

A few weeks later we began working on the integration on our website where their widget would show our most current customer reviews real-time. Nevermind that I find it completely unethical they allow us to filter out the negative reviews so customers cannot see those, they actually wanted full admin privileges to our website in order to install their widget. Not just for the installation process, but continuously. We told them absolutely not. There was no way I was giving them access to our site that could compromise us if they were hacked. ZERO CHANCE. So for any TrustPilot customers out there, pay very close attention to how much access TrustPilot has to your website. That was pretty much the final straw for us. They never followed back up with an alternative option to have the reviews displayed on our site, so two weeks later I told them we were done with the expirament. I told them we did not see any value in their service and we did not like their unnecessary need to have full access to our wesite's backend. Personally I think they are just harvesting data from their customers. I mean they don't even let you keep your own reviews. They force you to keep paying a ridiculous amount of money to keep displaying YOUR COMPANY'S REVIEWS.

I was totally blown away when they responded to our request to close the account with,"we are not able to close your account at this time. You are under contract for one year and at that point you can close the account if you choose". Are you kidding me? You went from begging me to stay and asking me to "try it out just a little longer", to telling me that I was now obligated to them. They sent "PAST DUE" notices a few months later because we were not paying them any longer. I fired off at their accounting department telling them that our account was closed and that I did not want to receive another collection email from them again. They then responded with an apology saying that we "received that email by mistake". It was not supposed to come to us. Yet months later it happened again. This time it went to collections. They expected me to pay them $7200 for services they never rendered. Unbelievable.

I FIND IT COMPLETELY APPAULING THAT A COMPANY WHICH IS SUPPOSEDLY BASED ON TRUST AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, HAS SOME REALLY SERIOUS ETHICAL ISSUES. How can you sit there and act like your firm is literally built on integrity and transparency, yet your sales team and your company seem to lack both of those traits. I just hope this helps someone else avoid the headache we have had to deal with as a result of attempting to work with TrustPilot. We are now workign with a much better firm called Yotpo. They are completely transparent, deliver on their word, and don't need to unnecessarily expose our site to hackers. I highly recommend them.

  • Sep 29, 2017

I made a review on about my experience with Life Ionizers. Here is the review I made:

LIFE Ionizers is extremely rude. I used their chat service and when I started asking questions about how many amps their machines used, they started calling me names and telling me to go to bed. They never answered my question about the amps. They never answered my question if they have the WQA Gold Seal Certification. And they never answered my questions about what does "up to" 540 or 800 watts means? Why does it always say "up to" when speaking about watts?

I took screenshots of their very rude and unprofessional behavior.

They also are liars and spread disinformation or misinformation about other competitor companies in the ionizer industry. They said that ionizer machines don't use amps, that they only use watts. They said the amps comes from the electrical wall outlet.

This is all 100% false.

By the way, the electrical wall outlets provide voltage, not amps.

When I told them I was taking screenshots of the chat, then the chat suddenly ended and the chat screen disappeared.

They asked why I wanted to know the amps of their machines. I said because then I can figure out how many Potential Electrolysis Units or PEU's their machines use. An ionizer needs 255,000 PEU's to be able to disassociate the Hydrogen atom off of the H2O water molecule. This is a formula of amps multiplied by watts multiplied by square Surface Area of the plates.(W x A x Sa)

If you have "up to" 800 watts and only .5 amps then you don't have 800 watts, you have 400 watts.

They can never tell me how many amps their machines use. This is because they don't want people to know their machines don't have enough electrical power to ionize the water properly. And since they don't have enough power, their filters simply add in some inorganic mineral or alkaline substance to the water similar to baking soda to artificially raise the pH of the water. This is very deceptive because they are preying on people's lack of knowledge about their products to make a quick buck.

Therefore they resort to name calling and intimidation and bullying and even worse, they resort to invading privacy and spying.

The thing that was really creepy is that they made comments about me indicating they knew who I was even though I used the chat as an anonymous user. So I don't know how they knew who I was. But they are using some very "1984" totalitarian surveillance technology which is violating my privacy.

Then I went back on to their chat a couple days later and here is the transcript of the chat that I emailed to myself and I copy and paste here:

Chat started on 20 Sep 2017, 05:50 PM (GMT+0)

(05:50:05) *** Visitor 80363598 joined the chat ***

(05:50:07) Life Ionizers: Up to 30% off with the "End of Summer BLOWOUT Sale" New Life MXL 2018 models are now available! Ask us for details. Highest Quality - 5 Star Reviews - 75 Day Trial (USA and Canada) - Custom Filtration - Financing Options - 21 Years in Business - A+ BBB. Are you ready to start benefiting?

(05:51:12) Visitor 80363598: I see your machines list "up to" a certain amount of watts but I can't find any information on how many amps your machines have.

(05:51:31) *** Natasha joined the chat ***

(05:52:01) Natasha : Are you looking into any machine particular?

(05:52:26) Visitor 80363598: I'm trying to find out what is your best machine.

(05:53:42) Natasha : (URL direct link to the machine)

(05:53:49) Visitor 80363598: Thank you.

(05:54:42) Visitor 80363598: Does that machine say how many amps it has? I can't find it.

(05:56:24) Natasha : Amperage in regards to what?

(05:57:14) Visitor 80363598: In regard to amps.

(05:58:26) Visitor 80363598: All electrical devices use watts and amps such as my portable power station I use to jumpstart cars or power portable devices when camping. I need to know the amps in addition to the watts to figure out a products true electrical power.

(06:00:13) Natasha : About 6.667 Amps.

(06:01:44) Visitor 80363598: Thank you. Can you provide that information to me in writing somewhere on your website perhaps?

(06:06:49) Natasha : It should be available on our blog

(06:07:21) Visitor 80363598: Can you provide me the direct link?

(06:09:52) *** Natasha left the chat ***

As you can see they first tried to evade the question, then finally answered the question with a lie of 6.667 amps. When I ask for a direct link or for the website to the blog they simply end the chat. Why can't you give me the website address to your blog?

A lot of the reviews on this site are incentivized in some way in my opinion, reviewers are given something if they make a positive review of a very poor company. This is my opinion because my experience with this company has always been very poor since I always ask how many amps their machines have and they treat me very poorly whenever I ask this question.

Try it our for yourself. Go to their website, use their chat service and ask them how many amps their machines have and see how they treat you. They won't answer, they'll evade the question, try to change the subject, flat out lie, call you names, and then ban your IP address.

  • Oct 9, 2015

Trustpilot claims to be a legitimate website that allows consumers to post honest reviews about businesses. However, Trustpilot usually (in my experience) deletes genuine negative reviews yet retains fake positive reviews. Businesses pay Trustpilot thousands of dollars to improve their images via this scheme. Interestingly, Trustpilot allows itself to be rated by comsumers, whose average rating of Trustpilot is just 2.5 out of five stars (see screenshot)! Notice that businesses whose Yelp or Google rating is one or two stars are always (in my experience) rated 4.3 stars or better on Trustpilot. Here are a just of few of the many links which further prove that Trustpilot is a SCAM:

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