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Country United States
State Michigan
City Port Huron
Address 3410 Lapeer Rd
Phone 1 810-966-9220

Todd's Reviews

  • Jan 5, 2022

It all began this past Tuesday on the 4th of January. I took my Trans Am to him for repair. My air conditioner stopped blowing cold. Keep in mind I had him install a Compressor almost 2 years ago this coming February. He looked at my Car for about 20 minutes with myself starting the car for him about 5 different times. His conclusion was that I needed a new Computer for my car, though I had no warning light on in the dash at all.

I prepaid for a new one 453.84. I left with my Car, and called the local Buick dealer here in Columbus to price the part. They told me it was 353.84. So that was his first attempt of stealing from me. Then today after I told him I wanted a refund, because he no longer had my trust he wanted to reply with he never ordered it through buick. I ordered it through a vendor was his words. All know no one is as high as a Dealer, and why else did he call the Dealer to price it to begin with.

It was all part of his show in front of me while I was standing there. He told me he would need it all day Friday for me to drop it off which would be tomorrow. He didn't want me there to watch his theft of my money. His total bill would have been 983.00 dollars right near 1,000.00. I called Buick back this morning, and talked to the same guy so I could have the part tracked, and the same guy I talked to Tuesday told me that Todd never ordered it.

Again it was all part of his rip off attempt. After I told him I wanted a refund he wanted to say I owed him for 25 minutes of looking at my Car with my assistance. This guy is a snake. He tried to steal from me, and I caught him in the act. I filed a claim with my bank imediately. I took my car to a different place right away, and my Car was fixed for 98.00 dollars. Don't take your vehicle to this snake. He is a Con, and I know he has Conned others. As I told him God sees all, and God will take care of it on his schedule. He knew I busted his scheme / attempt to steal from myself. . . . .

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