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Tom Adametz

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Verona
Address 2125 Hulton Rd
Phone (412) 607-4450

Tom Adametz Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2019

Dec 10th I hired Tom do some plumbing to a commercial Café. Excuses from start to finish ( except he never finished the job, OR even started the job )

I gave Tom 1000 in cash and he sent me a receipt...... He was waiting for quote on supplies, then his core drill broke, Then he says he had a family emergency in another state and was out of town for 2 weeks.

It was a death in immediate family so I never questioned him. He sent me a text asking if he can have the rest of the deposit as quote was higher due to needing a permit. I was out of town at the time but my wife left him a check for $1600 in car for one of his guys to pickup. I figured he was out of town and may have been strapped for cash due to the Holidays.

Then he texts me that he needs engineered drawing for the existing plumbing or no permit will be issued. I oblige and have them drawn up. Since then I have not heard a word. Emails, calls, and texts all ignored. As of 1/31 I had my lawyer do a search of the name on my receipt Valor Mechanical. Valor Mech only exists in MN.

We dug farther and Tom isn't even registered with the HIC or the State under either name. We dug a bit further and found 2 bad reviews on the BBB. Its safe to assume that Tom is a crook and thinks he can get away with this.

Little does he know that fraudulent or deceptive practices against consumers are prohibited by the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law and any amount over $2000 is a felony. Unfortunately for Tom he stole from the wrong guy. Next time he may want to research his victims to make sure he's not related to lawyers. I hope he enjoys prison food because I'm going in heavy and I wont stop.

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