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Tresha Gazzola

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas

Tresha Gazzola Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2015

I'm terribly embarrassed I even have to write this. I'm a professional music producer and moved to vegas in January 2015 for a residency at a major hotel and write and album I was going to release. I met Tresha VIA a dating site. We met and had gone on 2 dates before Tresha had dragged me down to a vegas courthouse at 11:30 pm on a Saturday nigh while I was wasted (she was sober might I add) and coarsed me into marrying her. She also purchased phony wedding bands and engagement rings to solidify a performance. She never disclosed to me she used to be a stripper as I would never in my life entertain marrying a stripper or former stripper for I am constantly in the public. She would constantly brag about how money was never an issue and would disappear for hours on end after her day job. I attempted to end the marriage as early as a week later but she gave me a guilt trip how we were brought together "by a Devine connection" and I decided since the marriage had already taken place to give it a shot as a result of my "want to be a savior instinct" . She later disclosed to me how she didn't know who her father is, and how she hated her mother so much she couldn't even stand her own last name. This was a huge red flag. She also used to brag about "always wanting to marry an Italian man and have an Italian last name". After our 1st huge fight I had moved out (which was only appoximatley 3weeks later). As a result of me moving out she decides out of spite to put a restraining order against me, while immediately going to DMV after filing a restraining order , just to change her last name to mine. Who would want the last name of a person you are filing a restraining order against? When we finally came to civil communication , I asked her what sense it made to file a restraining order, while changing her last name to mine, she stated that "if she wasn't going to get anything from this marriage, at least she was going to get a new last name. Finally , she framed me into looking like I stole property from a former best friend that used to live with us, while also engaging in sexual relations with him. She's also currently using my last name and that "she is my ex wife" to befriend people in my inner circle to manipulate them and also isolate th from me. She post nude to semi nude pictures of her in different suites at various hotels in vegas and it's an embarrassment to myself an my deceased father. She later purposely files a second retstraining order, while simultaneously communicating with me and begging me to come home. I have record and audio of all of this. While on tour she's threatened to give my (2) pitbulls service animals to a shelter because I couldn't make it home fast enough or return her phone call when my phone was dead in the middle of a music festival. She's also filed false affidavits to file for divorce vs an abullment , stating my whereabouts were u known just so I can be "server by way of publication", me not know about it, and her win by default resulting in her keeping my last name and "payday loans she took out" . Any normal person without a motive would agree to an anulment after knowing someone for 5 days and agree to how stupid getting married was. But this was her plan because she knew all my family had died and that I was in a very vulnerable state. SHE'S A CON ARTIST AT ITS FINEST. IT COMES WITH A SWEET INNOCENT SMILE THAT YOU DONT EVEN SEE COMING

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