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TPF Outdoors LLC

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Fort Atkinson
Address 102 Sherman Ave W
Phone 920-397-2658

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  • Aug 26, 2017

Purchased a holster as a christmas gift. They never ordered it, and hung up on me when i called to see if it was in. After filing with the DATCP, and BBB, They tried to say i ordered a gift certificate and then tried to blame it on my friend who worked there. If I would have purchased a gift certificate, it would have shown up on my receipt as one instead of the specific holster. I also would not have paid tax on a gift certificate. I told them I am only interested in a full refund.

My friend was an employee of TPF outdoors October 2016 through January 2017. On October 30, 2016 he assisted with firearm training on the range at McMiller Sport Center in Eagle WI, without being current on any of the certification MR Cebertowicz's lawyer listed in the letter. My friend is a former state trooper, and was working on developing a concealed carry trauma response class when he had a severe PTSD event which landed him back at the Madison VA Hospital in February/March. While recovering, Brian stole this program from his computer which he had left at the store. Brian is now teaching it along with his daughter Mary, neither of which have no medical background, prior training, or certifications. I do not believe my friend was ever compensated for his program, and TPF continues to teach this curriculum at $250/person.

In addition, my friend drove his boss and fellow coworker Mary Cebertowicz to the Bill Hicks & Co. 21st Annual Dealer show in Minneapolis January 7-9th 2017, an event which TPF took him to as an employee. Mr. Hill drove the 3 of them in his personal vehicle and was never compensated for gas, mileage, or travel time. While attending this show, my friend had won a drawing for a rifle which Mr. Cebertowicz has withheld from him and I believe is keeping at his personal residence. I believe that is illegal and should be brought to the attention of the ATF. I have also heard many stories of them tampering with customer merchandise before delivering firearms and other products to their rightful owners. Brian is also in possession of my friends iPod, filled with 300+ music downloads, plus his Shark Floor Cleaner.

My friend is a disabled veteran, and the way this business took advantage of him makes me sick. They are as corrupt as they come. I have tried to encourage him to seek a lawyer for veteran rights. I believe that a lot of what I have shared above contributed to his most recent breakdown.

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