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Truly Nolen

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 3636 E. Speedway Blvd.
Phone 800-468-7859

Truly Nolen Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

If you have pets DO NOT USE THIS NEGLIGENT company. They were told not to come to my house without an appointment. I have dogs that are loose in the yard via a dog door. They did not pay attention to my instructions. The first time they came they sprayed the front yard because they noticed the dogs. I let it go but it was not effective because they did not treat the area around the house.

The second time they came they went into the area where my dogs were & left the gate unlatched. My dog was throwing up the next day. I was furious and I called and fired them. Then they sent me a bill for $117 for the unauthorized treatment. I paid an upfront fee and then monthly at $39/month. I don't know why they thought they could randomly treat and charge me the $117. When I called to complain I was told it was a mistake. Now months later I am getting letters from a collection agency - they claim I owe them $175. THEY ARE CORRUPT AND GREEDY,

See similar bad reviews on YELP - I am not the only one that they treated poorly.

  • Jul 29, 2018

I used this company for years for both lawn and pest control. Couldn's do the job so I cancelled the contract. Now they want me to pay for services that were not performed. It got weird when I found out that the person comming into my house to do pest was recording me. Not sure if this is legal, but the staff should make a client know. The pest problem was never taken care of.

  • Jun 5, 2017

Beware. Truly Nolen Pest Control has cute little cars running around Englewood however read any contract very carefully. We had fleas one year ago and did not know who to contact being 1200 miles away. They charged us over $500 up front to which i paid upfront and was to include numerous treatments outside and 2 treatments inside.

We were notified when they would spray outside and did one treatment inside while we were in Florida. The inside treatment was a joke. A 'technician' looked at a bait trap under the sink. (nothing was in it) We saw no spraying inside however a man did spray around the window outside.

Now here is the kicker. We were notified in the 1st part of May they were going to spray the yard to which we accepted as we thought it was the LAST treatment of the $500 payment. Much to our surprise we recieved a bill for $126.00 stating we were under contract to continue with this ridiculous amount or pay $478.80 for our annual service. NEVER did we accept a contract or give a credit card or any type of payment which would indicate we wanted their services.

This is an extremely shady way to do business. They also did the same thing to our neighbor across the street.

Please spred the word to anyone you know to not do business with Truly Nolen. There are many pest control companies in Englewood who are honest, upfront companies!

  • May 22, 2017

Have been with them over 5 years,always paid annual contract

for the last 2 years having issues with there billing that cause almost not to sign last year.

with there apologies gave them another chance only to see they did not fix there billing problem.

imagine paying a yearly contract on Feb 2016 that will renew in Feb 2017 and getting bills from this company on Sept 2016!

calling them multiple times and finally canceling there service before any chance of renewal even before contract ended.

How difficult is not to charge customers until the year renew date?

And even after a cancel confirmation apology etc they send my account to a colection agency to my astonishment.

How crazy is this? Have proof of yearly payment it makes no sence and calling them is a waste of time,

Do not think this is a single mistake.

Stay away from this company period.

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