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Todd Archer Hyundai

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Bellevue
Address 1203 Fort Crook Rd N,
Phone 402-905-2277

Todd Archer Hyundai Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2019

Got aapproved for a loan through one of their lenders for the purchase of my car. Sales rep said the lender would only approve me for the loan if i purchased the extended service contract.” fast fiorward 4 years later and i reached out to the lender to inquire balance pay off date and question the terms of that contract and they tell me they didn’t know anything about the contract. They don’t see the paper work between me and the dealer only the amount of money requested by the dealer to purchase the car. Sales rep flat out lied about that contract to get a extra $2,400 out of me. After financing charges i have paid thousands more then i should have.

  • Nov 13, 2019

Warranty fraud

Was approved for a loan through one of their lenders but ONLY if I purchased the extended warranty contract is what my salesman told me.That was over $2000 that was tacked on to the price of the car. I contacted my lender last week he told me that was not their stipulation, lenders do not know the terms and agreements between you and your sales person only the amount of money being requested to finance the loan. I just found this out, I have been making payments on this car for almost 4 years now @15% interest, I’m out thousands because of a straight up lie by the sales rep.

  • Feb 5, 2018

Recieved flyer in the mail from Tood Archer Hyundai. Attached to the flyer were three pulltabs. The flyer said that if you match three symbols in any of the tabs, youwin that amount. One of my pull tabs said I had won $1000. Since you never know, off to the dealer we went.

Got to the dealer, of course we had to listen to the salesman try to sell us a new car, and then a used car. After telling him we weren't interested, we were led to a computer in which the salesman entered the barcode number from the front of the flyer. We were told we had won the chance to spin for our prize. We actually won a $25 gift card from Amazon.

When we asked the salesman about our pulltab $1000 winner, we were told that winning on the pulltab only allowed us the chance to spin for our prize, that we actually had not won $1000. Nowhere on the pulltabs or the flyer did it say that winning on the pulltab only allowed you to spin for a prize.

This is Classic Bait and Switch 101. Thank you Todd Archer Hyundai, I will never enter your establishment again!

  • Dec 15, 2017

I received advertising of a contest for Todd Archer Hyundai run thru Fatwin. The marketing states 9 chances to win, with 3 matching symbols winning a prize. Prize board and prize symbols are in one box and lined up. Customers all thought they were entering the dealership to pick up their '$1000' prize per 3 matching car symbols. Little did they know that all the 3 pull tab cards were identical, so actually only 1 chance to win. Customer then had to register their information to Fatwin contracted people, not Todd Archer employees, this wa made very clear. The next step was to spin and electric slot machine, unsure if that is gambling or if they have a permit. Unmatching, ie. not winning, slot symbols, all default 'won' a $5 Walmart gift card. If the 3 prize symbols were not a prize match why would they be included in the prize box and not listed as examples or include all the possible matching symbols. This appears to be blatant fraud and/or misrepresentation.

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