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Thrive Words

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 4070 Herschel St Unit-1
Phone (904) 567-0813

Thrive Words Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

In November of 2021 I contacted Thriveworks in Jacksonville Florida to get treatment for my son. I understood that it would cost me $39.00 a month and that the remainder will be taken care of by Medicare. About a week later Thriveworks deducted $395.00 from my checking account. When I called them to see why they had deducted $395.00 from my account, they first said it was for a previous bill.

I explained to them that this was the first account that I had had with them. Then I was told it was because my son was too young to be on Medicare. I explained that he is on Medicare. I was then told that the card that I put on file could be used to pay for his treatments if Medicare did not pay them. I was not made aware of this when I signed up for the program. I was then told that it would be escalated to another tear and that I would hear from them in 72 hours.

I didn't hear from them in 72 hours so I called them. I was then told that it would be escalated to a supervisor and that he would escalate it to a higher tear and that I would hear from them in 72 more hours. The next day I called them to see if there were any changes. I was told that they have not heard anything and that they would contact me directly when they do. I have had bills that I have been paying on time for years not clear the bank. I also had other obligations that I was going to use the money to pay but have not been able to. I now have fees on my account that I have to pay. I have debtors that are behind in payments. This program definitely was not worth me joining it.

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