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TNT Carports Inc

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Mount Airy
Address 170 Holly Springs Rd
Phone 336-789-3818

TNT Carports Inc Reviews

  • May 5, 2016

TNT Carports told me they were not affiliated with whom we found hundreds of complaints on. They leid. Ater bringing out the wrong carport, showing up when we were not home so we could not object, walking on the roof damaging the panels, putting up damaged materials, NOBODY has returned our phone clals or emails. WE stopped payment on the check and still nobody has contacted us. They tried again today to present the check. This Company is a fraud and also has numerous complaints, and yes, our installer slaos were Mexican and barely spoke English, and lef t amess all over.

The Credit Card we gave they said we would not be using, it was only to hold the building till they came out. They also charged us for the height adjustment when a coupon on their site says FREE

  • Dec 23, 2015

I placed an order for a metal carport on August 4, 2015 and was to expect delivery withing 3-6 weeks, it is now December 21, 2015 and I still have not received the carport. I called several times and was told it was coming soon but never came. I then told them to cancel the order and return my deposit and NO response from them as of this date.

  • Sep 23, 2015

At first it was an estimated 3-4 weeks for delivery. Then 4-6 weeks. then 6-8 weeks. That brings us to today when they said another 2-3 weeks. Also said they wouldn't refund my deposit because "in the contract" they were " only required to make a good faith effort to deliver" my carport. WTH? Good faith effort? they're in the same state as I am, put in on a truck then drive west. And what contract? I ordered by phone. I am so glad I paid my deposit by credit card so I was able to dispute the charges. In conclusion; After T-n-T people got my order they didn't return A SINGLE email or phone message NOT ONCE. When I did get someone on the phone (about 40% of the time) they were uniformly unhelpful and aggressively defensive.

I hate to say this but these people suck, avoid if at all possible.

  • Aug 4, 2015

We received a quote for a metal building on line late April 2015 and paid our deposit of over $800. We waited 6 weeks and finally the first of June the contractors sent came to put up our building. They did not speak English so it was difficult to communicate with them. They started drilling holes in the concrete prior to measuring or squaring up the metal frame. The holes were in the incorrect places and new holes needed to be drilled in our new concrete pad. The first day the workers were there about 6 hours and took frequent breaks and drank alcohol on the job. The second day they came late and worked till almost midnight. As they were getting close to them saying they were done, in the dark, they called out my husband to show they did not have door handles. They also said once they left no one would come back to finish. Their were large oil stains on our concrete from their trucks and the job site was a mess. Metal shavings from the screws being drilled in and cutting of the metal went into our new pool. We did not see the mess or the other things not finished until the next morning after they were long gone. I think they work at night for that reason. The edging at the top does not line up, the rubber at the bottom of the roll up door was cut, the doors had large black marks across them, the cement was damaged from the extra holes, no handles to close the doors, a roof that leaks like it has a hole in it and damage to the drive way and pool.

I have been communicating with them he issues since the day it happened. I stopped payment on the check and told them several times in writing that as soon as it is finished and the damage repaired I will pay. Several unkept promises led me to get my pool repaired ($1300) and the door knobs put in so we could lock it. The building still leaks and the other items remain an issue. Today they promised someone would show up and no one did. I did however receive a collection notice from them for my balance. Fix it and I will pay. I am getting a lawyer.

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