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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1095 Avenue of the Americas
Phone 212-278-8041

Tourneau Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2018

Is this a scam? Don't want their crdit card but can't cancel it.

I received a Tourneau credit card in the mail for which I did not apply. I called the company to say I did not apply for this card and to cancel it. But they will not allow me to cancel it unless I send them my social security number, drivers license, and basically every piece of personal identification I have. I am not comfortable sending all this highly private information to a company I have never had any dealings with. I have not had any unusual charges or any other indication that my identity has been stolen. What is going on here?? I don't want this card, and I certainly don't want to be responsible for anything that may be charged on it. How can I cancel this card without freezing my entire credit? I have called the supposed specific contact person about 10 times and she is never available.

  • Jul 28, 2016

I took my GMT Master watch to Tourneau store in San Francisco and asked them to send the watch to Rolex for servicing. The agent lied to me and told me he would send it to Rolex. In fact, he sent it to a Tourneau facility, not a Rolex facility. The watch was badly damaged during the "servicing" at the Tourneau facility and after a few weeks it became completely non-functional, as the hour hand stopped moving, among other things. At the time this happened, I was on my way to Europe for an extended period of time, so I brought the watch to the nearest Authorized Rolex Repair Center to where I was in Europe. They refused to honor the Rolex International Warranty. They said that the service performed by Tourneau was "amateur" and they found the following problems: the hands were broken due to poor handling, the dialer was dirty, the ring under the glass was frayed, and the thorn rotor was broken. I had to pay 900 EUR to the Authorized Rolex Repair Center to have them fix the damage that Tourneau inflicted on my watch. I have discussed the matter with Tourneau and Tourneau refuses to give me a refund. I have written two letters to Rolex HQ in Switzerland asking them for help and I have not received any response to either letter. I disputed the charge from Tourneau with my credit card company and Tourneau has fought the dispute and is refusing the compensate me for the charges.

  • Aug 10, 2015

Yesterday I was shopping for a no date Rolex Submariner. Walked into tourneau store at 1095 6th Ave in NYC. I was qouted a price of 7500 for a new no date submariner with a 5 year guarantee. sounds great right? looked up a pre owned no date submariner at their website 7000 dollars. Wow!!! you mean i can buy a new one for 500 more? and the price is probably negotiable. WARNING DO NOT BUY ANY PRE owned watches from Tourneau. Biggest rip off on the face of this earth.

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