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Towing Service Tallahassee

Country United States
State Florida
City Tallahassee
Address 2293 Lake Bradford Rd
Phone (850) 574-9200

Towing Service Tallahassee Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2016

I have an issue with the customer service and advertisement of American Eagle Towing.

I came to American Eagle Towing office to pay for my towed vehicle. I am not disputing the fact that towed my vehicle. I believe that they were legally correct.

As I was paying for this service, I noticed large writing on the receipt stating "We Support Our Troops". I explained I am a military service member that missed my appointment in Veteran Affairs hospital earlier this morning. I kindly asked if there is a way of getting any kind of discount for military. The gentleman(possible named John) who was serving me, was pretty short with me, saying that there are no discounts for military. When I asked him in what way they support military. He said that I will have to call the owner about the purpose of this writing on the receipt. I asked him to provide me with a owner's phone number. He said that "the owner wouldn't like that". When I asked him to call the owner himself on the speaker phone, the gentleman told me that "he doesn't have time to deal with this and his breakfast is getting cold".

Guys like myself were eating a cold package meal(MRE) in face of constant danger in Iraq and Afghanistan. I never refused to do my job over there because "my breakfast was getting cold". The whole incident wouldn't be a big deal if this business wouldn't claim that they "support our troops". Its not about me getting "break". Frankly, I don't care about 10% - 20% that most businesses give to military and veterans. I was simply disappointed about "pay up or get out" philosophy of this shop. It would have been enough for me to hear that they sending care packages overseas or flying Americanflag or helping some homeless veteran. Instead they ignored me and insulted me by avoiding responsibility for their advertisement. Let the God be their judge.

The only pro of this towing office was the fact that they were quick to process my payment and get me out of there. But I think it has something to do with the fact that they felt uncomfortable about their inability to answer my questions.

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