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TripAdvisor LLC

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Newton
Address 141 Needham Street
Phone 617-670-6544

TripAdvisor LLC Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2022

I have re-written my review of Ibis Hotel 4 times. I have followed the Trip advisor guidelines to a T. Trip advisor keeps deleting my review because the Hotel complains that I wrote them a bad review. no explanation just claiming "I didn't follow their guidelines." If I quote their guidelines in a review it's an automatic deletion.

I had to make a new profile because they blocked me from writing an honest thought-out real experience I had dealing with the hotel company. There is no person to talk to or escalate the issue to. Trip advisor clearly has no integrity or care for honest feedback. I can't trust anything written on their site, because they will just delete any review that "Hurts the feelings" of the company the review is about.

  • Nov 16, 2019

Company is guilty of conspiracy to commit slander. In the subject case, a non-accredited reviewer left us a bad review on trip advisor, but the reviewer is non-accredited because they never stayed with us. They falsified their dates of stay that they alleged on trip advisor's input form. The trip advisor review is bundled by google's review at

And the actual review may be seen at


Yet inspite of this the trip advisor site says the reviewer stayed with us in september, and more likely than not the reviewer had to post a date into the trip advisor site in order to be allowed to post. Additionally the reviewer says we are probably not licensed, but this too isn't true See attached letter from del norte county tax collector). Also attached is one of several messages i sent to trip advisor ceo stephen kauffer.

I have attempted on multiple occasions to issue a response, and trip advisor is defiant and will not allow us to post a response on their website. Initially they demanded a bunch of documents, including employer records, etc, etc, etc.

We couldn't offer what they wanted since they were not germane and we operate with independent contractors. But we did offer them a letter from the county tax collector confirming that we were registered and in good standing, and that the county's audit records confirmed that the non-accredited guest did not stay with us.

After all the effort of supplying this letter, trip advisor will still not allow us to issue a response, nor take down a non-accredited review. Additionally trip advisor ceo stephen kaufer would not give us the courtesy of a response, nor the decency of a reply. However, both stephen and his subordinates did receive our correspondence, and through his subordinates we were placated.

And for the record, there are no less than four telephone numbers posted to the front door so the likelihood of the guest not being able to get in contact with someone is not probable. Most of our guests are greeted by a host, and those who are not greeted must pay by credit card in advance -- even if they don't go through one of our third party travel partners.

We are currently using hostelz's website since we don't have our own website which also displays our phone numbers, and this guest likely found us on google, or the hostelz website

With respect to trip advisor's position, and burden of altering their policies, the burden appears to be small since they could incorporate an online verification of stay that is not solely dependent on guest input.

Example: links to review by this guest from a booking company that they booked through, or an automated response to the host that they stayed with who could also verify the stay. Links to a booking company review are relevant since the other booking companies won't let you post a review unless you were actually a guest that booked through them.

This is in contrast to trip advisor's loose policy which only requires a guest to certify they were a guest. I believe trip advisor does this for marketing and visibility in hopes of getting its name into google search engines; either that or accepts money from the reviewer. My point is that trip advisor has acted irresponsibly.

  • Mar 13, 2019

I rented a room in my apartment through TripAdivisor in 22/February/2019. My account ID is 1089729. I have a payment to receive from TripAdvisor of USD$610.13, but I can't, because I have to change my Payout Settings before.

To do so, I have to type de code TripAdvisor will send me by phone call. The problem is that TripAdvisor doesn't call my phones! I have three phone numbers listed in my account, but, when I ask for TripAdvisor's call, the answer is: "An error has occurred, please try again.". And no call ever comes to any of my numbers! I have been trying for 3 days!

Also, I can't receive the codes by SMS because, according to TripAdvisor, I have "texted STOP to opt out of receiving SMS messages", but I can't find any TripAdvisor's SMS in my phone to "text START to the same number", as they ask!!!

I just want to contact any human being at TripAdvisor to solve this. But I can't find, at the Web Site, any number, e-mail ou form to contact them!

  • Apr 6, 2018

Like thousands of people, I depend on TripAdvisor to determine if a particular property (Hotel or Bed & Breakfast Inn) is a quality place to visit. I trusted the reviews that I was able to read online, until recently, and I will explain. I was searching for a great bed and breakfast inn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and I found the Foxtrot Bed and Breakfast Inn, looked very nice in the TripAdvisor presentation so I checked the reviews, lots of great positive reviews, and what, only about 3 poor reviews, and they were old, July 2008, January 2012, and December 2013, so the inn must be great, right, WRONG. We stayed two days there and found that the very low rated TripAdvisor reviews were much more accurate that the highly rated reviews, and there were so few of the poor ones, burried at the bottom of the stack? I found out the hard way that negative reviews are simply taken OFF TripAdvisor and they are so clever in the way they delete negative reviews.

My review of the Foxtrot Inn in Gatlinburg was well written, very accurate, very detailed, had no obsene language, a very well thought out review and yet it would post and be almost immediately taken off the site. Both me and my friend called TripAdvior, and emailed TripAdvior repeatedly about our reviews being taken off the site or not published, and their system is about as frustrating as they can possibly make it. They will speak to you on the phone at their 866 322-5942 telephone number, but they WILL NOT tell you why your review was published and later taken down OR not published at all. If you tell them you have checked your review and as far as you know, you have easily met all their criteria, and if you have missed something, please just let you know what they object to and you will gladly remove it or reword, however, they WILL NOT tell you WHY they do not publish your review or remove your review, no information at all, here is exactly what you will receive from TripAdvior (the way that we process reviews is proprietary, so I am not able to offer details about exactly how your reviews are not published, nor am I able to publish them).

When you call TripAdvisor at the 866 322-5942 number the customer service person will not tell you anything, but says she will send a message to the content integrity team who will get back to you in 72 hours only by email, and they will tell you WHY your review is either not being published or being published and then taken down, but this is not the case, they will not tell you anything. It was also mentioned the innkeeper "could" have something to do with the reviews being deleted, COULD, come on, you think!!

Using the language that TripAdvisor uses, as shown above, there is really no way to ever determine WHY they are not publishing a review, they cover their bases beautifully, and they blocked my well written but negative review of the Foxtrot Inn very effectively and continue to do so. If I try to reinsert my review I get a pop up that says, you have already written a review on this property, and it will not let you proceed. It is very clear TripAdvior skillfully and carefully controls all negitive reviews, and it is so evident on this property we visited, as a result of the overwhelming TripAdvior positive reviews compared to the very few and very old (3) negative reviews, which were totally and completely accurate and exactly what we experienced, my gosh, it seems like even reviews cannot be trusted. I was certainly shut down by TripAdvisor, and my review was very detiled. If they completely control and delete the negative reviews they choose to delete, how can any traveler get an accurate picture, yes that is correct YOU CANNOT! I trust you will remember that the next time you place your faith in the reviews on TripAdvior! They let you see what they want you to see, I found that out the hard way.

  • Apr 6, 2017

TripAdvisor has recently taken over without prior notification from VHR. Once you are in TripAdvisor, it seems impossible to get any customer service. After at least 6 different calls, after which I was admittedly vocal, I found out that if you PAY a subscription, you MUST list a phone number, which VHR did not require. But if you list on flipkey FOR FREE, you don't have to list a phone number. I'm reporting this only because I had no idea this was happening and want to let all the owners out there.....don't pay up front. You have no rights. Hopes this helps someone else who has a condo or two and doesn't use a property manager. Those of us that take care of our own properties don't seem to have representation anymore.

  • Jul 11, 2016

I booked a rental from trip advisory on May 17, 2016. A few hours later on the samebday I cancelled my booking and I received a cancellation email that day May 17, 2016. But I got billed from my credit card company. Now trip Advisory claims there are no cancellation allowed. I never used the booking cause trip advisory said the lodging was cancelled

  • Oct 20, 2015

TripAdvisor has been the subject of controversy for allowing unsubstantiated anonymous reviews to be posted about any hotel, B&B, inn, or restaurant.[35]

Approximately 30 hotels have been blacklisted by TripAdvisor for suspicious reviews, including a Cornwall hotel that bribed guests to leave positive reviews of the hotel.[36]

TripAdvisor has stated that reviews are not posted to the website instantly, but are subject to a verification process which considers the IP address and email address of the author, and tries to detect any suspicious patterns or obscene or abusive language.[37] The website also allows the community of users to report suspicious content, which is then assessed by a team of quality assurance specialists, and TripAdvisor alerts the owner or manager of a TripAdvisor-listed establishment whenever a review is posted on their listing.

I opened a TRIPADVISER ACCOUNT and after attempting to leave an Honest Positive Review about a restaurant that I liked, TRIPADVISER sent me a Machine generated Email stating that my review was BORING>

After phoning Trip Adviser, I was told that too many positive reviews make for Boring Reading and I was advised to leave a Three Star Review instead of a Five Star Review. Basically TRIPADVISER is a big SCAM and they pick and choose their reviews.

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