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Tog Shop

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Beverly
Address 30 Tozer Rd
Phone 978-922-2040

Tog Shop Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2017

Tog Shop is perhaps the only internet seller who does not offer free shipping even for a high $ order. Theri normal shipping is quite high. Their customer service reps will lie that they are going to help you. I placed an order with them late one night where shipping was $9.99 for a pair of jeans. The

next morning I found an offer of 25% off with $5 shipping so I called to ask if I oculd cancel the order and replace a new one to avial of the better price and lower shipping. He told me that he would make sure that I get the $25% discount plus the reduced shipping adjustment. I never recieved either one. I am really angry and will be returning everything I have bought from them in the 3 orders I placed since May. I will loos all the shipping $$ ut I don' care. I will also write bad rviews whereever I find the opportunity. I also plant call theri corporate/executive office and complain.

Reading what some ex-employees of Orchard brands have repoeted here makes me sick to my stomach that corporationshave set out to dupe and cheat their customers by any means possible. Ethics in business has become extinct here in America.Greed is the driving force behind most buinesses now. what a pity. I wish that prople will come together and bring aobut class action lawsuits against these immoral entities.

I hope and beleive that there is a special palce in hell for CEO's of these companies!

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