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Toby Eng

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 1 N Wacker Dr Ste 4600
Phone 312-641-8986

Toby Eng Reviews

  • Aug 10, 2015

Toby Eng and the McTigue Financial Group are not looking out for their clients best interests. They are only looking out for theirs and will mis-represent products in order to close sales and earn higher commissions. In my opion North Western Mutual is a solid company to do busienss with if you are not dealing with this group. whose agents are not acting in the best interest of the client.

I have purchased two policies through Toby Eng and the McTigue Financial Group. In both cases he mis-represented the benefits and functionality of the products.

A couple years after college I purchased a disability insurance policy from Toby Eng. The purpose of it was due to the fact that I had just started my own business and had purchased a townhome. The amount of the policy was the total of my mortgage payment, property taxes, and utilites and it was just going to be in place until I was able to build up savings in the amount of 3 years of living expenses. Toby assued me that I could cancel at any time I wanted once I had met my savings goal. Fast forward to 2007. I tired to cancel the policy and was informed by Northwestern Mutual that it was not cancelble and that there would be no refund for part of that years payment. I called Toby's office about the issue and they never got back to me. I put in writing to both Toby's office and corporate about the issue and that it was not acceptable. I never received a response let alone a phone call from Toby's office or Toby himself. From Corporate I received just a form letter explaining no refund would be given even though before purchaseing the policy Toby had assured me it was cancelable at any time.

I also purchased a whole life policy from Toby Eng and the McTigue Financial Group. Toby sold me on a whole life polciy with Step-Up Options. He stated that the step up options were a great tool to add to the cash value of the policy at a later date and be at the same rate and the initial policy age. When asked how it worked he stated that every 3 years you have the option to excercise additional purhases of insurance with the proceeds going directly to the cash value of the policy. So in 2008 i exercised the first option. None of the premium went to the cash value the first year. When I called Toby about this he said it is set up as a separate policy so it is like you are purchasing a new policy but you are getting the 2005 rates. So again he mis-represented the functionalty of the product. In 2011 I was supposed to be able to purchase additional insurance but was not notified by him or Northwestern of the option. When I called about it in early 2012 I was told I had missed the cutoff. Upon review of my 2005 policy there were no dates listed or cutoffs. Again an issue with Toby not looking out for Clients interestes. In 2014 I had to call to make sure it was exercised. So basically I have paid extra all these years for the right to buy additional insurance that does not grow the cash value as toby stated it would. Toby has not been willing in writing or over the phone to address these issues since he knows he misrepresented the functionalty of both policies from day one.

Moral of the story is if you are even thinking of doing busienss with Toby Eng and the McTigue Financial Gruop get everything in writing. Don't Trust the words coming out of his lips as they are just trying to close the sale and not for the clients best interest.

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