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Country United States
State Delaware
City Seaford
Address 23000 Sussex Hwy., #232
Phone 800-833-7698
Website Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2021

Misrepresentation of the product. The ticket to the event, came to find out, (The Green Jackets vs Columbia Fireflies baseball game) ordinarely 11.0$ each were charged >$40.00. They did not inform that were "sitting not assigned", only "section: SRO GA" .I came to find out later it means Standing Room Only. A total ripoff. A deceiving way to do business taking advantage of People.Total amount for two tickets : $88.95!!!

  • Mar 19, 2021

Purchased tickets for To Kill a Mockingbird for 3/5/20 because of Covid the event was postponed and then cancelled. Paid $602.95 for two tickets. Live chat several times over the past year and they insist that it has not been cancelled. I spoke with Walt Disney Theatre ticket center and they confirmed the event had been cancelled.

I spoke with Orlando.Broadway. com and they confirmed the event had been cancelled on May 11,2020. Although Tickets-center had said it was postponed to October 4, 2020. The event may come back to Orlando sometime in 2022, but it has not been confirmed/scheduled. I keep telling Tickets-center live chat that I want a refund to no avail.

  • Jul 21, 2020

I purchased 4 Houston rodeo tickets thru the website on February 27. I paid $455.50 for the tix plus an additional $105 for the parking pass. Due to Covid, the rodeo was cancelled on March 11. I received an e-mail from on the same day, stating a request for a refund had been submitted in my name. (We hold season tickets at work, so I know for a fact the rodeo association is offering/did offer refunds for unused tickets.)

I received an e-mail from on May 19 stating that due to Covid they had changed their refund policy. I was not receiving a refund, but a credit for 125% of my purchase price.

I disputed the charge and lack of refund with my credit card company. supplied proof that I purchased the tickets so that avenue has been exhaused. I'm not arguing that I purchased the tickets, I would like a refund instead of a credit.

  • May 31, 2020

Performance of Hamilton has been reschedule 3 times and is now 17 months later and does not fit my schedule. They are offering no refund. I purchased tickets on 2/4/20 to Hamilton at the Fox Theater for a performance on 4/29/20. I purchased this on my AX card for $509.95. The performance has been changed 3 times and is now scheduled for 9/19/21 which is 17 months after the originally scheduled event. This does not work with my schedule.

Also, the group I am traveling with has received full refunds from the Fox Theater so are presently not attending this event. I am also reaching out to my credit card company (American Express) to see what recourse I might have in this matter. However, I wanted to file a complaint with your company so other consumers are not taken advantage of by this company! This vendors suggestion was for me to sell the tickets on the internet which is not a viable option nor am I familiar with this process. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  • May 24, 2020

I was charged almost $441 for two tickets and i later learned that the most expensive ticket for this performance if purchased directly from the venue was only $70 per ticket! i requested a refund when the concert was canceled due to covid-19 and was told several times that the refunds were being processed, but they then refused to give a refund and were instead giving a credit, but i will never use them again. I will not use the credit. On their site under "about" tab it says "backed by 100% guarantee..."and you will receive a complete refund if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled."

  • Apr 6, 2020

I hastily placed an order for concert tickets and realized quickly the tickets were way overpriced! Then I learned better seats were available. I immediately (within 24 hours) cancelled my order. They sent me a confirmation email indicating if I cancelled there was nothing else I needed to do. Then they refused to reimburse my money!

  • Oct 4, 2019

Purchased 6 event tickets for Austin City Limits on 9/14 and event happening on 10/6 (tomorrow) and yet to receive tickets even though when I purchased it said "special delivery." The tickets have never been delivered and now all I have received is the name of a random hotel to pick up these tickets with no contact name, no phone number, no trust I will ever get. Asked for refund, horrible service, never again!

  • Aug 19, 2019

I was looking to buy two tickets to a sporting event. The website didn't seem to respond to my purchase, so I clicked submit again. Well, I found that it registered two orders.

The people at Tickets-Center were unwilling to correct this snafu. So I am stuck selling the tickets at a loss as the event is only a few days away.

  • Dec 26, 2018

Buyer beware, this website sells tickets that are nowhere near the venue price. Make sure you check everywhere before considering this company. They are a scam and will not return any of your purchases regarless of circumstance as all sales are "final."

  • Nov 16, 2018

I saw an ad online for Dancing with The Stars and bought two tickets. I realized I paid too much when checking with the venue. Ticket-center doubled the price. My bank couldn’t stop payment as I used a debit card and Ticket-center refused to refund my money just saying all sales are final. Therefore, I am out $175 because of this rip off place. I can only hope the tickets are legit.

  • Jul 12, 2017

I thought I was ordering tickets directly from a venue. tagged itself on. I ordered 2 Johnny Mathias tickets which should have been around $300.00. When I got the final bill it came to $609.00! Unfortunately, after accepting the seats it asks you for your credit card. You do not see the final bill until its all done. All sales are final. No refunds and no returns. In addition, when I did get the tickets I called the venue and they said that these are e tickets that can be printed out many times. Meaning that the company can sell these to as many people as they wish. Therefore, these are not guaranteed tickets!!

  • Apr 21, 2017

We ordred Tickets to St. Michelle Winery concert for the group Chicago for August 2017. We were charged 296.00 for two tickets and discovered through friends that the face value of the tickets was 58.00 each. we Were charged 116.00 each with 58 dollars service fee and 6,95 email fees for our tickets. We have been tod we cannot cancel out order and cannot get a refund. I then found out that the company has had 100's of complanits when I started researching why I paid more that my friend for the same exact seats...

  • Apr 7, 2017

When I googled "concerts at Arboretum" this website came up looking like the official venue ticket sales. I paid $39 per ticket which was $11 over face value and paid a $20 service charge and a $7.50 Instant download fee.

If I had ordered off the Arboretum official website, which I though I was, I would have paid $56.

I paid almost double

  • Aug 22, 2016

In an attempt to buy Sprinsteen tickets upon immediate release (time is everything when tickets first go on sale), this website popped up. Thinking I was dealing direct, I puchares 4 tix. Face value = $68 + $6 of $296...reasonable. After these crooks were done screwing me (no grease, either!), the total came to $690.95! A total of $394.95 mark-up (133%)!

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