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Country United States
State California
City Vacaville
Address 378 Zachary Dr
Phone 707-397-7175

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  • Feb 7, 2017

I have seen similar reports to this one about this online scam. I responded to a craigslist post for an established online business for $3995. I emailed back and forth with the "owner" of the business and everything appeared very legitimate. In speaking with him, he was very forthcoming with information, shared financial information about the business, gave me contact information for his dropshipper to verify the sales, gave me real time access to his ecommerce activity, and connected me with the web developer for the business website. It all looked very legitimate, however, unfortunately it was an elaborate and well orchestrated and fraudulent scam. All of the entities that i spoke with were involved. Some of the names are the same as another very similar Outscam - i spoke with a woman named claire jackson that was posing as the rep for the drop ship company. I spoke with a guy named keith that was posing as the web developer with a company called snughost. The owner of the business name was michael murtaugh Surely an alias) and supposed the business belonged to his wife, elizabeth. Everything looked legitimate, so i sent the money for the businessand foolishly, did it with a bank wire. I know - stupid. But i have been out of work for a couple of years and was a bit desparate for income well the fact is, after paying for the business, everything appeared to be functioning with the website and ecommerce. But there was one major problem - as soon as they got my money, they vanished. And so did any sales for the business. So even though the opencart ecommerce cart was showing daily sales - as soon as i bought the business they stopped.

It was only then that i found outscam in which the writers had similar or identical experiences. Unfortunately, it was too late for me. Yes - shame on me for my naivete, but far greater shame on the evil and conscienceless individuals that prey upon our citizens. But now i am on a mission - i want these people caught. I am sumitting reports to state and federal law enforcement, including the ftc and fbi, surely there must be some cyber-fingerprints that can be traced somewhere in the emails/texts/phone calls etc. And if and when they are caught, surely there are enough of us that have been scammed by these scam artists to put together a class action.

If these criminals had put half the effort into a legitimate enterprise that they have invested in deceiving and robbing people, they would probably be fairly successful.

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  • Apr 16, 2019

Same thing happened to me

Contact me. I had the same experience.

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